How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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The goal of SEO is obviously to obtain qualified traffic, but it is not the only method. When starting a new site in a competitive sector, positioning yourself in the first results can take a long time. It may therefore be interesting to implement other techniques aimed at bringing traffic to your site. Traffic is the source of conversion; that is, the more your site is visited, the more likely you are to make a sale. Even if the traffic coming from natural results must remain the majority (on average, one visitor out of 2 comes from a search engine), these complementary web marketing techniques must be taken into account. Here are the most used web marketing techniques:

Google Ads

How to drive traffic to your website

This is Google’s advertising network, which allows you to have your site appear in the sponsored part of the results on the first page. You pay for every click generated. You determine how much you are willing to pay per click: the higher the price you give, the higher your ad appears in the ads list. This can range from a penny to several tens of euros, depending on the competition on the keyword.

A Google Ads campaign can be interesting in several cases: to position yourself quickly, to compensate for a bad position in the natural results, to position yourself on a very competitive request, to position yourself on an event-driven or seasonal request, etc. However, it is essential to audience analysis because targeting well will allow you to bring visitors to your site and convert them and perhaps retain them.

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Content marketing

It’s about writing articles on a subject related to your site and publishing them on free article sites, participatory blogs, on blogs that accept guest blogging. Your articles have a signature in which you can indicate a link to your site. This allows you to publicize your site, to obtain visits, as well as backlinks, which is a good way to acquire traffic. Content marketing will allow you to develop site traffic and thus have relevant traffic. It is a good lever that will help you throughout your marketing strategy.

Social networks

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,, Google+, etc. Social networks have become essential tools for promoting websites. Many companies have dedicated pages on these networks. It is a significant source of traffic, particularly for information sites that regularly create content (content to be relayed on social networks, therefore). It is an increasingly important acquisition channel.

Social media

YouTube has become an ideal web marketing platform for viral marketing, i.e., marketing that is propagated by users focused on buzz (e.g., a humorous video, a drop, etc.). In addition to being a source of traffic, Youtube, for highly watched videos, can also be a source of advertising revenue. Influencers fall into this area and are real sources of traffic, with a present audience capable of boosting traffic. However, be careful to choose well because the designated target will not necessarily be qualified traffic for your website.

The forums

They can be used in 2 ways: to obtain new links (some sites allow you to put URLs in your signature) as well as visits. For example, if you have an insurance brokerage company, you can go to forums on this subject and answer questions from Internet users (while ensuring the discreet promotion of your company).

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Improving a website is not somothing everything can do. With milions of websites out there, it is quite difficult to drive traffic to your website so that you can make something out of it. Althought there are several ways to drive traffic to your website, in this article we narrowed our attention to only the five most affective ways you can try. If you liked this article, you may care to read our blog on Google giving less credit to backlinks in future. We hope you find in informative.

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