Jaafar Jackson is playing Michael Jackson in the King of Pop Biopic.

Some days ago, a piece of very thrilling news was published on the internet, and of course, it went viral after hours, and the announcement was made public. Jaafar Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew, is about to play The Great Michael Jackson’s role in ‘King of Pop’ in a Biopic. The movie is sponsored by Lionsgate and directed by the American filmmaker Antoine Fuqua.

Who is Jaafar Jackson?

Who is Jaafar Jackson?

Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson was born on July 25th, 1996. His father, Jermaine Jackson, born on December 11th, 1954, is an American songwriter. Of course, the source of Jermain’s fame comes from being a part of the Jackson family, but another source of fame was created for the father, his son!

Jaafar Jackson, like his father and great uncle, is a songwriter and talented singer. Jaafar always dreamed of becoming a professional golfer. Still, after spending his entire life in Encino, California, with a family of well-known performers, it was only fitting that he ended up doing the same.

Jaafar naturally has an incredibly bizarre and remarkable taste in music, considering the Jackson family is arguably the most influential in music. Jaafar plays a wide range of music, from Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye to Nat Cole and Johnny Mathis, in addition to listening to film scores.

Jaafar Jackson started playing the piano at the young age of 12. Since then, he has honed various skills, acquired a plethora of musical knowledge, and improved his artistic abilities.

Being artistically inclined, Jaafar Jackson also enjoys traveling and painting and has a strong passion for fashion. His favorite international destinations are Austria and Hong Kong. Jackson claims that the businesses, the liveliness, and the landscape make these destinations unique to him.

Jaafar’s timeless tenor voice, seductive attitude, and magnetic Pop and R&B vibe are sure to lead him to impact people of all demographics. He has dreams of visiting Paris and working with renowned producer Rick Rubin. He wants to be known as a musician who tells tales and inspires listeners to be authentic.

About the Michael Jackson Biopic movie rolled by Jaafar Jackson

The film “Michael” is anticipated to portray the complex legacy of the man who rose to fame as the King of Pop. The film will examine every facet of his life, including “his most memorable performances that drove him to become the greatest entertainer of all time,” the company claims.

The Michael Jackson estate is collaborating with the movie, which might impact how “Michael” portrays the numerous accusations of child sexual abuse that were made against Jackson both during his career and after his passing. Jackson has refuted the claims of sexually abusing children, and in 2003, a court ruled him not guilty of the charge. Jackson always maintained his innocence and passed away in 2009 at 50, but the allegations still tarnish his reputation.

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