How to Get Upvotes on Reddit

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“Reddit” is currently one of the most powerful social websites on the internet. Not only for people to come together and talk about the topics that interest them through memes and forum comments, but it’s also a fantastic place for businesses to generate interest in their brand.

Of course, if you truly want to impact your Reddit audience, you must first demonstrate your credibility, ensuring that you have enough authority to make your messages count. On Reddit, authority comes in the form of upvotes, which convert into “karma” for a user. The more karma you have, the more weight your messages hold when it comes to connecting with your target audience.

1. Participate in New Posts

How to Get Upvotes on Reddit

If you want to get upvotes on Reddit posts, you’ll need to be as social as possible. One of the simplest ways to do this is to leave thought-provoking images and messages on existing posts from other users. While this method won’t get you all the karma you need right away, it will help you to enhance and improve your karma score over time.

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2. Prioritize Quality

Getting upvotes on Reddit is all about making users care about whatever you have to say, so avoid making low-quality or negative posts as much as possible. Also, stay away from any posts that violate Reddit’s commonly accepted posting rules by reading the terms of service. Remember that while it is acceptable to criticize on Reddit, your criticism should be civil and constructive whenever possible, with the exception of comedic posting.

3. Generate Discussions

With that in mind, you should be looking for ways to post plenty of well-thought-out and researched content. Make sure you comment on trending topics where possible and write things that are intended to inspire conversations. This will help you to present yourself as a valuable resource within the community.

4. Interact with the People Who Leave Comments on Your Posts

When you start a conversation, consider how you can contribute to that conversation to increase your chances of getting upvotes. Be responsive while also being respectful of other people’s opinions. Remember, while it’s okay to disagree with other people in your posts, your counter-argument should be polite and professional. Being cruel or aggressive is likely to inspire downvotes.

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5. Take Advantage of Karma Bombs

A “Karma bomb” on Reddit occurs when you respond to a potential top comment quickly after it is posted. If the comment receives a lot of upvotes, your response may also receive upvotes due to its proximity. For this strategy to work, you’ll need to ensure that you can gauge the likelihood of a comment receiving a lot of positive reactions.

Keep in mind that if the comment you choose receives a lot of downvotes or a negative response, there’s a chance that commenting on that post will also receive a lot of downvotes, which is why the karma bomb strategy is so dangerous.

6. Use Creative Link Titles

How to Get Upvotes on Reddit

Reddit creates links based on the titles designed by the original poster, so think carefully about the headlines you choose. Remember that the context you provide for the title will help set the tone for the following discussion. For Reddit, it’s a good idea to use humor in your titles where possible. Surprising and witty posts often receive the most upvotes.

7. Share Videos and Photos Whenever Possible

People who frequent Reddit, like users of any other social media platform in the world today, prefer visual content to written posts, which means it’s worth exploring your opportunities with things like videos and images whenever possible. Try combining an informative and engaging title with a compelling visual to capture the interest of the people you’re talking to and inspire conversation.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it should not be too difficult to get upvotes on Reddit if you adhere to the techniques that have been outlined above. If you are hilarious, comment on content that is currently trending, and regularly participate in subreddits that are of interest to you, karma will be awarded to your post or profile.

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