How to Download Instagram Stories On Your Phone or PC?

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The Instagram story part is one of this platform’s most well-liked choices. So many accounts upload content on their stories, and they take pleasure in getting views and feedback continuously. Most users upload their most attractive photos and videos in the story segment because they are aware that it will attract followers’ attention. Some uploaded photos and videos are so interesting or appealing that you want to save them and keep them on your phone! But there is no ‘Download” button set to save stories on Instagram. The good news is if you would like to save or download Instagram stories, there are so many simple and free ways you can take and make that happen. You can find some of the best ways to download Instagram stories on Instagram below.

How to download Instagram stories on your phone or PC?

If you want to have a story in your gallery, there are three ways to do so.

Screenshot and screen record

It is used for Instagram private accounts! It is not possible to download Instagram stories from private accounts employing thirds party apps or online instruments, so the only option is screenshotting or video recording them.

Even though there are apps or web-based devices that provide you with this option, you are required to have an Instagram username and password. Because of this, it is a practical solution. It might not be a high-quality option, but it will work just fine.

Using web-based tools

If you google the words such as “instagram story downloader” or “instagram story saver”, you will find many sites that provide you with online tools for downloading Instagram stories.

But be cautious with the sites that request your Instagram password and keep away from them. These sites can’t be trustworthy.

To make things obvious, one of the most reliable sites is mentioned here and the steps to get the Instagram story you want are explained.

  • Go to the story saver online tool.
  • Enter the Instagram username of the users you wish to download Instagram stories from.
  • On the page, scroll down to notice the stories that the account has already uploaded.
  • You can download Instagram stories one by one or all of them right away.
  • Ultimately, click on the “Save as video” button, select “Save link as,” and save it on your PC or laptop.

Most of the online tools work this way. But again, avoid websites that request your password or other personal information. It is mentionable that this approach can only be used for public accounts on Instagram.

Utilizing third-party apps

The final step is downloading a third-party app to help you in downloading Instagram stories and highlights. Some of the apps you can select and download are mentioned below.

  • Fast Save (Android and iPhone)
  • Inst Download (for Android users)
  • Story Saver for Instagram (for Android users)

How to employ a third-party app for downloading Instagram stories?

  • Just go to the Instagram app and open it.
  • Then log into your Instagram account, if you haven’t yet, and then open any image or video on the story section and select the “Copy Share URL” choice.
  • Then head to the app you have saved to help you in saving Instagram stories, paste the link in the determined box, and now you have access to the list of images and videos.
  • Just a click is needed to download any images or video.

These are the ways you can use to download any content from the Instagram story section and keep it on your phone or PC, or laptop.

What about live Instagram stories?

When it comes to live videos, you can download Instagram stories just like a normal video, bearing in mind that live stories can be much longer and occupy a lot more space on your device.

Another very simple way to save a live streaming video is to capture it as it plays on your device screen. There are many screen recording apps out there, for both desktop and mobile users. For desktop Macs, the new iOS 11 Control Center has a built-in recording feature, so there is no need to install another app. iPhone users can get an iOS Screen Recorder for free. For Android, one of the most practical free apps is DU Recorder, a screen recorder and video editor with many helpful traits. DU Recorder is ad-supported, so it is totally free, and it doesn’t need root access to work.

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