How to Get Somber Smithing Stones in Elden Ring

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In E. L. Ring, you’ll need Somber Smithing Stones to enhance the distinctive, named weapons you’ll amass as you progress across Elden Ring. These are unique smithing stones that are significantly rarer than regular smithing stones, making them a little harder to come by.

From the Moonveil to the Rivers of Blood as well as the final Elden Ring Sacred Relic Sword, all unique weapons in Elden Ring can just be upgraded to a level of +10. However, because they require fewer Somber Smithing Stones than ordinary weapons, you may be able to boost them more quickly. Additionally, because they are powerful, you may occasionally be able to get more use out of them than you would with ordinary, everyday weapons.

In either case, you’ll need to know where you can find Somber Smithing Stones in Elden Ring, which will boost your strength and let you deal more damage in subsequent fights. Below, we’ll walk you through where to find Somber Smithing Stones in Elden Ring as well as how to cultivate them.

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It only takes one Somber Smithing Stone [4] to improve a weapon to the next tier, as opposed to the ordinary Smithing Stones. For example, if you have a +3 unique weapon, you only need one Somber Smithing Stone [4] to get to +4.

Because of this, even though Elden Ring has dozens of Somber Smithing Stones for every tier, we’ve only included the three easiest ones to obtain for each tier. In this manner, you are able to upgrade three separate special weapons all the way to level 9. This should keep you going until you have access to the resources necessary to gather all the Somber Smithing Stones, as we’ve described at the bottom of this page. The Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones, which will raise your level to +10, are an exceptional item deserving of their own guide, which will be available soon.

What tier 1 Somber Smithing Stones are available?

What tier 1 Somber Smithing Stones are available?

You have several options for where to obtain Somber Smithing Stones [1], as they are widely dispersed around the world and will soon be available for purchase. In fact, you can purchase them indefinitely from the Blacksmith Iji in Liurnia’s northwest region on the route to Caria Manor! But before you get there, you need to pass Stormveil, so here are a few more.

1. Just south of the bridge over Agheel Lake, you’ll find a dead body sitting in a chair with a Somber Stone on it.

2. Church of Dragon Communion – On the southwest edge of the island, which you may access from the Coastal Cave, is where you can locate a Somber Smithing Stone [1].

3. A Teardrop Scarab that drops a Somber Stone can be found southeast of the Coliseum on a collapsed structure past the bridge.

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Where can I find tier 2 Dreadful Smithing Stones?

Again, tier 2 can be obtained from Iji indefinitely, so if you’ve reached Liurnia, you’re good to go in that aspect. Since there aren’t many such Stones until you reach Luirnia, you might have to do precisely that. Fortunately, we managed to track down a handful before that.

1. Gael Tunnel – At the entrance of the tunnel, descend the ledges from the wooden platform until you come to a small alcove that contains the Stone.

2. Outside of Castle Morne: Turn left (southeast) and walk down to the beach to find a corpse surrounded by four jellyfish before entering the castle. Take the Stone from the body.

3. Stormveil Cliffs: Head out the North door of the Rampart Tower Site of Grace and descend to the left of the large platform where one of the Warhawks emerges. As you descend into a ledge, continue going until you come across a knight and the Stone.

What level 3 Somber Smithing Stones are available?

Now that you have left the initial locations, you must move on because Limgrave and the nearby places do not contain any Somber stones that can raise your level above +2. With several possibilities, Liurnia is a fantastic location to start.

1. Iji the Blacksmith: As we’ve already mentioned, Iji also offers a trio of tier 3 Somber Stones for sale, each costing 4000 Runes.

2. Four Belfries – To the north of the Belfries is a corpse sitting on a chair and holding a stone, looking over the cliffs.

3. North lake’s edge – On the higher cliffs on the north side of the lake, there is another chair with a body inside that can be looted.

What level 4 Somber Smithing Stones are available?

troubled Caelid Regio

You should now truly go back to Limgrave and travel through it before entering the troubled Caelid Region. These will occasionally take some spelunking because Smithing Stones tend to get harder as you go, but we’ve highlighted the simpler methods. Go back to Iji instead; he also sells a couple of tier 4 stones.

1. Sellia Crystal Tunnel – This tunnel has three different tier 4 Stones that can be found on corpses and the walls as well as on various objects.

2. Gael Tunnel – Back in Gael Tunnel, there is a room filled with several octopi that are all led by a single enormous octopus. You can take a Stone from this location.

3. Caelid Minor Erdtree – There is one more Stone for you to take on the land’s edge to the east position of the Minor Erdtree.

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What level 5 Somber Smithing Stones are available?

You must go obtain those Stones on your own; you can no longer rely on Iji. If you’re still having trouble getting past the doorman in Elden Ring, we have a guide on how to defeat the Draconic Tree Sentinel here. By this stage in the game, you should have beaten Altus and possibly even Leyndell itself.

1. Sealed Tunnel – There are many stones in this tunnel, but on the northwest wall, near the Abductor Virgin (an iron maiden robot that rolls), is a tier 5 stone.

