How To Lock And Unlock Keyboard On Mac

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All the sensitive information that must be kept safe from manipulation is on your MacBook. Additionally, kids and animals frequently play with the keyboard, which may be amusing for them but troublesome for you. So how should you lock or unlock Mac keyboard? By reading this article, you may prevent these problems. You may use this technique to lock and unlock the keyboard on a Mac.

How to lock and unlock the Mac keyboard

How to Lock and Unlock Keyboard on Mac

For the reasons explained above, it’s important to understand how to lock and unlock the Mac keyboard and keep your personal information safe. Here are two ways to go about it.

Using third-party apps

Numerous third-party applications, like Keyboard Locker, Lockey, and Karabiner Elements, allow you to lock and unlock the keyboard on a Mac while the display is still active. You can download one of these applications if you wish to view a video without a keyboard.

However, following the Mac system updates, certain applications may stop functioning. Therefore, you’ll need to choose a different app if the update prevents you from locking the keyboard. How to unlock keyboard? Here’s how you can use a third-party program to lock your keyboard.

  • Open the app after downloading.
  • Type “disable” into the search bar to start.
  • The internal keyboard‘s checkbox should be checked.
  • When you are prepared to use the keyboard again, you can uncheck the box.
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Enabling the hot corners

You can’t just lock the keyboard on your Mac if you don’t want to download a third-party program. However, you can use the following technique to shut down the entire laptop.

  • In the top-left corner of the screen, select the Apple menu.
  • Navigate to System Preferences and choose Security & Privacy.
  • Check the box next to “Require Password after Sleep” on the General tab.
  • For even more security, choose Immediately from the drop-down option.
  • At the top of the Security & Privacy choice, click the Show All option. You’ll be sent back to the main system preference page at this point.
  • Select Desktop & Screen Saver from the menu.
  • Choose Screen Save, then click the Hot Corners button in the pane’s bottom left corner.
  • Out of the four hot corners, pick one so that the screen starts.
  • Click the OK button to see the drop-down menu and select the Start Screen Saver option.
  • The first setup is finished. After this, you may leave the System Preferences.
  • Place the cursor on the hot spot you choose during setup to lock the keyboard. Any keyboard key can be pressed. A dialog window will show up on the screen, and your laptop will go to sleep.
  • Your MacBook user will choose the box’s username. You simply need to enter the password you already used.
  • This will unlock both the keyboard and your laptop.

This technique is useful for locking and unlocking the keyboard on a Mac, but it also puts your laptop to sleep.

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How to make a Mac keyboard’s Num lock activate

How to Lock and Unlock Keyboard on Mac

The number pad may still be locked even if the default Mac keyboard lacks a Number Lock key. Just follow the instructions below.

  • System Preferences may be accessed by clicking the Apple logo.
  • Select Universal Access under the system heading.
  • Select the On button next to Mouse Keys on the Mouse tab.
  • Check the box next to it. To activate or deactivate the mouse keys, press the Option key five times.
  • By doing so, the shortcut for turning on and off the Num lock will be enabled.

How to make sticky keys appear on a Mac

Sticky keys allow Mac users to input the key combination sequentially rather than simultaneously, which is quite advantageous. In System Preferences, these keys are often turned on by default. If they aren’t, though, here’s how to turn them on.

  • Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • Open the Keyboard tab by going to Universal Access.
  • The Sticky Keys choice will be followed by the On and Off buttons.
  • By selecting the On button, you can quickly turn them on.

Disable slow keys

You will need to press each key more forcefully than usual before the system recognizes Slow Keys are enabled. If you briefly push each key, it could appear as though the keyboard is completely inoperative. The Slow Keys can be disabled as instructed below:

  • System Preferences may be found by opening the Apple menu.
  • Go to keyboard under the Accessibility menu, then Hardware.
  • Deactivate the Slow Keys.
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Final thoughts

Whether using a Mac or a Windows computer, we think you can now lock and unlock your keyboard. Gratitude for reading this blog. We want to give it back to you right now!

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