How to Use Raid Medals in Clash of Clans

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Raid Weekends were introduced to the COC community with the Clan Capital upgrade. These are clan events that are accessible via the events page and are comparable to Clan War Leagues. With the introduction of Raid Weekends, the Clash of Clans Raid Medals entered the battlefield. Many people were left wondering how to obtain Clash of Clans Raid Medals in Clash of Clans. Check out this guide since we’ve got you covered.

How to Get Clash of Clans Raid Medals (CoC)

How to Use Raid Medals in Clash of Clans

Raid Weekends, as previously stated, are identical to Clan War Leagues. The sole distinction is that Raid Weekends awards Clash of Clans Raid Medals, but the CWL awards League Medals that may be spent in the League Shop. Clash of ClansRaid Medals may be obtained in two methods; here’s how to earn them in COC –

  • Throughout the Raid Weekend, you will get five initial assaults. When you successfully 3-star a Clan District, you will receive an extra attack. You must assault and get the greatest possible outcome in each of them since this decides how many Clash of Clans Raid Medals you receive from the Attack Log.
  • The Defense Log of the Weekend is the second way to obtain Medals. The number of successful defenses made by your Clan will be rewarded with Clash of Clans Raid Medals, which will be distributed equitably among the members.
  • The awards will be distributed only at the conclusion of the Raid Weekend. As a result, if you’re hunting for the Medals in the center, you won’t be able to acquire them.

The Leader or Co-Leader designs the Clan’s defensive layout. Therefore your effective defense may not be totally in your control.

The Medals may be used to buy resources and Magic Items at the Trader’s Shop, as well as to replenish your Clan Castle soldiers.

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Clash of Clans Raid Medals Calculation

Clash of Clans Raid Medals is awarded depending on your Clan’s attack and defense during the Raid Weekend. Each participant will receive the same number of Raid Medals.

Defensive Raid Medals are awarded based on the quantity of dwelling space destroyed by defenses. Simply destroying one soldier is enough to begin earning the bonus.

Offensive Raid Medals are awarded depending on the number of Districts destroyed by the Clan during Raid Weekends. In order to receive this bonus, your Clan must eliminate at least one enemy District. This encourages Clans to attack as well as protect during Raid Weekends.

Raid Mechanics

  • To complete a Clan Capital Raid, all districts and the Capital Peak must be destroyed.
  • Before the Capital Peak can be assaulted, all of the lower districts must be destroyed.
  • Each District is meant to take numerous attacks to demolish; a district is unlikely to be destroyed by a single strike. As a result, district damage endures between attacks:
  • Any buildings, walls, or defending soldiers that were damaged but not destroyed retain their health from the previous attack. The Siege Cart is an exception: if their cart is destroyed and they are in Last Stand mode when the combat concludes, they will not be available for the following attack.
  • Traps that have been activated in prior attacks are not re-armed for subsequent strikes.
  • Any Hidden Mega Teslas discovered after a previous assault stay visible during scouting and subsequent attacks.
  • If defending troops’ corresponding defense post is still standing at the end of a battle, they will automaticallyrespawn at that post at the start of the next battle; if the post does not exist, they will remain in the position they were in when the previous attack ended. If a ground defender dies on top of the water (as a result of an attacker’s Frost Spell), they will respawn at or near the location of their post, regardless of whether the post is destroyed or not, even if the Frost Spell lasts longer.
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Raid Log

How to Use Raid Medals in Clash of Clans

Following a Raid Weekend, the results will be accessible on the district interface through the button next to the Raid button. The interface displays the amount of Raid Medals received as well as a breakdown of the Raid Weekend in terms of Capital Gold plundered, Raids completed, districts demolished, and assaults utilized.

Other tabs in this interface include a breakdown of Clan members’ Raid Weekend performance, ranked by the amount of Capital Gold looted, as well as a description of the attacking Raids conducted.

A Raid Log is visible to all Clan members in the Clan info, under the Clan Capital tab, and details all Raid Weekends in which the Clan participated. Tapping an entry in the Raid Log brings up a summary of that Raid Weekend, including an Attack Log and Defense Log that show the Clan’s attacks and defenses in Raids.

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The Raid Medal, which was introduced with the Clan Capital update, is the primary reward from Raid Weekends. It is similar to Clan War Leagues, but the rewards are Clash of Clans Raid Medals rather than League Medals. If you liked this post, you might like to have a look at our post on best twoer defense games for Android. Do’t forget to tell us what you think about this post.

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