Palworld: The Survival Game That Pushes You to Your Limits

Have you ever thought of mixing Pokémon with Fortnite, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Final Fantasy? Well, if not, then Palworld is certainly going to exceed your expectations. Survival games are always fun to play, especially if they have got something extra to offer that is unique in its own way compared to other survival games. That is exactly what Palworld aims to offer in its vast universe, where players can gather in a multiplayer open world to craft items, befriend other players and collect unknown and mysterious creatures called “Pal.”

It is a nice change of pace to see that a developer tries to mix the best-selling elements of several globally successful videogame franchises to make a single unique videogame. Palworld is currently in development, and it will take some time before we get to see how everything turns out and if the game actually makes the big bucks the developers are hoping for. Developed by Pocketpair, Palworld promises a lot as both a sandbox and a survival game.

But how promising is Pocketpair’s work of art? How are things going for this rather bizarre and intriguing open-world survival game? What is this game really about? Read on as we provide further details about Palworld, its gameplay mechanics, and its unique features as the survival game that pushes you to your limits.

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What is Palworld?

What is Palworld?

We did get to mention a thing or two about the game prior to this section, but now we are going to delve deeper into the details that have been released over the past few months. Some of you might still struggle with grasping the main catch of the game. So, let us have a good look at the video game and see what it is in the first place. Palworld is a survival game that is all about keeping a slow pace in living with little-known creatures called “pals,” who suspiciously look familiar if you know what I mean.

It could also be a game where you rush head-on into dangerous and life-threatening battles with poachers if you feel like it. Just like a certain globally successful videogame franchise, you can make pals fight or breed while also being able to have them work on farms or in factories. Just like a well-trained animal, you can sell your “Pal” off in order to make good money if you wish so.

To survive, or not to survive, that is the question.

Do not be fooled by the squishy and cute looks of your pals, as the world that you are going to be thrown into is full of dangers and difficulties. You could face food shortages, harsh weather conditions, and illegal Pal poachers who would not think twice before attacking you. Survival is of utmost importance in this game, and you might even have to consume Pals in order to survive from time to time, a difficult choice that any of us might have to make throughout the game. Considering how cute these little creatures are, doing so will certainly leave a mark behind in our memories.

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To survive, or not to survive, that is the question.

Not many games used to offer verticality back in the day, as even 3D games were stuck in a 2D-esque horizontal line, leaving the player with no choice but to go forward, back, left, or right. Nowadays, however, we see games letting players explore in any direction they see fit, giving them the ability to venture upwards or downwards as well by utilizing the verticality of the game. While some videogames still suffer from insufficient verticality, Palworld seems to offer enough verticality by letting the player fly, swim or dig holes in order to explore various areas found on land, sea, or in the sky.

Build and live

Building various kinds of buildings is only a few steps away in Palworld, as you can order your Pals to work on the construction site without having to worry about any real-world labor laws or without having to feel sorry for the poor workers. Pals are there to serve you, and you can exploit this feature to quickly build your own empire. Some Pals are even more useful than others as they offer unique and quite useful services. Some could certainly make life in Palworld more comfortable by offering or generating valuable resources such as fire, power, and minerals. Others could also help you water and sow your farms and even harvest your crops. Pals could also be assigned a job at factories, where they take on the responsibility of manual labor in a world of automation and work as long as they are well-fed and safe.

Dungeon Exploration

Dungeon Exploration

Having created a suitable and stable base for yourself and your Pals, you can choose several Pals to go on an adventure with. This is an adventure survival game, after all, in which you can explore dungeons and earn great loot while your Pals cover your escape. Even though some of the released footage reminds us of games such as Fortnite, we tend to see the glass half full as we believe it could help Palworld attract more attention than it could without such features.

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Palworld is an open-world multiplayer survival game in which you go on to befriend and collect mysterious creatures called “Pal,” “whom you can assign to several duties at your base, fight or breed them and even use them as a fine food source if need be. This game is definitely an odd but welcome mixture of several elements that we have already seen in other successful franchises. However, we have never seen all of the elements come together in order to make such a unique atmosphere. We will have to wait and see how things pan out for Palworld once it releases. But we hope to see a fun and quite addictive game if everything goes as planned. If you liked this post, you may also want to read our blog on top 15 street fighter characters. You will find it highly informative.

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