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A good gaming experience involves more than just ability; it also involves convenience. Many gamers like the more ergonomic and comfortable feel of honeycomb mice, particularly during extended durations of gameplay. Although many of the finest honeycomb gaming mouse is beautiful as well, it’s not only about better usability.

A gaming mouse with a honeycomb design is distinct from a regular mouse in terms of appearance. The distinctive grip is the standout feature. They have a honeycomb structure with holes all over them. As a result of the added breathability, they should feel more at ease during prolonged grinding sessions. They do, however, offer additional advantages. These gaming mice are among the lightest on the market, weighing in at 69 or 68 grams occasionally. Some also offer additional features like RGB lights or excellent optical sensors. These comfortable, lightweight gaming mice deliver excellent performance.

The top honeycomb gaming mouse currently available on the market are listed here. These gaming mice give you terrific performance and superior ergonomics while providing the ideal balance of comfort and utility.

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Model D gaming mouse


The ergonomic, ultralightweight design of this Glorious Model D honeycomb mouse makes it perfect for gaming. The honeycomb shell of the mouse significantly reduces the weight of the animal. Although it is a honeycomb, the material used to make it is strong. The skates have a superb glide because they are made of 100% pure virgin PTFE. A premium build-quality gaming mouse featuring honeycomb technology for speed, comfort, and control.

Although the honeycomb designs are what really set this mouse apart, it also has several other fascinating features. You can adjust the DPI settings to your ideal sensitivity using the six available options. Additionally, the mouse features six buttons and macro capabilities for extensive customization. If you want a lightweight gaming mouse that you can adjust to fit your preferred playing style, this is the one.

Additionally, the cable is incredibly flexible, giving off a drag-free sensation more akin to a wireless mouse. The mouse has RGB lights as well, allowing you to coordinate its lighting with the rest of your setup. Additionally, there is a 180-Day replacement guarantee and a two-year warranty on this top honeycomb gaming mouse.

Ultralight 2

A player with a very specific mouse feel in mind was the inspiration for the FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town gaming mouse! There are several thicknesses available, with millimeter-sized increments. You receive the ideal mouse for you at this degree of control. If you want to improve your aim, having a mouse that is just the right weight and size is ideal.

The honeycomb patterns on this mouse aid in reducing its weight. The weight of this one is only 47 grams. Additionally, it is strain and sweat-resistant, so you can rest assured that even perspiring during a stressful situation won’t be harmful. The foam can be cut using a newly developed taper-cutting process so that it blends into the edges of the mouse. The grip on this honeycomb mouse is among the best you’ll find. Although it is on the more expensive end of the price spectrum, the mouse has the technology to support that.

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MM711 Cooler Master

One of the most well-known honeycomb mice, the Cool Master MM710, is followed by the Cool Master MM711. This one benefits from a few extra features. First of all, it has an elegant and functional design. It is lightweight, though. Because it weighs only 60 grams, using this mouse while playing feels quite natural. Omron switches are even used in the additional buttons here for an even higher-quality finish.

This top-tier Honeycomb gaming mouse includes RGB lighting as well. Both the scroll wheel and the logo contain that. This is helpful for gamers who prefer to match the appearance of their accessories to their entire setup. With these lights, a person’s MM710 can appear somewhat different from another’s.

However, the mouse has more than simply good looks; the ventilated honeycomb housing is well-protected with a coating that is both water- and dust-resistant. Additionally, it’s the best option for reducing wrist and palm fatigue during prolonged use. If you want a lightweight gliding mouse that performs well throughout prolonged gaming sessions, this one is ideal.

Xtrfy M4


The M4 is a great, lightest gaming mouse with a right-handed ergonomic honeycomb design. It is specially made to be lighter without sacrificing shape or feel. Professional esports players’ feedback was taken into consideration when designing the mouse. This means that both intense game sessions and short gaming sessions are ideal for it.

It performs well and has excellent build quality. This gaming mouse’s 100% PTFE skates have rounded edges and provide smooth motion. It improves ventilation beneath the palm, and the holes also keep you cozy. Its well-designed shell reduces weight while maintaining durability. Inside, premium components to improve your gaming experience surround the luminous Xtrfy logo. The RGB illumination may be adjusted, and you can choose from a variety of LED effects.

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G-wolves Skoll SKL 2020

A noteworthy mouse and one of the lightest gaming mice on this list is the G-Wolves Skoll SKL 2020. This one weighs only 50g. Getting used to something so light can take a little getting used to. However, once you do, you’ll be rewarded with a naturally fluid aim that will effectively translate your movement in-game.

But the G-Wolves Scroll is more than simply a super-light mouse. It has a 3360 Pixart optical sensor with a DPI range of up to 12,000 built-in. Although that is absurdly high, having the choice is helpful if you really want to play about with your sensitivities. A better sensor will increase your gaming accuracy. This mouse incorporates PTFE Skates that dramatically reduce drag, as well as an incredibly light paracord cable. This will make the move as smooth as possible, along with the honeycomb designs. Even more customizing options are provided by the mouse’s inclusion of certain RGB LEDs and up to five onboard memory profiles. One of the most impressive honeycomb gaming mice we’ve seen so far is this one.

Model O Wireless


One of the Glorious Model O Wireless honeycomb gaming mouse’s many remarkable qualities is its low latency. This mouse may be among the fastest ones available. It has an extremely low latency connection, resulting in quick, sharp clicks without any unforeseen double-clicking. With this mouse, you won’t be missing any split-second headsets.

You have a few alternatives for how you want to play with this finest honeycomb gaming mouse. Both a wired and wireless gaming mouse can be used with it. USC-C cable, which is ideal for speed and durability, attaches to it. Additionally, this mouse has a great battery life; you can use it for more than 70 hours of gaming without having to recharge it. The ergonomic shape of the shell minimizes weight without compromising grip or durability. Long gaming sessions will be more comfortable because of the improved airflow, and it’s easy to clean.

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A honeycomb mouse is a distinctive design that has gained popularity recently, but are they as useful as they are marketed to be? There are more than simply visual differences. Gaming mice made of honeycomb technology can be built to be as light as humanly possible. However, in addition to enhancing ventilation and airflow, the honeycomb shapes can also reduce wrist strain.

For everybody who wishes to increase their gaming performance, utilize a honeycomb mouse! These game mice come equipped with DPI sensors and other high-end components that are often found in more conventional gaming mice. They are, however, carefully constructed with comfort and weight in mind. The majority of athletes who will benefit from this fall into a select group.

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