How To Make Money On Audible?

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Audiobooks are incredibly popular products that can calm us down in our free time. Creating an audiobook is not a time-consuming process, and it is possible to produce an appealing audiobook just in a few hours. Audible is a platform that can help you earn money from audiobooks and podcasts. As the world’s biggest producer of audiobooks, Audible has over 3 million audiobook titles which include both new and classic ones. In comparison with other audiobook producers, such as Google Play and iTunes, Audible possesses a broader range of experienced and famous narrators, which encourages users to make use of this platform regularly.

Making money on Audible is probable, but the amount of money everyone can earn on this platform is completely dependent on how seriously they work and how well they can schedule and implement their strategy. Keep in mind making money on Audible is demanding and requires patience and hard work like other online businesses. All you need to have is determination and diligence. Audible is equipped with a self-publishing feature that provides users with the opportunity to produce their own audiobooks and publish them. 

The main methods for making money on Audible

How To Make Money On Audible?

One of the most challenging issues that the users of Audible struggle with is how they can earn money on Audible. Users can make money on Audible in various ways. They can do so through referrals, affiliate marketing, producing audiobooks, or spoken-word-entertainment. Another way is narrating other people’s works. It does not make any difference which way you want to opt to make money on Audible. The important point is that Audible is like a gold mine that can provide you with great opportunities to earn money.

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Creating audiobooks

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to make money Audible for creative people is by producing audiobooks that help them to flourish their talent and creativity. There is a wide range of topics that you can select to create audiobooks, such as fiction, non-fiction, science, history, and other interesting topics. In order to create audiobooks, everybody can either write and record it themselves or employ a good narrator to record the work. Since creating audiobooks requires both time and money, if you have enough time but no money, it is better to personally write, record, and edit audiobooks. However, if you have enough money, it is recommendable to reach out to a professional narrator.

What it takes

There are five steps that you can easily follow to create audiobooks, upload them and make money from them. The first step is to find a good keyword. This is the topic that your book revolves around. If the selected topic is about issues that people are interested in and has an acceptable number of searches, you can lay the foundations for success in earning money from selling audiobooks on Audible. The second step that can be very helpful and facilitates the process of creating audiobooks is employing a professional ghostwriter.  

Creating the cover is the third step which you can do yourself if you have experience and skill in graphic design. Otherwise, you can ask a professional freelancer to create the book cover for you. The fourth step is narrating the book, which can be done professionally by either you or an experienced narrator. Amazon facilitates the process of hiring professional narrators by providing a huge number of them on ACX, not Audible, to select from. The last step is to publish it on Audible and promote it. It is possible to make use of a personal blog, YouTube channels, podcasts, email, and social media to promote the book.

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Become a narrator

How To Make Money On Audible?

Another practical and lucrative way to earn money on Audible is to narrate other people’s works. The process of becoming a narrator is very straightforward. It is just enough to sign up on ACX and start reading other people’s works aloud. Since there are a lot of authors who publish their works regularly, there is no need to be worried about the shortage of audiobooks to narrate. There is a wide range of genres that everybody can select from to narrate. 

Affiliate marketing

Another easy way to make money on Audible is to become an affiliate. Affiliate marketing consists of promoting other individuals’ services and products to one’s followers, whether on a personal blog, social media, or email. If this strategy leads to a sale, he can get a commission. Everybody can go to Audible’s website and sign up as an affiliate and get an affiliate link. Everybody can take advantage of a free 30-day trial and a free audiobook that can be original or classic. After 30 days, the user can either cancel or upgrade his membership to the monthly Audible subscription.

Sell Audible products and services

Audible makes it possible for users to sell either their own audiobooks or its products and services. The most important point is that there is no need to promote anything. Every user can create his own account, record the product or service in his own voice, and then upload it to the platform. When the product or service gets sold, he can receive a part as his commission which can be a dependable income.

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There are different methods to make money on Audible. Each one of these methods has its own specific requirements and needs specific skills. Some of them demand selling skills and abilities, while others just need an angelic voice to attract the audience. It is necessary to invest time and energy if someone is determined to make money on Audible since, like other works, it needs perseverance and hard work.

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