How to Do the Pretzel Sex Position

The sweet, simple pretzel. A delectable treat, indeed, but also a sex position you should try (particularly if you dip a salted one in chocolate). The pretzel position isn’t called after the delicious bread because it’s yeasty, salty, or particularly full; instead, it’s named for the pretzel’s form. You don’t need to be highly flexible to try it, so don’t worry about becoming too twisted.

This extremely private maneuver is excellent for combining deep penetration with various forms of pleasure, such as toying with the clit or nipples. For extra fun, you may also include toys. This can also result in some incredibly steamy eye contact.

So how does it work?

The target is lying on their side while being entered. The penetrator shifts closer to ease within while holding up their partner’s upper leg, straddling the lower leg.

The top can then push while holding their partner’s knee to their chest and gazing deeply into their beloved. The person at the bottom has full reign to play with themselves or their partner or do anything they want with their hands.

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Variations in pretzel position

Once you’ve mastered the fundamental posture, your pretzel may be customized in various ways. To significantly alter the angle of penetration if you’re on the bottom, consider pulling your knees to your chest or having your partner hold out your leg.

Alternately, encircle your partner’s upper leg to move more rockingly than thrustingly. As already mentioned, you may also bring toys and accessories to expand the pleasure. If you want to try out anal play, a vibrating bullet on the clit may be entertaining. Alternatively, what about a butt plug?

It can be difficult to exit the pretzel to swap into different positions, but one option is for the bottom partner to flip for rear access. If you’re being honest, you might want to stay in the pretzel forever, but the top partner can move about and quickly switch up their positions.

Pretzel Position Pros

Everybody argues that “the pretzel position is favorable for deep penetration. This is so that the top may truly get in deeper by lifting their partner’s top leg in any direction. Cobb continues, “It’s also a fantastic position for small ladies with taller boyfriends. The pretzel is a great position to attempt if your partner is a foot shorter than you because other positions can be challenging when you have significant height discrepancies.

Your hands are free to move around in the pretzel position, which is another fantastic perk. As you penetrate your spouse, you may easily touch their breasts or “manually stimulate their clitoris,” according to Kerner. Because the receiving partner has two hands-frees, they can quickly pull out a sex toy and increase the excitement by pressing a vibrator on their clitoris.

Not to mention, it enables you “to create deep eye contact,” according to Kerner. Try gazing at your spouse in the eyes while penetrating deeply (maybe you’re holding up their top leg to your chest). Bring that ferocity into your sexual encounters.

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Pretzel Position Cons

It’s important to remember that the pretzel position “takes some skill and might grow unpleasant for either partner—especially for the bottom partner, since their torso is somewhat twisted,” according to Kerner.

Then there is the problem of escaping the predicament. You can swiftly switch between most positions without difficulty (e.g., moving from cowgirl to lotus). He adds that moving into a new posture will take some time, “but generally speaking, this position does not create many opportunities for departure.” It’s hardly the end of the world, though. Take a little longer to separate your partner’s legs from your body after they are tangled.

Safe Ways to Try the Pretzel Position

Most persons with average fitness levels can hold the pretzel position. Talk to your partner and alter or stop if you notice an unpleasant angle or the position strains any particular area of your body.

Bringing Up Trying the Pretzel Position with Your Partner

For good sexual interactions to occur at any relationship stage, communication is essential regarding what you desire and why be forthright and honest. Using familiar terms that you both understand might be helpful. For instance, you can claim that while you prefer the doggy-deep style’s penetration, you’d like to try something more private.

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Although most of us enjoy the roles of missionary, doggie, and cowgirl roles, they can’t be the only three in which you engage in sexual activity. After all, even timeless works become monotonous after a while. The pretzel position is helpful in this situation. Contrary to some more complex ones, like the helicopter sex position, it is a pretty simple sex position. However, it may still add some much-needed diversity to your sex life in addition to several other advantages.

The pretzel position has the potential to be both animalistic and primitive as well as emotional and intimate (like a missionary) (like doggy style). Everything depends on how quickly you thrust and where you contact each other. If you found this article informative, you may also want to read our blog on the amazon sex position. It will certainly give you some idea for your next sex.

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