How To Join a Pinterest Group Board?

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Why use a Pinterest Group Board?

Pinterest Group Board was designed to help Pinners cooperate with people they know. In the past, people adopted Group Boards to raise the distribution of their Pins, as people following any of the members of your Group Board would be more likely to view your Pins in their feed.

Since that was not the goal of Group Boards, Pinterest has started restricting the distribution of Pins in Group Boards to the members of that Board only – supporting true cooperation.

Who benefits from sharing boards on Pinterest?

Curious to know how you can benefit from collaborative Boards on Pinterest? Here are some tips to get you started!

  • Trip scheduling – encourage your traveling companions to deliver ideas for things to see and places to visit. Comment and “like” ideas that are attractive to you.
  • Party scheduling – share themes, games, and decor ideas and receive feedback.
  • House hunting – share homes, styles and decor with your real estate agent.
  • Support group – experiencing something tough? Enjoy finding and sharing edifying content? Start a Group Board.
  • Brainstorming ideas – submit ideas for a work project.

How to find Group Boards on Pinterest?

There are some easy ways to find cooperative Pinterest boards. Below, you’ll find detailed guidelines on each way!

Do a Pinterest Board sSearch

A Pinterest Board search is often the first place to begin. It’s easy to do, though a little time-taking. Here’s how:

  • Write a topic pertinent to your Pinterest account into the Pinterest search box
  • Filter search results by tapping “All pins” next to the search bar and choosing “Boards”
  • Search for a circle icon at the top of the Board title with numerous profile images.
  • Use Pinterest Search to find Group Boards

Check out your competitors’ Pinterest Group Boards

Take a look at other Pinterest profiles in your industry to find out which group Boards your competitors are helping!

Here’s how to find cooperative Boards on Pinterest that your competitors have joined:

  • Go to their Pinterest page.
  • Click on “Saved” to view their Boards.
  • Look for numerous profile icons next to the Pinterest Board title.

Search Facebook Groups for Pinterest Board owners

You can also investigate a number of Facebook groups full of people who are searching for group Board contributors.

You’ll come across a number of industries, niches, and topic-specific groups in Facebook search results.

Ask to join groups that are most connected to your Pinterest account topics – these are going to be the most appropriate Pinterest group boards for your marketing strategy.

Use a Pinterest Group Board search engine

An easier way still is to use If I want to search for marketing Boards to join, type in “Marketing” and see the results. The “Score” (out of 100) is based on issues such as repin rate, number of collaborators, follower growth, etc.

I’ll search for a board without too many collaborators, but lots of followers. Keep in mind that you’ll still require to have a look at each to check for quality.

Refer to Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest Analytics is a wonderful source for audience insights. You’ll see a list of business accounts your followers follow. Odds are you’ll find a few interesting Pinterest group boards you haven’t heard of! Include the ones you like in the spreadsheet.

How to join a Pinterest Group Board?

The easiest way to join a Pinterest Group Board is to search for Boards with the “Request to join” button which is easily accessible to new members.

Some Pinterest Group Boards may also have guidelines for joining in the Board description.

How to pin to a Group Board on Pinterest?

Pinning to a Group Board on Pinterest is very similar to a regular board. Just choose the collaborative Board, and tap the plus icon to the right to Pin your content!

How do you make a Group Board on Pinterest?

Want to change a current board into a group board? Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your Pinterest page
  • Choose the Pinterest Board you want to transform into a Group Board
  • Tap the Plus icon under the Board title at the top of the page
  • Request collaborators to join by searching their name or email address on Pinterest
  • On this pop-up, you can also make and copy an invite link to send to collaborators, as well as set collaborator authorizations!

Improve your marketing strategy with Pinterest Group Boards

And there you have it. Pinterest group boards are precious tools in your general traffic strategy. Like all social media platforms, Pinterest needs a lot of time and a strategic process.

Use spreadsheets as you assess these quality boards. Share constant Pin designs. And above all else, create goodwill by reposting fellow members’ content on your boards. Better yet, feature them on your blog. Do it constantly, and you’ll increase your chances of success on Pinterest.

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