How to Make a Splint in Dayz

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In DayZ, getting around when you’re injured and wearing a splint is not easy. Because the splint restricts some of the survivors’ mobility, they cannot jump or run. On the other hand, jogging will not cause shock damage to your body if done correctly. Climbing with a splint is also possible, but it takes longer. Having said that, knowing how to make and use a splint is critical for DayZ’s survival. Moving around with untreated broken limbs will knock survivors out, exposing them to attacks and other dangers. Let’s go through the splint crafting process across all platforms to ensure you understand the fundamentals of healing yourself in DayZ.

How do you make a splint in Dayz?

How to make a splint in dayz

It is highly recommended that players learn how to make a splint in DayZ. It’s a simple crafting project that calls for sticks, bandages, or rags. Small sticks can be obtained by chopping down small bushes or splitting the wood from a chopped tree. Bandages are one of the game’s most common medical/healing items. When you run out of bandages, you can make rags and use them in the splint recipe. Remember that a single splint requires four rags and two sticks. You’ll also need 100% bandages and two sticks to make a splint.

How to make a splint on different gaming consoles

On all platforms, the process of making a splint is the same. Below you’ll find instructions on how to make one on Xbox. PS4 and PC. When crafting a splint on a PS4, only the combine button is different. If you haven’t remapped your controls on a PC, your standard PC combine button should be the Left Mouse Button.

On Xbox:

  1. Place two small sticks in your hands from your inventory
  2. Choose some rags or bandages from your kit.
  3. From the crafting options, choose the splint recipe.
  4. To combine the bandages and the sticks, press and hold “B.”
  5. Open the inventory screen and select the splint from the Vicinity menu.
  6. Put it in your bag or, if you have one, on a broken limb.

On PlayStation: 

  1. Hold two small sticks in each hand.
  2. Draw attention to some bandages or rags in your bag.
  3. Repeat the crafting process until you reach the splint recipe.
  4. To combine the bandages and the sticks, press and hold Circle.
  5. Take the splint from the Vicinity tab and bring up the item screen.
  6. Put it in your bag or, if you have one, on a broken limb.

On PC: 

  1. Hold two small sticks in each hand.
  2. Choose a bandage or rags bundle from your bag.
  3. Cycle through the splint recipe’s crafting options.
  4. To combine the bandages and the sticks, press and hold the Left Mouse Button.
  5. Once crafted, your splint will appear in the Vicinity tab.
  6. Put it in your bag or, if you have one, on a broken limb.
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How do you make a splint in DayZ 1.10?

How to make a splint in dayz

The splint medical item was added to DayZ with the 1.10 update. Its creation process has remained consistent since then. A splint is made with bandages or rags and two sticks.

  1. Take the necessary items from your inventory or harvest them.
  2. Take the items and hold them in your hands.
  3. Hold down the Combine button on your controller/computer.
  4. Hold for at least five seconds or until the animation is complete.
  5. Heal your broken limb or save the splint for later use.

It’s a good idea to keep at least one handcrafted splint in your bag at all times in case you break a limb.

How to apply a splint in DayZ?

A splint is only useful if you have a broken limb. If not, you can still make one and keep it in your bag. Here’s how to put it to use:

  1. Place the splint in your hands after removing it from your bag.
  2. For 10 seconds, hold down the designated Use button.
  3. Examine the timer for continuous action.

You should be aware that you have the option to cancel the action. Releasing the “use” button during the crafting process will cancel the healing process. The splint will speed up the healing process depending on how badly the limb is broken. Regardless of the damage, it should take no more than 20 minutes.

What exactly is a wooden splint?

In DayZ, you can make a wooden splint as a medical item. It’s a necessary healing item used to treat extremity wounds from falls or gunshots. The survivor’s broken limb would sustain continuous shock damage if they moved around without a splint. Too much motion on a broken limb can even cause loss of consciousness.

How do you heal yourself?

Depending on the issue, there are several ways to heal your survivor in DayZ. Splints can be used to gradually heal broken limbs. When you get a disease, you must find and take the proper medication, which is usually in the form of pills or tablets. Certain conditions can also be treated with blood or saline transfusions. To stop the bleeding, use bandages or rags. Whatever the issue, there is no way to heal your survivor instantly in DayZ. Every type of treatment takes time to work; some take much longer than others.

How do you approach DayZ?

DayZ is a challenging game of survival. Your objective is to stay alive through all of the encounters with infected zombies and other players who are hostile to you. You must gather a variety of resources in order to make weapons and equipment, obtain food, water, and medicine, and survive the outbreak. Simply put, the goal of DayZ is to survive as long as possible while fending off disease, starvation, and hostile players and NPCs.


The perilous Soviet Republic of Chernarus is full of them. One wrong move can land your survivor in serious trouble or put them in danger. Splints are among the first medically crafted items in the game that you should always have with you. Nobody wants to walk around with a broken limb and risk becoming unconscious from the constant shock damage. Fortunately, you don’t need any difficult-to-find materials to make a splint in Days.

Share your experiences with us taking damage from falls and surviving in DayZ without the ability to sprint. Do you take chances knowing that a splint can help you heal over time, or do you try to avoid breaking your legs? Let us know how you make, find, and store medical supplies in the comments section.

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