How You Can Secure Your Gaming Devices With ESET

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PC gamers are well aware of the importance of having a computer that operates without hiccups and keeps the system secure from threats. Although security is crucial, many gamers elect not to install security programs because they produce obtrusive pop-ups, slow down computers with arbitrary scans, and cause other problems. But you can secure your gaming devices with ESET and use the Gamer Mode feature to protect your PC and data while playing games without worrying about any annoyances.

Cybersecurity Education

How You Can Secure Your Gaming Devices With ESET

International Cybersecurity Awareness Month was in October, which serves as a reminder that we should all be doing more to ensure the security of our devices and data. On the one hand, because there are so many awesome games you can play, PC gaming is the most flexible gaming choice available. On the other hand, although you are confident that your PlayStation console can run a dedicated game flawlessly, you have to be concerned about several factors while using a PC, starting with the hardware configuration and finishing with the applications you use that may cause your system to lag.

It would be best if you secure your gaming devices with ESET to guard against malware, ransomware, spyware, and other threats. Depending on the level of protection you require and the cost of the total package, ESET has a wide range of options you may choose from. Two things are crucial when using a security solution and playing video games.

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You don’t receive obtrusive notifications while playing, which is the first positive. The last thing you want is a notice that distracts you and fills up half the screen while you’re playing a game, healing a full-on raid, taking on a boss one-on-one, or racing a car. Because of this, ESET has a function called Gamer Mode that disables alerts while you’re using full-screen mode. In essence, you won’t be disturbed when using your computer to view a movie.

The second and arguably more crucial factor is that your security solution should be portable. You want your computer to be active because games are already resource-intensive. ESET is a comprehensive security solution with the best possible security and the most negligible possible system impact. Our cutting-edge technologies use artificial intelligence to stop intrusions without impairing system performance or interfering with your machine.

Which ESET product do you require?

Thanks to its wide range of offerings, you can choose one of ESET’s services based on your demands. Any ESET solutions created by gamers will provide you with the fundamental security you need against online threats.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus EAV home screen with options—Essential Security

The ESET, Essential Security program protects users from various malware, including adware, worms, ransomware, and viruses. ESET will discover any threats that may be hiding in your files.

To secure your gaming devices with ESET, you can trust ESET as a market leader, assessing threats utilizing Advanced Machine Learning, DNA Detection, and a cloud-based reputation system.

Web page for ESET Internet Security

The ESET Internet Security program goes a step further by employing multilayered security to shield you from online and offline dangers and stop malware from spreading to other persons you come into touch with.

The program is ideal if you frequently make online payments because it will guard against exploiting your data and unwanted access to your computer. Because ESET will check your home router and connected devices for vulnerabilities, your IoT devices will also be protected if you have any smart home gadgets.

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ESET’s Premium Security Home page for Smart Security Premium ESSP with options

ESET’s Smart Security Premium is the ultimate cyber security tool. You can customize any setting on the app to meet your unique requirements. It will defend you from phishing attacks, stop con artists, and serve as a barrier against intruders.

ESET LiveGuard, a component of its premium security, finds and blocks previously unidentified threats and processes data for future detection.

A password manager is also included in Smart Security Premium, which is brilliant because we should all be using one of these. People are frequently hacked as a result of using weak or recycled passwords. We all have a lot of accounts. Therefore, it’s impossible to use a different password for each one while still remembering it. Therefore, using a password manager is the only viable option. Ideally, ESET offers one with its security solution.

Finally, Smart Security Premium can also be an excellent tool for safeguarding sensitive data. You can protect your computer and portable devices using military-grade encryption to stop the misuse of sensitive, confidential information.

These solutions will function admirably on any gaming laptop or computer, providing security while exerting a minor strain on the system’s resources. These days, you should secure any device you own, including your laptop, desktop, and smartphone. While Advanced Security and Premium Security are compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android devices, Essential Security is only accessible on Windows and macOS.   

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Making sure your gadgets are safe from dangers as you prepare for another gaming night is the right move. Keep peace of mind knowing that any of these three Eset security alternatives will provide you with complete protection and a small system footprint. After reading this article, it’s time time you read our blog on enabling game sharing on PS5.Don’t forget to share your commnts with us in the comments section below.

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