How To Use Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

Before we start learning about Pinterest affiliate marketing, you have to know how Pinterest works. Pinterest is a social media network but it’s completely distinct from anything else on the web. Posts are called pins, and they are chiefly pictures and videos.

What is Pinterest and how does it work?

Before we start learning about Pinterest affiliate marketing, you have to know how Pinterest works. Pinterest is a social media network but it’s completely distinct from anything else on the web. Posts are called pins, and they are chiefly pictures and videos.

So, how is it different from Instagram? The main goal of Instagram is to share your own photos, while Pinterest is adopted to save content uploaded by other users.

You can either upload your own pin you obtained elsewhere and share it with Pinterest or browse through the large Pinterest library and pin them to your boards. Board is a group of pins.

Like any other social network, Pinterest users can like, save and share Pins with friends. The more engagement rate your pin receives; the higher rank it achieves in the search. Naturally, letting you draw traffic to your website.

Why add Pinterest to your marketing strategy?

Let’s first stop for a minute and determine whether it’s worth your time to use Pinterest affiliate marketing in the first place.

The first thing you are required to know about Pinterest is that shopping is the major goal for almost half of its users. This number is different considerably from other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In fact, Pinterest is one of the most inexpensive and powerful instruments for marketers looking to obtain traffic, convert more leads, and make brand loyalty.

Another reason to upgrade your website and affiliate offers on Pinterest is that it’s the only social media providing visual search. Pinners (Pinterest users) are particularly searching for products and brands. Being on Pinterest will let your affiliate business increase brand awareness, display the products, and most significantly, inspire.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest

Here’s an indubitable fact: the audience you’re seeking to reach is already on social media. The only question is which social media to concentrate on. If, after reading the previous paragraph, Pinterest is the place you’re attracted to, let’s deal with what Pinterest affiliate marketing really is.

You can earn money on Pinterest and acquire exposure to your affiliate website by producing beautiful photos, videos, schemas, and infographics for your affiliate offers and sharing them with others. To do so, you can either employ some of the current assets that an affiliate program offered to you or produce brand-new visual content.

Before you start affiliate marketing on Pinterest, it is necessary for you to determine your goal. Are you looking for leads who could turn into clients? Or is building a permanent relationship with your audience a priority to you?

7-step Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy

Create a Pinterest business account

The only way to use Pinterest for commercial goals such as affiliate marketing is to create a Pinterest Business profile. You can either set up a brand new account for a business or convert your private account into a business account with just two clicks.

A business profile opens new Pinterest characteristics like Analytics, Ads, and Audience insights. If you have expertise with Google Analytics or Facebook business page, these should already be familiar to you.

Keep up with the trends   

It’s your followers whose needs determine what you should promote. Follow boards with analogous products or competitor brands and encircle yourself with content that your target audience sees when they browse Pinterest.

This way, you’ll get to know your competitors and create a better content strategy. For example, you may see that lay-down product photos are popular in your market, or doodle designs are going viral once again.

Hit them with great visuals

Unlike Twitter or Clubhouse, Pinterest is a visual network. It only has pictures, videos, gifs, and infographics. So, a good way to obtain ideas for new content is to follow the general principles of design. If you are not prepared to deal with colour theory, rule of thirds, and typography, tools such as Canva and Adobe Spark will help you get good results rapidly.

Create valuable content

Instructional content is popular on Pinterest. Infographics are one of the most usual examples. The reason behind infographics’ efficiency is simple—they both look wonderful and present easily accessible information.

If you don’t know anything about graphic design but are desperately in need of an infographic, It is highly recommended that you employ a designer to make one for you.

Don’t forget about SEO

Here’re some of the most efficient practical tips to make your pins more SEO-friendly right away:

  • Complete all your profile sections.
  • Certify your website/blog in the settings’ claim section.
  • Make sure you don’t conceal your profile from search engines—go to ‘privacy and data preferences’ in settings and unselect the box.
  • Search for relevant keywords using the Pinterest search bar to see which terms are most usually utilized and add those to your pins’ title and description.
  • Arrange your pins and boards, so users and search engines can easily direct and understand the structure.

Interact with other users

As in any social media, improving your presence means that you have to boost your activities. Reply to users’ comments under your pins, look for other boards in your niche, and repin or comment on the pins you like.

Analyze and adjust

To boost your marketing endeavours, the first thing you have to do is analyze your results. Which pins and boards attract the most traffic to your website? Which pins engage with your target followers? Measuring what works and what doesn’t will direct you to make better decisions on your Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy.

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