How To Test Ps5 Internet Speed

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Do you have to wait for your games to download overnight or does your team have to carry you all the time? If so, you may need to test PS5 internet speed. It might be because the internet speed on your PS5 is too slow. To put it mildly, it can be frustrating when your PS5 experiences internet problems. However, there are many things you can do to speed things along and level the playing field.

Why is the internet speed on my PS5 so slow?

The internet speed on your PS5 could be poor for a number of reasons. It can be the result of an issue with your Wi-Fi, the PlayStation Network, or your PS5 console. The first step in resolving your internet troubles is to test PS5 internet speed to determine which of the aforementioned scenarios applies to your circumstance.

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The PlayStation servers or the servers for the game you are attempting to play should be checked first. If there are any significant issues with either of the servers you are attempting to connect to, a fast Google search will reveal them.

PlayStation 5

There can be a problem with your internet service provider as well. Investigate the other components of your home to see if this is the case. Your Wi-Fi could be malfunctioning if your other gadgets aren’t connecting to it. If this is the case, contact your internet service provider.


After ruling out any issues with your internet service provider or PlayStation’s servers, the problem may be inside your house. If that’s the case, you can try a few different things to increase your PS5’s internet speed.

How to Troubleshoot Your Home WiFi

The distance the internet signal must travel before it reaches your PS5 depends on how close or far it is from your router. The signal is greatly weakened as a result, particularly if it must pass through solid walls.

Test PS5 internet speed in the rooms where your PS5 and router are located. Consider moving your console closer to your network router to improve your internet signal if the PS5 internet speed test results are much slower than the room where your router is located.

Using a wired connection is another approach to bolster your internet connection. You can immediately connect your gaming console to your network using the Ethernet connector on the PS5. The best internet performance is ensured while using a wired connection.

Your router might be overwhelmed if many devices are simultaneously connecting to your Wi-Fi. As a result, your router will struggle to simultaneously provide a strong enough internet connection to everyone, which will reduce the signal strength. Before playing online, try turning off all of your other gadgets.

There are numerous additional ways to enhance your home’s internet connection. For further advice on how to fix your PS5’s internet speed, see these techniques to speed up your Wi-Fi router.

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Configure the Internet Settings on Your PS5

How to test ps5 internet speed

If your PS5’s internet is still too slow after trying every one of the aforementioned troubleshooting techniques, you might want to adjust the DNS settings on your console. The internet employs DNS, or domain name system, to find and translate IP addresses. You can switch your DNS server to Google’s if your PS5 is experiencing internet issues.

The lightning-quick DNS server provided by Google could help your PS5 increase its internet speed. To modify the DNS settings on your PS5, go to the directions below.

1. Click the gear icon to access the PS5 options.

2. Select Network and click on Settings.

3. Navigate to network settings and choose “Set Up Internet Connection” before clicking.

4. To access the settings, choose the connection you’re presently using and press the options button on your DualSense controller.

5. Select Advanced Options.

6. hit the burger button to access the advanced internet settings.

Put the following information in:

  • Automatic IP Address Settings
  • DHCP Host: Leave blank.
  • Manual DNS configuration.
  • Name Server:
  • Additional DNS:
  • Use no proxy servers.
  • MTU Configuration: Automatic.

change the PS5’s advanced settings for DNS

Your PS5 will now be linked to Google’s DNS server, and your internet speed should noticeably increase. Check read our article describing how DNS servers significantly impact your internet speed if you want to learn more about them.

These Advice Will Increase PS5 Internet Speed

To a person from the early 1990s whose only exposure to multiplayer games consisted of huddling around a TV in their friend’s garage, online gaming would sound amazing—and it is.

However, a decent online gaming experience necessitates a quick and dependable internet connection. Your PS5 internet speed should be fast enough to play online games easily if you follow the mentioned instructions.

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With many features and unrealized potential, the PlayStation 5 is a fantastic console. To get the most out of your console and enjoy your games, take into account applying the advice given above. You’ll love discovering all that your console has to offer, we bet. In the end, we like to invite you to read our blog on 5 best PS5 skins you can try. You’ll love it.

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