Lady Gaga is being sued by a dog theft suspect who wants a $500,000 reward.

After being detained concerning the theft of Lady Gaga’s dogs, Jennifer McBride sued the “Applause” diva for the $500,000 offered to anyone who brought the dogs back.

Lady Gaga is being sued by a dog theft suspect who wants a $500,000 reward.

A lady accused of aiding in the theft of Lady Gaga’s dogs is attempting to collect the prize money given in exchange for their safe return.

According to court documents obtained by E! News, Jennifer McBride, one of five people detained in connection with the 2021 armed dognapping of French bulldogs Koji and Gustav, sued the “Bad Romance” singer on February 24 and demanded $500,000, the amount of the reward money the star had promised anyone who safely returned her dogs.

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The papers state that McBride got in touch with Gaga following the incident and brought the dogs to the Olympic Community Police Station of the Los Angeles Police Department. According to the complaint, McBride claims that the performer violated the agreement by “refusing” to pay her.

According to the papers, McBride thinks Gaga made the $500,000 prize payment pledge “to defraud and induce public members,” including herself, “to depend upon it and to act upon a promise by finding and delivering” the bulldogs.

McBride claims pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life in her lawsuit against Gaga for compensatory damages of $500,000.

A representative for Lady Gaga was contacted by E! News but did not respond.

Ryan Fischer, Gaga’s dog walker, was giving exerciese to the singer’s three French bulldogs in February 2021 when, according to authorities, two canines were taken. During the altercation, Fischer was shot and hurt, and the third canine ran away before being found by authorities.

Five individuals were detained in connection with the event in April of the following year, including McBride, who was accused of being an accomplice after the fact. According to the Los Angeles Times, she was given two years of probation in 2022 after entering a not-guilty plea to one count of receiving stolen goods.

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Citing court records, the source reported that McBride’s accomplice charge was dropped as part of a plea bargain. James Howard Jackson, another one of the five defendants, entered a no-contest plea to one count of attempted murder in connection with the killing and was given a 21-year prison term.


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