How to Turn On or Off a TCL TV Without a Remote

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TCL TVs are a good option if you’re trying to set up a smart home on a budget. However, if you’ve misplaced your TCL remote or it isn’t working, you can still use your TCL TV without a remote. Several methods for controlling your TCL TV without a TV remote are provided below. There are several ways to get your TCL TV to work, whether you control it with a smart app or a third-party device.

How To Turn On Or Off A TCL TV Without A Remote

How to Use TCL TVs Without a Remote?

Even though most TCL TVs come with a remote, it’s very easy to misplace a TV remote when you use it on a regular basis. You have a few options for controlling your TCL TV if you have temporarily lost your remote or if you want a permanent solution. TCL TVs can be controlled wirelessly using smart devices such as phones or tablets. These wireless apps, once downloaded, can be used as universal remotes for your TCL TV. 

TCL TVs without a remote can be activated using wireless gaming consoles such as the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Nintendo Switch. While gaming consoles allow you to turn your TCL TV on and off, they don’t provide the same level of control as wireless remote-control apps.

If you need to control your TCL TV permanently without the stock remote control, you can use a wireless remote-control app such as TCL TV Remote Control or Roku Remote Control.

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Is an Internet Connection Required to Use a TCL TV?

If your TCL television comes with its own remote, you won’t require an Internet connection in order to operate it. Many smart TV features, such as access to streaming services, are, however, useless unless you have a wireless connection to use them with. If you don’t have a remote for your TCL TV, having an Internet connection becomes much more important. You won’t be able to install an app that acts as a remote control on your smart device if you don’t have a wireless connection.

Which Smart Devices Work with TCL TV?

If you want to use a remote app on a TCL TV that doesn’t come with it, you’ll need to pair it with a smart device. The good news is that TCL and Roku TVs are compatible with mobile devices running Android and iOS. This provides you with a lot of options when it comes to integrating your TCL TV into a smart home ecosystem.

TCL and Roku TVs are built to work with the Android operating system. However, in addition to being compatible with Google Play, these TVs are also compatible with Apple devices such as the iPhone (iPhone 8 and later models).

Which Apps Can You Use to Control a TCL TV Without a Remote?

The simplest way to control a TCL TV without a remote is to use one of several software applications available through your smartphone or tablet. There are apps available that can function as a universal remote for your TCL TV system, whether you use an iOS or an Android system.

Below are some examples of apps that can replace your TCL TV’s remote control with wireless functionality.

  • TCL TV Remote Control
  • App for Android TV Remote Control
  • TCL TV Remote Control
  • App for Roku Remote Control
  • AnyMote
  • Google Assistant
  • TCL

One of the primary benefits of smart technology is that wireless programming allows a wide variety of universal remotes to work with a TCL TV as long as they support an Android, iOS, or Google operating system.

Your smart device’s operating system will determine which app you use to control your TCL TV. Some applications are only available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Market. In any case, an app that connects to your TCL TV via a wireless connection provides all of the functionality of a traditional remote control without the hassle of having to keep up with one.

Use the Power Button on a TCL TV

How To Turn On Or Off A TCL TV Without A Remote

You can also control your TCL television without the use of a remote by pressing the power button that is directly on the television itself. While this isn’t the most convenient way to control your TV because you’ll have to get up every time you want to change the settings, it does provide a way to control the TV if the remote is broken or goes missing.

The model determines the location of the power and menu buttons on your TCL TV. The bottom edge of the television monitor at the center of the screen is a common location for the buttons.

Get a TCL TV Remote Replacement

If you don’t want to use a wireless app or the power button to control your TCL TV, a replacement remote is an option. If you know the model number of your TCL TV, you should be able to find a replacement remote control online. There are also universal remote controls that are TCL TV compatible.

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There are different ways you can turn on or off a TCL TV without a remote, thanks to the advancements in smart technology that have been made in recent years. Using a traditional remote is already convenient, but using a smart remote through your wireless device makes it even more convenient because you are less likely to lose it.

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