NFL Clash Guide: A Few Tips To Plunge Into The End Zone

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Nifty Games’ first significant game, NFL Clash, focuses on mobile sports games. They have agreements with practically every professional sports league in North America, including the NBA. The game is similar to Clash Royale; however, the knights, archers, and other characters are replaced with NFL players, and the arena is a football stadium. The cover image shows numerous NFL players, including quarterbacks Kyler Murray and Josh Allen. You unlock cards and assemble teams before putting them on the field and seeing how things play out. Although it is similar to Royale, it incorporates several NFL components that players must remember. Here are some tips to assist you in preparing for your moves between the chalk lines.

Make use of your wide receivers

NFL Clash Guide

In NFL Clash, this is an “if” situation, but if you own some good WR cards in your inventory, use them. You might feel more confident throwing long passes against your opponents, and good wideouts can make it simpler to execute them. This does not imply that you must always go deep, but a skilled receiver may make a significant difference while playing. If your opponents lack strong cornerbacks or safeties, you have a chance to exploit the position.

Fortunately, in the NFL, you get four chances to gain a First Down (in NFL Clash, you must score, so it’s a little different). So, if you want, you may go deep on a few of the plays and then change it up. The decision is yours, but keep in mind the potential of a great wide receiver.

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Use an extra offensive lineman if possible

If you have a good offensive lineman card, make use of it whenever possible on the offensive side of the ball. Just keep in mind that cards, as in Clash Royale, consume energy, so you may have to wait for a play depending on how powerful the card is.

An additional O-lineman is useful on run plays, but it may also help on throw plays. Each player has a specialization, so if you’re going with running plays and have a “Run Blocker” card, try using it to help your running backs open up holes.

This, like anything else, does not guarantee success, but it is a nice little blanket to keep you warm while running plays. A successful offense, much like in the real NFL, begins with a solid offensive line, so if you catch some quality O-line cards, feel free to give out a little fist pump as you construct your offensive empire.

Defend the pass

In NFL Clash, playing defense is a little more difficult. It’s entirely up to you how you tackle it, but one excellent strategy is to defend the pass, even on run plays. This is because there will be a few players in the backfield who may prevent a talented runner from breaking through.

If you use blitzes, you risk losing the ball if your offensive line can’t bring the player down or if your opponent decides to pass. If the other player is trying a pass, your defense may be exposed out there. In other football games, you’ll always have someone back, even on blitz plays, but not in NFL Clash.

Having additional coverage on the field might be useful. It’s much better if you have at least one extremely good cornerback or safety card. But don’t be afraid to blitz if it feels right for the situation.

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Disguise your plays and make good use of kick-offs

NFL Clash Guide

It’s fairly apparent what you’re going to do if you just dump a wide receiver and a quarterback onto the field, and it’s also pretty straightforward for your opponent to react. Use your energy to switch up your appearances with different cards, forcing your opponent to predict whether you’ll pass or run.

It’s a good idea to return kick-off returns sometimes. You can get great field position and a much better chance of scoring a touchdown if you play smart. When kicking, it’s a good idea to bring in extra defenders to make it more difficult for the opposing player to advance the ball. Special teams win games.

Play the challenges

If you’re already set, use the haste option at the bottom right of the screen to rush to the line and start your play as soon as possible. It’s an excellent strategy to prevent your opponent from gaining time to cover all of your players. When you use the hurry-up option properly, you may make big plays that can change the course of a game.

Don’t only focus on the PvP mode; you may also win extra prizes by completing the single-player tasks. They can be tough at times, but they vary often and are a wonderful way to meet very powerful individuals that can offer you an advantage in multiplayer scrimmages.

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NFL Clash is a card-based PvP football game. Its genre combination can be a little challenging if you’re not sure what you’re doing, and there are layers to the experience that you’ll need to understand if you want to get the most out of it. That is why we have created this tutorial. It consists of all of the strategies we’ve learned while playing the game. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to reach the endzone like the GOAT. It doesn’t matter if this is your first season or if you’re a seasoned veteran – there will be something here to assist you.

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