Move-To-Earn: 6 Games That Pay You Crypto For Working Out

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We sometimes overlook the fact that a healthy body is essential to a happy mind, and Move-To-Earn applications somehow provide us with the motivation to go for a walk or start working out regularly. This is why many producers are placing their bets on a brand-new, more naturalistic approach to cryptocurrency income, known as walk-to-earn. We’ve done our research and developed a few web3 apps that allow users to earn money while out and about. These projects all have the goal of making money with each action you do.

Keep in mind that all of these Move-To-Earn games and apps are somewhat recent. Long-term success won’t be possible for the majority of them; nevertheless, some will succeed. We make no promises of any kind. You alone are accountable for how you use these applications and for your own reasons.

No matter what you do, like going to the gym or taking a stroll, Move-To-Earn Apps will pay you in cryptocurrency. While some of them need Smart Watches to work correctly, others utilize your smartphone to identify steps.

But before anything, here are some definitions that you have to keep in mind to understand everything better:

Fit-Fi: “A combination of the words fitness and finance” that encourage exercising to gain financial benefits.

SLEEP-Fi: “A combination of the words Sleep and finance” that encourage proper sleeping to gain financial benefits.

GAME-Fi:  “A combination of the words gaming and finance” that encourage participation in Meta gyms gamification features and play to earn, to gain financial benefits.

METAGYM COIN ($SMGC):  The Meta gym cryptocurrency token on the Polygon Blockchain.

Move-to-earn crypto games and their currencies

Move-To-Earn: 6 Games That Pay You Crypto for Working Out

While each game’s gameplay will vary slightly, most games include collecting Move-To-Earn cryptocurrencies by accomplishing in-game objectives like performing a workout, going on a stroll, or winning a race. The top eight games for earning money are shown below.

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1. MetaGym ($MGCN)

The first Move-To-Earn gym in the Metaverse is MetaGym! It includes a related smartwatch app, a smartphone app, and its polygon-based cryptocurrency ($MGCN). Additionally, it has tools for Game-fi, Fit-fi, and Sleep-fi.

Users of MetaGym have access to NFT Metaverse avatars known as MetaGym Buddies, which they may use to track their health habits, log their cardio activity, and complete fitness challenges to earn MetaGym Coin ($MGCN). The coin may be spent to level up and create fresh NFT gear, upgrades, or power-ups.

You can use MetaGym to earn bitcoin after completing certain challenges. These can include obtaining enough sleep, strength and resistance training, and cardiorespiratory exercise. By finishing all of your modalities, you may make up to 100 $MGCN a day. Even better, you can sell characters straight from the app or lease your image to make money off of other people’s workout efforts.

To support the growth and success of each person’s fitness journey, MetaGym has developed a profitable Move-To-Earn NFT opportunity. This opportunity integrates exercise, health, and community engagement.


The Web 3 Lifestyle app and Move-To-Earn NFT game STEPN offer prizes for finishing workouts. By walking, running, biking, and other activities, you may gain GMT tokens. You may earn more GMT by moving around more.

Your GMT tokens may be used to buy upgrades as well as new avatars in-game. You can also use the obtained GMT tokens to trade them on exchanges or invest in other cryptocurrencies or to . STEPN is a well-known fantastic Move-To-Earn game for anyone wishing to get started with cryptocurrencies because of its user-friendly UI and fantastic payouts.

3. Dotmoovs (MOOV)

Dotmoovs is a Move-To-Earn NFT game that allows you to gather MOOV tokens by exercising. It is also possible to conduct workouts in real-world settings and get rewards thanks to its Augmented Reality (AR) function.

Dotmoovs tracks your accomplishments and awards using “Moov points.” For the time being, you can play freestyle football and dance, but there is more features to come in near future. The points you accumulate may be used to buy in-game things like avatars or enhancements. Additionally, you may use them to compete in contests and climb leaderboards to win rewards.

You are also referred by AI in this AI-driven software, so everything is watched, and fraud detection techniques are used. For those who want to become fit and have fun at the same time, this is yet another fantastic Move-To-Earn game.

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4. Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

In the application Sweatcoin, you are paid for jogging and walking. You will get SWEAT for every 1,000 steps you take. Then you can use your SWEAT to purchase items such as gadgets, workout equipment, and gift cards from the Sweatcoin marketplace. Sweatcoin users traded products and services worth 70 million dollars in the first quarter of 2022 alone. You may invest in cryptocurrencies or other assets with your SWEAT. For instance, you may buy tokens from the well-known blockchain business Ripple. Sweatcoin is a fantastic Move-To-Earn game for anybody trying to keep healthy and get paid for it.

5. OliveX (DOSE)

OliveX is a Move-To-Earn software that rewards you with DOSE for daily walking. This program counts and gives you DOSE tokens in return. Then you can change your DOSE for benefits such as gift cards, merchandise, or a donation to a good cause. To earn rewards, you may also take part in competitions and leaderboards. those who wish to get healthy and be rewarded for it should definately check out OliveX. Just use this app to move on through the stages to get access to new challenges and activities. Additionally, you may purchase in-game stuff with your DOSE, such as new outfits for your avatar or advancements.

6. Digital Fitness (DEFIT)

Another Move-To-Earn app available for iOS and Android is Digital Fitness. DEFIT attracted 3,000 users in Q2 2022 and plans to reach 10,000 by QE. The app is also compatible with the majority of smartwatch manufacturers. Running, swimming, and other sports are among the activities DEFI promises to award users. NFTs will be released by Digital Fitness by Q3 2022, and some of them will be airdropped to the app’s devoted users. One benefit of DEFIT is that you don’t have to own any NFTs, even if they will increase your revenue.

One of the newest applications on this list appears to be DEFIT. Although it’s still too early to judge, it doesn’t seem to have the same level of popularity as the other initiatives. You don’t need NFTs to participate, which is a positive development. They claim to collaborate with talented artists from well-known businesses, something that will be revealed any time now.

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You will hear about Move-To-Earn games and applications more frequently as their popularity grows. I want to warn you once more to be careful where you invest your money since not every app will be worthwhile. Sweatcoin is my personal favorite because it doesn’t require any initial outlay of funds, and the token hasn’t yet been published, giving you (in a sense) an early adoption edge.

Do your arithmetic, do your research, and double-check the facts before buying any “sneaker NFT” or whatever they sell. At the end of the day, keep in mind that these programs depend on user growth and that, ultimately, the token price will start declining.

With the growth of move-to-earn- games, individuals are wondering whether they should go for such apps or not. Some believe that these apps will contribute a lot to people’s health, while others assume that they are just another trap set for those who seek easy ways of earning good money. Although move-to-earn-x games have the same basic idea, walk around and earn money, they differ in the amount of money one can earn and how it can be spent. I took my time and did some research on the most popular games that pay you Crypto for walking around. You can find it here and make your decision regarding which game to choose.

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