Open Plan Kitchen Ideas: 10 Ways To Create The Ideal Space

Devote time to considering how people will circulate through the open plan kitchen. Movement space between areas requires to be unobstructed by furniture and it’s also essential for safety reasons that people aren’t going to pass through the work zone of the kitchen to move from one part to another.

Select the suitable open plan kitchen design and layout

Devote time to considering how people will circulate through the open plan kitchen. Movement space between areas requires to be unobstructed by furniture and it’s also essential for safety reasons that people aren’t going to pass through the work zone of the kitchen to move from one part to another.

Is the distance between the kitchen area and seating area far enough? Watching TV or discussing may be difficult against the background noise of pans and worktop appliances, so consider the distance between these zones.

Consider also whether you would like appliances such as a washing machine and dryers to be part of the kitchen.

Select a simple kitchen design in an open plan space

When you examine your open plan space, you like it to possess a flow and be cohesive. This living zone operates well as the kitchen is very polished and simple. They usually create a balance between the dark grey sofa and armchair in the living room, and the rug and cushions detach the mid-gray and pale pinks from the kitchen and dining space. The turmeric cushion, throw, and rug are the supplementary colours that make the living space detached from the rest.

Divide your open plan kitchen, diner, and living space

An open plan, live-in kitchen diner requires to possess defined zones – seating, dining, cooking – even if they’re open to one another, so begin by scheduling which area the kitchen will seize.

Although not necessary, situating the kitchen by an external wall is comfortable for both wastewater and ducting for an extractor fan, and is more cost-efficient. An external wall is also practical in the kitchen area for situating base and wall units against kitchen appliances.

Make a broken-plan layout

Seemingly, ‘broken-plan’ living is the new ‘open plan’ living. It’s about making disparate areas within an open plan layout with various floor finishes, split-level flooring, and divisions like half-walls, bookcases, glazed doors, or screens.

What’s the profit of broken-plan kitchens, diners, and living spaces? Visually, you can hold a capacious, shiny, sociable feel for your room, but also produce a specific sense of segregation between the different areas.

Make a floorplan for the kitchen

As soon as you understand in which area of an open plan region the kitchen is to be situated, it’s time to schedule the kitchen itself. For this, the kitchen designer or architect can create scale drawings, or you can make your own utilizing graph paper.

A scale drawing can help you to concentrate on what the space provides in terms of walls against which you can put base and wall units and appliances. You can write the location of windows and any external doors that lead from the kitchen area, too.

Select the best kitchen layout

When it is the time of locating the layout of an open plan space, there are many choices available to you. These include:

  • Galley kitchens: This layout can perform efficiently in an open plan space, increasing the use of an exterior wall for the sink, base and wall units, and appliances.
  • L-shaped kitchens: Utilizing the corner of an open plan floorplan can increase space as well kitchen storage potential. L-shapes can also be blended with an island.
  • U-shaped kitchens: This is another choice available if maximum segregation without losing the open layout is needed.

Determine what to incorporate the kitchen

Assemble a list of all the necessary elements of the new kitchen to be incorporated into the design. Now’s the time to examine that all that’s needed will fit into the area.

Select an open plan kitchen style

Once you’ve determined the elements your open plan kitchen should have, consider the style of cabinetry and the materials both units and worktop are made from.

Choose the right colour for your open plan kitchen

Selecting the right colour for cabinetry can contribute to recognizing the kitchen as an area within the open plan layout, so don’t be worried to select stand-out colours like blue or green for units.

This can be redone in accessories or soft furnishings in other areas to produce a fine connection across the open plan space.

Take into account small details

You’ll desire to bear the following design tips and points in mind if you’re wondering about how to create an open plan kitchen, as it’s these slight details that will make a nice kitchen distinct from the kitchen of your dreams.

  1. Consider the style of extractor you select if you’re locating a hob on an island. An island hood may settle the views across the room. Would a ceiling extractor be a better choice?
  2. A breakfast bar or peninsula with a raised side can give an efficient screen between a seating or dining zone and the kitchen so the leftovers of food preparation aren’t visible.
  3. Consider the noise levels of appliances when you’re purchasing. Even if it’s in a utility room, a louder washing machine might be heard, and a dishwasher could be obtrusive, too, if it’s not created to be quiet.


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