How To Turn Off PS5 Trophy Recordings

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We all like to boast about the trophies we earn in video games as they show the world how we have managed to overcome the challenges put in front of us by developers. There are numerous ways gamers can show their friends which trophies they have earned and which challenges they have completed throughout the years. But perhaps one of the more unique and interesting ways is provided by Sony’s PlayStation 5, which has the ability to actually show the moment players win a trophy in-game. But this ability comes at a huge price as the PS5 stores a small and short video of you winning trophies, which leads to your device’s storage filling up in a flash, especially if you are a hardcore gamer looking to achieve all those trophies.

While Both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro capture a screenshot of the moments you win a trophy, the PS5 automatically tends to save videos instead of taking screenshots, and that is why numerous gamers have been looking for a way to turn off PS5 trophy recordings. So how do we really get to turn off PS5 trophy recordings anyways? Here is a quick guide to help you get rid of the option you never asked for in the first place.

Types of trophies on PS5

How To Turn Off PS5 Trophy Recordings

If you are a newbie to the world of Sony’s PlayStation, you might want to know what trophies are and whether you would like to keep the default settings or if you would like to record achieving certain types of trophies. There are four trophy categories on PS5, which are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These trophies hold different levels from 1 to 999, and achieving each trophy can add to your overall trophy level. The bronze trophy level ranges from 1 to 299, while the Silver trophy level ranges from 300 to 599. The most important and hardest-to-get trophies are obviously Gold and Platinum trophies, with the Gold trophy level ranging from 600 to 998. The Platinum trophy is the ultimate trophy type one can earn in each video game, as it holds 999 points.

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Why you should turn off PS5 recordings

Even though it feels darn good to relive the moments of glory in our favorite video games, sometimes the price can be too high as little space could be left for us to actually install and play the games we like. With the somehow limited space that we get on gaming consoles, space management can be really tough, especially with how massive game sizes have become. But if you get to find out how to turn off PS5 trophy recordings, you will be able to reduce the amount of disk space occupied by frankly unnecessary files.

How to change PS5 trophy recording settings

It could not be any easier to completely turn off PS5 trophy recordings. Here is how to do it:

  • Head on to Settings from your PlayStation 5’s dashboard.
  • Scroll down to find and select Captures and Broadcasts.
  • You should find the Auto-Captures item on the left side of the menu.
  • Select Trophies on the right.
  • Find the Video Clips section, and you will see an option named Save Trophy Videos (which is set to All Trophy Grades by default).
  • Select Save Trophy Videos and then set it to None.

Are there any other options?

You do not need to completely turn off PS5 trophy recordings, as you might still want to save videos of yourself winning Platinum or Gold trophies. Feel free to select any of the other options featured by the PS5, which will allow you to save short videos of winning all types of trophies. Turning off the option for any of the trophies means that your device will now start saving these moments as screenshots instead.

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The ultimate space-saving method

The PlayStation features four types of trophies, which are called Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, in the order of the points they earn the player. You might want to prioritize your trophies before looking to turn off PS5 trophy recordings in order to see whether you would like to keep recording the moments you achieve some of these trophies. But keep in mind that each of the video snippets recorded by your console could take as much as 50MB of space, which could quickly add up to a significant size if you are a trophy hunter like many of the gamers out there. So turning this little feature off could play a substantial role in helping you manage the limited space you have on your console. After reading this article, you may also like to learn how to secure your gaming device is ESET. You’ll find it informative.

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