How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2022: The Essential Guide

Social media account verification is a great way to see who is real and who might be fake. It’s especially important for brands, so customers can be sure they’re dealing with real businesses.

Social media account verification is a great way to see who is real and who might be fake. It’s especially important for brands, so customers can be sure they’re dealing with real businesses.

After pausing its public verification process for nearly four years, Twitter has decided to reopen the apps for business and personal accounts beginning in 2021. With that decision, the coveted blue check mark that adorns verified users’ profile names will become available to the masses one more time.

Having a Verified Twitter Account Is Important

You’d be surprised how many fake accounts exist just to stir up trouble and spread false information. Sometimes the competition can even play dirty and attack your brand’s reputation.

If in any way your brand and its service or integrity are called into question, you can act accordingly and contact Twitter to report the situation. If your account is verified, you can resolve the situation much more easily. Otherwise, it might look like a random account saying “it wasn’t me, they’re lying” or something similar. A verified account can quickly let people know that they’ve received the wrong information.

General Requirements for Your Twitter verification

In addition to the criteria below, Twitter has some general requirements for all verified accounts. The most essential requirements are as follows:

  • Your account must have a name and a profile picture.
  • You must have logged into your account within the last six months.
  • You must have a confirmed email address or phone number.
  • You cannot have had a Twitter ban for violating the rules in the last 12 months unless you have successfully appealed.

Who Is Eligible For Verification

Some accounts are not eligible to be verified. Twitter will not verify unofficial skits, news sources, comments or fan accounts. Moreover, It will not check any accounts involved in spam or tampering, such as those selling followers. Twitter also does not provide verification for fictional mascots or characters, unless they are directly connected to a verified brand or entertainment production. Finally, any account associated with coordinated harmful activity or violating Twitter’s hateful content policy cannot be verified.

To get verification on Twitter, your accounts should be a part of one of these groups:

  • Activist, influencer or organiser
  • Company, brand or organisation
  • Entertainers and entertainment groups
  • Government official or affiliate
  • Journalists or news organisations
  • Professional sports or e-sports entity

The requirements you need to meet depend on the type of group you belong to, so keep that in mind.

You might not get verification if you don’t belong to any of these groups. Keep an eye out for the company to open more types of accounts for verification in the future.

Verification Process on Twitter

There are two components to the verification process. Only one of them is in your hands. The first is the application process. But once Twitter has your application in hand, it’s up to them to decide if your profile is “in the public interest.”

Time seems to matter since Twitter allows users to reapply in 30 days if their verified status is denied. The platform has publicly said that they are looking for fully populated and active accounts with a confirmed email address and phone number. Additionally, the account cannot have violated any Twitter rules in the last six months prior to the request. All of these conditions provide a situation that is necessary for the verification of your account.

Provide References For Verification

First, you must provide Twitter with evidence that you are a featured account based on the category you chose above. See the Twitter verified account help page for more information.

For example, if you choose the activist option, you’ll need to provide a link to a Wikipedia article about you, three recent links from reputable news sources that cover you, or a Google Trends profile showing what people have recently searched for you.

Verify Your Identity

Twitter needs to verify that you are legit. It provides three ways to do it:

  • Government-Issued Identity Document: Upload an image of an identity document, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Official Email Address: To use this option, your Twitter email address must be from an official domain, such as a .gov address or your employer’s domain. In this method, you can’t use your general email (like Gmail).
  • Official Website: Provide a link to an official website that directly references your Twitter account.

Your Verification Is Almost Complete

In the end, you’ll see a Review and Submit page. Confirm the details you entered are correct, then press Submit to submit your verification request.

Twitter states that all requests are reviewed by a human and that it may take a few weeks to process your request. You’ll receive an email and notification letting you know that Twitter received your request. Once the company makes a decision, another email will let you know if Twitter has accepted your request.

If you are denied approval, you can request verification again after 30 days. Note that Twitter doesn’t list any specific reasons for rejecting requests, so you won’t know where your account fell short.

After Verification

When you get the blue check, it’s done, be happy! You now have more credibility in your account and can brag about your badge to your friends.

You can filter the replies on your tweets to show only other verified users. Apart from this, most of the benefits of being verified are simply showing other users that you are not a fake account and that you have some importance.


Verified status builds credibility, so go for it and now, you know how to get it. Therefore, users know that their account is not run by bots or an impersonator. It also shows that your account provides authentic value. The blue verified badge indicates that you are not spamming, manipulating or misleading followers and that your account is of interest to the public. This could lead to an increase in followers. Therefore, you could always stand to benefit from Twitter verification.

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