How to Get Better at Warding in League of Legends

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League of Legends, or LoL for short, is one of the most famous online multiplayer video games in the world. Millions of players log on daily to compete alongside their friends against other teams, trying to beat the other group on a PvP battle map. Even though the game is infamous for having one of the most toxic environments and communities among online multiplayer video games, it is still considered to be one of the most enjoyable pieces of work out there.

Considering the overly protective and, at times, toxic communities of gamers that flood League of Legends, one must quickly get good at the game by mastering several key techniques as fast as possible. Warding is one of the techniques that is used more often than others and has become an essential part of every type of player’s gameplay. This importance comes from the fact that it helps every player in a team plan out their next move with extra care while synching their strategies with their teammates. But what are we exactly talking about, and how would one get better at Warding in League of Legends?

Before we move on to our tutorial on Warding, it is perhaps better to first introduce new players to this technique in order to fully understand the mechanics involved. So if you too are eager to find out how one could get better at Warding in League of Legends, read on as we provide a simple and short tutorial that is tailored for your convenience.

What is Warding?

What is Warding?

A ward is a dispensable item that comes in different types, each of which serves a different purpose for the player. Therefore, Warding refers to the action of actually deploying a ward to clear the fog of war from the map to clearly see your enemies and their positions. There are five types of wards in LoL, namely the Totem Ward, the Stealth Ward, the Control Ward, the Farsight Ward, and the Zombie Ward.

The most common wards are the Totem and Stealth wards, which are the only invisible wards in the game. The difference between these five wards boils down to their time limits, range, visibility, and life span. Of course, each of these wards also cost the player different amounts of gold, which forces the player to plan ahead and strategize their use of these wards.

Who should be warding?

Some might think that the responsibility of doing a map recon is solely on the shoulders of the support. Of course, this matter does, in fact, find itself on the support’s list of duties, but that certainly does not mean that others should stop pitching in. The more the intel, the better, which is why everyone should pitch in to use wards whenever possible.

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An Early Start

An Early Start

Each phase during a game requires its own technique and strategy for the whole team to prevail. That is why early-game Warding usually requires players to use their wards in order to prevent unexpected ganks and roams. Many prefer to ward the nearest river bushes early on in the game, yet you can also use your wards around the enemy jungler’s camps and the deep river.

This could help you see and avoid a gank while also planning your next move. Warding early on in the game will help you have a clear vision of objectives such as dragons and Rift Herald. Such a vision could play a significant role in turning the tides in your favor since you can quickly react if the enemy team starts a dragon in an unfavorable position.

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A Late-Game Strategy

After a successful warding throughout the start of the game and the early stages, you will face the challenge of properly warding during the mid and late stages of your game. Deciding on which step to take next will depend on your team’s status inside the game, as extending a lead would require a different warding strategy from scaling and turning a game. If you and your teammates are having a walk in the park and are looking to extend your lead over your enemies, then we suggest you deploy your wards in the enemy jungle to catch the enemy off-guard as they are farming.

But if you are the ones who are falling behind, then you might want to ward your own jungle to prevent any surprises and punish the isolated champions while slowly leveling out the gold difference. While objectives are important from the start of the game, their importance gradually rises as you progress through the game, which is why it is essential to ward off the objectives in the mid/late phases.

These rules are perhaps the most important points for new players who are curiously looking to get better at Warding in League of Legends. Of course, getting better at anything takes time, and a lot of patience, as learning the mechanics of any game requires lots of attention and hard work. But that does not mean that there are no shortcuts on how to get better at Warding in League of Legends. Let us take a look at the best warding spots throughout the game.

Where to place your wards

How to get better at Warding in League of Legends

Placing your wards in the right places could be the decisive factor in deciding which team gets to be the winner of the game in the end. That is why if you are looking to get better at Warding in League of Legends, it is of utmost importance to learn where exactly you should place your wards in each stage of the game.

With the immense experience that players have gained throughout the years, junglers have a rough idea of where your wards might be at the start of the game, which is why you should try placing your wards deep in the river to avoid being ganked early on. You can also try warding the enemy jungler’s camps as it could help you with having a safe laning phase while also tracking your enemy’s pathing.

Thanks to the heavy rewards intended for team-fights, it is quite essential to ward the dragon or Baron pit and avoid losing an objective in the process. To avoid losing your heroes late in the game, anti-flank wards should be carefully deployed in the mid to late stages.

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Warding is the act of using utilities named wards in League of Legends to clear the fog of war from the map in order to clearly see the enemy’s position and gain an advantage over them throughout the entire game. That is why gamers looking to get better at Warding in League of Legends should start proper warding early on in the game by deploying their wards deep in the river while also tracking their jungler’s camps to learn the enemy’s pathing and perhaps their next play. It is also suggested that players keep an eye on the objectives using their wards as they play an essential role in deciding the winner, thanks to their heavy rewards. If you found this article informative, you may also want to read our blog on how to get Somber Smithing Stones in Elden Ring. It will give you the thrill to install and play the game.

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