Is The Forest cross-platform?

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The Forest is a survival-horror game created by Endnight Games, for those who are unfamiliar. With so many different parts of the island to discover, secrets to uncover, and mutants to fend against, it’s a perfectly enjoyable game to play alone. With some companions, though, your impromptu vacation on the mutant-infested island is considerably more fun.

The multiplayer option, which the developers thankfully included, allows you to confront both natural and unnatural threats. Together, you can fortify your campsite, discover the island’s hidden caverns, or be abandoned to perish in one as your friends make a hurried exit. These benefits of the co-op experience naturally lead many aspiring survivalists to question if The Forest is cross-platform.

Let me go right to the point: The Forest is not, in general, cross-platform. You should probably abandon the concept if you want to share the experience with your friends on several consoles or platforms. It’s hardly a flat-out no, though; concerns about cross-platform compatibility rarely have a clear-cut response, and The Forest is no exception. Now let’s look at the details.

Cross-platform compatibility with The Forest

Is the Forest cross-platform?

The answer is dependent on the platform and what exactly you mean by cross-platform, as is the case with most cross-platform queries. Although many people have a tendency to think of cross-platform compatibility as unrestricted connections between various devices, that isn’t typically the case. For instance, some games allow you to play the same game on many platform generations thanks to cross-generation support. Others choose cross-progression instead, which enables you to continue where you left off regardless of the console you’re using.

Now, not everyone is conversant with these uncommon phrases. If that describes you, don’t worry; I’ll quickly recap to get you up to speed. If not, feel free to go on to the section that discusses which devices The Forest is compatible with.

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Can you define the Forest cross-platform?

Cross-platform is broken down into three distinct phrases, each of which refers to a specific aspect of broader cross-platform capacity. Cross-generation compatibility is the first concept we’ll discuss. These are games that can be played on consoles from various generations. Consider the Call of Duty video game franchise. On either the Xbox One or the Xbox 360, the majority of the older titles can be played.

Cross-progression is the second expression. This one is about games that let you carry over your saves across many platforms, usually connecting your progress to an account. The best example of this is MMOs, which maintain your character and your gear between platforms.

Cross-play, the third and final phrase, is the basic concept that most people have in mind. This is a reference to games that let you team up with PlayStation friends while playing Xbox. When someone inquires “is The Forest cross-platform,” it seems to reason that this is the most crucial factor. Let’s respond to this query in full now.

The Forest is cross-platform, right?

Cross-platform compatibility varies from device to device, as I’ve already explained. It makes sense to consider each one independently as a result. It is unavoidably a hassle, but that is how cross-platform development works.

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Does Xbox has the forest cross-platform?

It’s simple to respond to this query, though probably not satisfactorily. Simply put, The Forest is not accessible on any Xbox platform, including Xbox One. They aren’t coming with you to the island if your friends are playing Xbox.

Does playStaion have the forest cross-platform?

The Forest is cross-generational even though it is not cross-platform with other Playstation devices. The Forest on PlayStation 5 allows you and your friends to collaborate with other survivors on PlayStation 4. The Forest on Playstation has no other cross-platform features than this.

Do Nintendo consoles support the forest cross-platform?

The Forest is regretfully not available on any Nintendo platforms, same to how it is not cross-platform on Xbox. Your one-way trip to The Forest’s island will need to be postponed indefinitely if you don’t attempt a different console.

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Can I play the forest on a PC?

Can I play the forest on a PC?

Although The Forest is playable on PC, it is not cross-platform. Since it’s only accessible on Steam, you won’t be able to communicate with anyone on a Playstation, but if your pals have a PC copy, you can absolutely survive together. Also bear in mind that there is no cross-progression compatibility if you decide to switch from Playstation to PC. This implies that you’ll have to begin The Forest’s gameplay from scratch.


The Forest is not likely to be released on other platforms or receive any extra cross-platform functionality. Sons of the Forest, a follow-up to The Forest, has been created by Endnight Games. We don’t yet know if this game will be able to play on several platforms; all we know is that it will be launched first on the PC. Releases for consoles are probably going to come after, although none have been announced as of yet. I’ll be creating a guide on Sons of the Forest’s cross-platform compatibility once it launches, among other things. Check out everything we currently know about Sons of the Forest in the interim. Get your cross-platform questions answered by reading some other guides on the subject, like this one on Remnant: From the Ashes. After reading this article, you might also like to read our blog on top Xbox one war games in 2023. You’ll find it highly tempting.

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