How To Report A Scammer On Facebook?

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Meta is dependent on automated systems to spot and eliminate Facebook scams before users see them. Unluckily, these systems can sometimes be deceived by well-crafted scams. So, it’s mostly up to users to report a scammer on Facebook.

Meta will then analyze your report and eliminate anything that doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards. Be sure that your name will stay confidential.

How to spot Scammers on Facebook?

Lottery scams

These scammers often pretend to be government agencies or authorities and claim that you won a lottery. But the only way for you to get your lottery win is to pay a small fee beforehand or give your bank details.

Loans at low interest rates

Scammers pledge that you can take immediate loans at a low interest rate for a small fee. They often pretend to be government agencies or authorities to look more persuasive.

Romance scams

Romance scammers often offer themselves in an amazing light as they attempt to build trust with you. They’ll tell you they’re looking for the right partner but need money for flights, visas, etc. Unfortunately, the success rate of romance scams is very high. Scammers will talk to you for weeks or months before requesting money.

Red flags to be cautious about

  • Strangers abruptly requesting for money for a friend or relative in an emergency situation
  • People promising loans, awards, or other rapid wins in exchange for a small fee you need to pay beforehand
  • People asking you to shift to a different messaging service
  • Unconfirmed Pages claiming to represent large companies or charity organizations
  • Unconfirmed users claiming to represent public figures

Goals of scammer:

A scammer intends to deceive you. They make unfulfillable promises in exchange for small fees. In other cases, scammers are spotted gaining unauthorized access to public pages to give out data. Without responding, report it to Facebook by the Report Button present on the top of the peculiar message.

By following these steps, one can report fake profiles. The way one can remove the peculiar page or fake profile forever.

Steps to report a scammer on Facebook

Facebook Help Center has its own set of laws when it comes to reporting a scammer on Facebook. If you have spotted one or are presently facing one, there are some ways that you can report a scammer on Facebook.

So as to report a scammer on Facebook, the following are the steps that you must follow:

  1. Go to the profile you decide to report by clicking its name in your News Feed or looking for it. Ensure that you are on the correct Facebook page.
  2. Once you are on the Facebook page that you want to report, click on the three dots at the top tab on the profile. It is often in the three dots where you will find profile choices that are accessible for you to select from.
  3. The three dots are to some extent similar to the drop-down menu on Facebook. It shows the other options available for you as a user. Once you have found the three buttons, you should click on them.
  4. Click more to the right and choose Find Support or Report Profile. This is the first step toward reporting the profile.
  5. The Find Support or Report Profile option comes with a lot of various choices. If you are determined to report the scammer on Facebook, you can do so by clicking on Find Support or Report Page/Profile.
  6. Once you click on it, you will face the choices that best suit and match why you are reporting the page in the first place.
  7. In order to report a scammer on Facebook, it is necessary for you to give feedback on why you are reporting the page. You have various choices but for a scam, you need to click on the option Fraud or Scam.
  8. By clicking on this option, you will be taken to the choices of why you think that the page is a Fraud or a Scam. Here, there are two options: either the page is requesting financial information or some other option that you think opposes the Facebook community standards.

Facebook needs assistance to understand why you have a problem with a specific page. This is part of the freedom of internet access or freedom of speech. Facebook cannot automatically remove a page just because of a single report.

You need to give feedback that would convince Facebook and answer the question of why. Why are you reporting the page? Why are you having a problem with the page? You should provide the information.

Whether you select the option of requesting financial information or other, you will be taken to the same option.

Is the report acted upon instantly? Depending on your feedback, you may then be able to report a scammer on Facebook. For some types of content, the feedback will be employed as a basis for Facebook to investigate.

The key term here is the fact that Facebook needs to examine. Hence, it does not automatically take action on any of the reports and delete the account that you report.


Although reporting scammers on Facebook is a very essential step since it can help stop criminal activities, Facebook does not act upon these reports immediately since it is one of the principles of this company to ensure that the report is right and it is necessary to investigate this claim.

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