Human Hair in Dog Poop: Why it’s There And How You Stop it

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Dog owners will definitely encounter many strange things. But one of the most bizarre things that they can face as a dog owner is seeing human hair in dog poop. This is such an indescribable experience that simultaneously arouses feelings such as hatred and fear in them since they do not know why their dogs eat their hair. But the good news is that it is completely normal for dogs to eat the hair of human beings.

The different reasons that cause dogs to eat your hair

Human Hair in Dog Poop: Why it’s There And How You Stop it

Of course, it is not a good habit for dogs to eat human hair, and dog owners should try to stop this annoying and frightening action. You should keep this point in mind that this is a common problem that most dog owners experience. There are many different ways that dogs eat their owners’ hair. It is very important to know the reason and try to prevent him from eating your hair in order to get rid of annoying worries.

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1. Boredom

There are a lot of reasons which can cause dogs to eat human hair. One of the most common and typical reasons is boredom or illness. They are very much like other living creatures, including human beings, since they equally need hobbies and recreational activities. If you have no other choice but to postpone walking outside with him because of weather conditions and a busy schedule, he may eat your hair in order to catch your attention or make you entertain him. In order to overcome this boredom, it is better to take him out for an entertaining walk and even purchase him some new amusing toys. You can also take him for a slow and enjoyable drive if the weather conditions are bad.   

2. Exploration and curiosity

Like babies who want to explore and understand this seemingly strange and unfamiliar world by hearing, watching, and tasting, dogs are also curious enough to try to explore the maddening world with their mouths. Hair is also one of the strange and puzzling things for dogs, and since they do not know what to do with it, they prefer to put it in their mouth to find out what it is. It may be a confusing experience for us, but you should know it is a normal one. They gradually get accustomed to the world where they are living and put aside this exploration and curiosity. But if you want to get rid of this confusing and even vexatious experience, you can give him some tempting toys which he can chew instead of hair.    

3. Hairbrush

This is certainly one of the most confusing and incomprehensible reasons for eating hair by dogs. They think hair brush is a chew toy, and that is why they eat some of the loose hairs which are stuck to the hairbrush unintentionally. Of course, you can easily and effortlessly solve this problem. You can easily put the hairbrush somewhere he cannot find it, or you can buy him one which anyone else does not make use of it. 

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4. Pica

Human Hair in Dog Poop: Why it’s There And How You Stop it

You may not be familiar with this issue. It is mainly common among woofers which have the inclination to eat non-foods materials. It may seem strange and even unbelievable, but its abrupt occurrence can have many serious implications. Pica can occur due to gastrointestinal illness, anemia, liver illness, pancreatic illness, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and some other neurological diseases. It may not be as frightening as it seems, but it is not a good thing at all. It may also occur because of poor diet or even anxiety. The best solution is to take him to a vet as immediately as possible. You must immediately book an appointment and ask a vet to examine him and solve his problem quickly.   

5. Inapparoprite diet

Dogs are very much like babies since they do not pay attention to their diet. They may eat our fallen hair on the grass when they are in the garden. It is very important to pay close attention to their diet and the foods and other things that they eat. You should make sure that they are eating nutritious and healthy foods in order to keep them healthy and fit. You should also try to make them absorb more fiber. You must take their diet seriously.

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Human hair in dog poop may be a frightening and disgusting thing for most dog owners, but it is completely normal. It can have many different and even strange reasons which can be easily solved. This may occur due to their inappropriate diet, pica, hairbrush, or curiosity. You should first find the reason and then try to deal with it accordingly. You should know that you can get rid of this problem easily. After reading this blog, consider reading our post on dog hairball treatments. You will find it informative.    

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