How to Remove Eyelash Extensions With Vaseline

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Do you take pleasure in your eyelash extensions after having them performed, or do they look too long or too thick for your liking? If you are really not interested in the eyelash extensions that you have, you can have them removed by a specialist. Also, you can let them drop out naturally, but you have to wait for some time before they get their natural look back. Another alternative is to remove eyelash extensions with Vaseline, but you should be cautious in doing so. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can remove eyelash extensions with Vaseline.

Remove eyelash extensions with Vaseline

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are produced from silk, synthetic, human, or animal hair. They are utilized to give volume and a lusher appearance to the eyelashes. These lash extensions are fixed to the natural eyelashes, strand by strand, with a temporary adhesive or glue, which may persist for up to 3-4 weeks. They are beautifying substances that improve the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. It is usually suggested to remove eyelash extensions with Vaseline.

Wash your hands and face and find cotton swab and vaseline 

Before touching anywhere near your eyes, make sure that your hands are completely clean. You should also try to take off any make-up from around your eyes, as this can meddle with the removal process. Make use of a Q-tip or cotton swab, and put this into your Vaseline. You should use an amount that’s about the size of a grain of rice. If you notice that you haven’t used enough Vaseline the first time, you can always put in more to your lashes, but make use of a new Q-tip each time you do so. This reduces the risk of cross-infection.

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Brush your lashes with the vaseline

Close your eyes and start with a sweeping downward move to distribute the Vaseline along your lashes. Begin at your lash line and go downwards towards the tip of your lashes. Make sure that every part of your lash is covered in Vaseline, paying special attention to the areas where the adhesive of the extensions has been put on. This step should be done with the highest level of precision in order to prevent possible problems.  

Let the vaseline remain for a while

Leave the Vaseline to do its job. There is no unanimous opinion about how long to leave Vaseline on your lashes to take effect. Try leaving it on for up to five minutes before taking it off based on the instructions below. If, however, you figure out that this isn’t long enough, you can wait a little longer.

Some people believe in leaving the Vaseline on for up to an hour, but if you do so, you’ll have to keep your eyes closed. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting Vaseline in your eyes. If Vaseline penetrates into your eyes, you’ll have to seek medical help and go in for an eye bath. As such, it’s probably worth leaving the Vaseline on your lashes for a short time. You can always do this procedure as many times as you wish to take off your eyelash extensions.

Remove the vaseline

Remove eyelash extensions with Vaseline.

Pick your clean mascara wand or spoolie, and make use of it to smoothly remove the Vaseline out of your lashes. If the Vaseline has liquefied the adhesive of your extensions, you should see some of them smoothly separating from your eyelashes. Clean the Vaseline from your lash line towards the tip of your lashes. You can repeat this downward motion until all of the Vaseline is taken off. If you don’t have a clean mascara wand or spoolie, use a clean cotton swab or Q-tip and repeat the same downward brushing motion. Keep in mind never to pull hard or suddenly on your lashes! You should be as mild as possible in order to remove the eyelash extensions without tearing any of your natural lashes.

Wash your face and throw the extensions away

Pick your microfiber cloth or lint-free towel, and put it in clean, warm water. Make use of this to cautiously remove any extra Vaseline from your lashes. Again, it’s all about being mild to decrease damage. Employ a gentle cleanser to clean your whole face. Circular motions are the best way to make sure that any dirt or debris has been completely removed. Unlike false eyelashes such as magnetic eyelashes or strip eyelashes, professional eyelash extensions are not made for several re-uses. You should hence discard them once you’ve removed them from your lashes.

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Removing eyelash extensions with Vaseline is one of the safest safe and easy. Vaseline can be applied to the area around your eyes and on your lashes without causing irritation. Vaseline is a type of petroleum jelly that is moderate on the skin, and studies demonstrate that allergic reactions to petroleum jelly are unconventional, making it a practical choice for those who are sensitive to other products. Now that you have removed your eyelash extensions successfully, it’s not a bad idea to try eyelash tinting for the sake of variety.

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