2. Bower of Bounty – To obtain the Stone you want, kill the Teardrop Scarab southwest of this Site of Grace.

3. Erdtree Sanctuary – A small room with a corpse inside that has no less than three Somber Smithing Stones on it is located north of this Site of Grace.

What level 6 Somber Smithing Stones are available?

With fewer and fewer options available, save the farming techniques described at the bottom. We are starting to get into the extremely uncommon stones. The majority of the tier 6 Stones that we are aware of are buried in places like Nokstella and the Deeproot Depths, but getting to those places can be challenging, particularly if you are not completing the Elden Ring Ranni questline and hidden ending. The easier ones are posted above ground for your convenience, while the term “easy” is becoming increasingly subjective.

1. First Mt. Gelmir Campsite – A body on a chair with a wolf next to it is located just south of this site of Grace. Take the Stone you need from the corpse.

2. Old Altus Tunnel – This dungeon contains two distinct Stones, both of which are located in the main chamber close to various storage sheds.

3. Volcano Manor, which is actually the fiery village dungeon behind the manorhouse, and there you can locate a fountain surrounded by blazing lava slugs. Take the Stone from the body that is slumped over the fountain.

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What level 7 Somber Smithing Stones can I get?

What level 7 Somber Smithing Stones can I get?

The early Somber Stones were typically discovered while wandering, but many of these tiers above are tiny prizes for completing challenging locations or defeating mini-bosses by the time you reach the late-game areas. There are a few possibilities to look into; Nokstella is particularly good for tier 7s, but it’s also dangerous and far away. Here are some milder, less difficult options.

1. Dung Eater’s Cell (Subterranean Shunning Grounds) – Several hand-spiders, sometimes known as “Fingercrawlers,” are outside the Dung Eater’s cell beneath Leyndell. These can be patiently farmed because they truly have a (small) possibility to drop tier 7 somber stones.

2. Inside the Gigantic Skull – A corpse is slumped over one of the giant skull’s teeth on the linking Forbidden Lands between Leyndell and the Grand Lift of Rold, south of the Golden Seed tree. Grab the Stone by plundering the corpse.

3. East of Zamor Ruins – After arriving at Zamor Ruins, proceed down the main path to see a Teardrop Scarab hanging to a tree. For the Somber Stone, kill it.

What to do to obtain tier 8 Somber Smithing Stones?

Your weapons will soon reach their peak potency as the upgrade line draws to a close. The only issue is that to find the Tier 8 Stones, you’ll need to go through difficult late-game regions like the Mountaintops of the Giants, Crumbling Farum Azula, and even the Consecrated Snowfield (for directions, visit our page on how to reach the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring). Here are some excellent places to purchase Somber Smithing Stones [8].

1. Foot of the Forge – This section contains a large, teleporting Scarab that, when destroyed, drops a Tier 8 Stone. Watch out. It explodes upon death!

2. Ancient Snow Valley Ruins – South of the Site of Grace, in the lower portion of the valley, lies another Teardrop Scarab. For the Stone, kill it.

3. Consecrated Snowfield Minor Erdtree – A scarab is perched on some rocks just to the west of this tree. For the third Stone, chop it down.

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What to do to obtain tier 9 Somber Smithing Stones?

Elden Ring

This is the furthest they can go in Elden Ring, barring the use of the incredibly rare Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones on your special weapons. Although there is a handful scattered across the Snowfields and the Haligtree, it’s (usually) quicker to get to Crumbling Farum Azula to collect what you need, so we’ll concentrate on that. You must be in the late game for these.

1. Southwest Cliffs – From the Crumbling Beast Grave Depths Site of Grace, take the elevator on the Southwest side of the structure, and you’ll see a body lying next to a tree. Take the tier 9 Somber Stone from it.

2. Dragon Temple – There are actually two tier 9 stones in this area, one of which is just before the jump to the Dragon Temple, where you can find an item hidden beneath an angled pillar among some ruins. The other can be located by heading west from the Site of Grace and following the trail of the floating stones down and through an old tomb to a lootable corpse between two pillars. This location is at the lowest level in the temple.

3. North of Dragon Temple – After leaving the temple through the North exit, proceed to the enclosed hallway with the dragon statues and curved stone staircase by taking the left-hand path down and across. The Stone is not past the Imp door but rather on a corpse slumped behind a fallen pillar opposite from you. Take the stairs up to this location, where there are fallen pillars and a door for Elden Ring Stonesword Keys (be careful of the beastmen who attack).

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In Elden Ring, it is actually possible to safely farm every tier of Somber Smithing Stone. It’s much simpler to locate all the Elden Ring Bell Bearing locations since you can then take these to the Twin Finger Husks in Roundtable Hold and purchase endless Somber Smithing Stones from tiers 1–9! Despite the fact that some late-game enemies seem to have a (very small) chance to drop Smithing Stones! Although they’re not all inexpensive, you can always head to one of our Elden Ring Rune farming places if money is tight and quickly generate a ton of runes. If you found this article informative, you may also want to read our blog on how to catch a shiny Dialga in Pokemon Go. You find it quite interesting.

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