How To Throw The Best Lingerie Party?

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What is a lingerie party?

A lingerie party also called a bridal shower is an event held for a bride-to-be. The idea is to accumulate her inner circle of women together so they can give her the items as gifts she will use with her husband as a married woman. Typically, the gifts were personal garments.

Three is no limitation when it comes to these events. However, it is necessary to keep the bride and her future husband in mind when scheduling the event. You want to ensure this special time with her friends is a time she will never forget and one she treasures.

11 best lingerie party ideas

Send out lingerie party invitations

When it comes to holding a themed party, one of the most crucial steps to making it unforgettable is sending out lingerie party invitations. Normally, this party is held two weeks prior to the bachelorette party.

Lingerie party don’ts

There are several things you must not do at the party. For instance, you must avoid anything which disturbs the bride-to-be. You also want to refrain from abashing her or any of the other guests.

Do not ask her questions she is not willing to answer or force her to try on anything she does not want to try on in front of a number of people. It is also not rational to invite people to the party without consulting with her first.

Lingerie party dos

Lingerie parties are all about the bride-to-be. It is an event for her to enjoy and have fun with her inner circle. So, make the event all about her.

Ask for her input on the guest list. The lingerie party is typically a bit more domesticated than the bachelorette party. Therefore, she may like to have her mother-in-law, mom, sisters, aunts, or other family members invited. However, there is a possibility that she will only want her closest friends there.

If you are the host, you might decide to take the bride to a lingerie store beforehand and ask her to try items on. Many women do not even know their exact bra size, so this is a good thing to do for your friend anyway.

Lingerie party venues

The venue is another crucial issue you need to think about when holding a lingerie party. Hotels, restaurants, and the maid of honor’s home are all great options. You may want the venue to be a private space where the bride feels at ease displaying her gifts.

If she wants to put the items on to see if they fit her, it is better to hold the event in a home or hotel room. If the maid of honor has a family, you may not want to use her home. So, a hotel is a good choice in that situation.

Holding the party in a luxurious hotel is a great way for the bride and her friends to have a little escape close to home. If you select a hotel, ensure to get a room that is large enough to accommodate everyone and that there is a room for everyone to sleep in.

Lingerie party games

You want to ensure the bride-to-be enjoys and remembers the event, and playing some indelible games is a great way to do that. There are a lot of games you can play at a lingerie party that are entertaining and an amazing way to get to know each other better.

The lingerie guessing game is a simple game to play that does not need any extra supplies. For this game, you will want to ask everyone not to write their name on the gift they bring. As the bride opens each gift, she will guess who brought what.

Another amusing game is the toilet paper lingerie game. For this game, you must have a bunch of rolls of toilet paper. You can bifurcate the guests up into teams or have each person play separately. The goal of the game is to make a piece of lingerie with nothing but toilet paper. The bride gets to select the winner.

Loose lips is another simple game that does not need a lot of extra stuff. You select a few words that are appropriate for the occasion like “lingerie,” “bra,” or the groom’s name. When everyone arrives, you tell them that they do not have permission to say those words. Each time someone says one of the prohibited phrases, you give them a point. The person with the minimum points wins the game finally.

Food for lingerie parties

If you are hosting the party at a restaurant, scheduling and offering the food should be quite straightforward. However, if you are paying for the whole party, you might want to restrict the menu. You can do this by serving a number of appetizers rather than giving people the choice of ordering whatever they want.

Drinks for lingerie parties

You must serve beverages at your lingerie party. Usually, women have wine or other alcoholic drinks on these occasions. However, it is necessary to have drinks without alcohol for people who prefer not to participate.

Cakes for lingerie parties

You may like to have a cake at a lingerie party. There are a lot of options to select from, but again you will want to have the bride and the venue in mind. Usually, the cake is made to seem like a piece of lingerie, or a feminine cake is selected.

Gifts for lingerie parties

When selecting the gift, it is always better to choose something that you are sure she will use. You do not want your gift to get thrown in a drawer because she is too uncomfortable to put it on. However, lingerie parties are also a way to offer some things to the bride-to-be she might consider buying on her own, too.

Decorations for lingerie parties

You can get innovative with lingerie party decorations or go an easier route. The decorations can also be different, depending on the venue and the bride. Balloons are a great choice for making the environment more attractive no matter where the party is occurring.

Lingerie party prizes and party favors

The party is all about the bride, but you may want to give gifts to the winners of the games. These are usually small prizes. You can give small things or bigger gifts for the winners to gift to the bride. You can also consider bridal boudoir photography.


A lingerie party is an event thrown for a bride. This event is held to gather close family members together in order to give the bride gifts. There are some ideas which can turn this event into a memorable occasion.

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