How To Stop Instagram From Auto Scrolling?

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When it comes to Instagram, we stop to see things that attract our attention. Whether it’s a lively location or a great dress, something about that content ceases us in our tracks. But sometimes Instagram automatically scrolls, and we can’t seem to prevent this from happening. It’s really annoying when this happens. But is there any way to prevent Instagram from auto scrolling?

How to prevent Instagram from auto scrolling?

At first, Instagram issued this “Auto Scrolling” for all the users not as a choice but as a new update. Some users were pleased, and some were not that satisfied with this new trait.

Yet there is NOT a deactivating button in the setting to prevent this auto scrolling, but there are some methods you can use and stop this from happening.

How do you turn off auto scroll on your Instagram feed?

If you’ve ever seen that your Instagram feed always scrolls up and to the top of your feed, you may want to deactivate auto scroll. You can turn this feature on and off in the Instagram settings, or turn off auto play videos completely. To activate auto play videos, touch the profile picture on the bottom-right side of the app. You can also deactivate sound for videos to play, which will turn the sound off when you leave the app or close it.

To turn off auto scrolling, go to the settings page for your phone. Tap the Background App Refresh switch, which is situated to the right of the app. Once it’s turned off, it’ll be inactive. To activate auto refresh, toggle the setting back on. It’s essential to pay attention that if you deactivate the switch, you may have issues with your connection or haven’t updated to the latest version of the app.

How do I turn off endless auto scroll on the homepage?

If you don’t want to scroll down to look at your followers’ newest posts, you can turn off auto scroll on Instagram. This trait is toggled on and off in the settings menu. To deactivate endless scroll, tap the screen and choose “Scroll” or “Stop Scrolling” from the choices menu. Alternatively, you can also employ Group Policy Editor to disable the feature on Windows 10.

Once you have deactivated auto scrolling, Instagram won’t automatically renew your feed in the background. You can always turn it back on if you would like to keep viewing Instagram in the background. To do so, just go to Settings -> Network & Internet > Background App Refresh. Your Instagram feed won’t renew automatically, and you’ll save a considerable amount of mobile data. By deactivating auto refresh, you can stop your feed from becoming filled with too many notifications.

When videos play automatically, you can turn off auto play. To activate this feature, tap the profile picture on the bottom-right side. To unmute videos, press the play button, then press “Mute”. By default, Instagram mutes videos, but you can turn them off by pressing the video’s icon. This way, your feed will always contain the videos that you want to watch. In addition, Instagram’s auto scrolling feature recalls your last action, so you can keep scrolling to the top of your feed!

Why does Instagram automatically scroll?

Recently, Instagram users have been expressing dissatisfaction about an update that makes them tap to move from right to left or scroll to the bottom of the screen. This has forced users to complain all over Twitter. But despite the negative feedback, Instagram’s communications team expounded that it was not a test and was just a bug. Here’s how you can turn off Instagram’s auto scroll feature:

The first thing you’ll see after you scroll through your feed is the new “Suggested Posts” feature. These posts are recommended to you according to the content you’ve liked and saved. Before, the feed showed a message that read “You’re All Caught Up.” Now, it exhibits a list of suggested posts, based on what you’ve saved or liked in the past. The new feature should help Instagram maintain users. Another reason you might see an update is the fact that you can’t scroll down long enough to tap a post. In fact, you’ll have to make yourself scroll down. It might be caused by force leaving the app or scrolling through a lot of posts in your feed. While you’re scrolling down, you’ll notice a line of dots beneath posts you’ve saved or liked.

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