Protect Yourself: The Top 5 Most Malware-Infected Games of 2023

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‍Malware is a type of malicious software that is designed to damage, disrupt, or gain access to a computer or mobile device without the user’s knowledge or consent. With the advent of technology, the chances of getting infected with malware have increased significantly. This article will provide an overview of the most malware-infected games of 2023, and how to protect yourself from them.

Introduction to malware-infected games

Introduction to malware-infected games

Video games are a popular form of entertainment, and they have become increasingly popular over the years. However, with the rise of online gaming, more and more malicious software has been developed to target players. Malware-infected games are a major problem in the gaming industry, and can cause irreparable damage to your device.

Malware-infected games can be found on online game stores, websites, and even in-game ads. It is important to be aware of the risks associated with these games, and take the necessary steps to protect yourself from them.

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How it affects your device

Malware-infected games can be incredibly dangerous for your device. They can not only compromise the security of your device but also your personal data and the data of the companies or websites that you are using.

Malware can be used to steal your passwords and other sensitive information, or even to take control of your device and damage it. In some cases, the malware may be used to spread itself to other devices, creating a wider problem.

It is important to be aware of the dangers of malware-infected games, and to make sure that you are only downloading games from reputable sources. Even then, it is always recommended to use anti-malware software to ensure that your device is secure. Malware can be installed on your device through malicious websites, links, or downloads. It can have a variety of effects, ranging from minor annoyances such as pop-up ads, to serious issues such as stealing personal data and passwords. It can also slow down your device, cause crashes, and even render it unusable.

The five most malware-infected games of 2023

The following five games are the most malware-infected games of 2023, and should be avoided in order to keep your device safe:

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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, quickly followed by the online version of the game. Rockstar, the company behind GTA, is taking an extremely long time to develop and launch GTA 6, so much so that it has been almost a decade! They recently confirmed that they are indeed working on the next game.

Unfortunately, due to its immense popularity, AtlasVPN found that as many as 14,261 users of GTA V have been infected with malware. Those playing on desktop PCs are especially vulnerable, with the Cracknosh malware, which affects Sims 4 players, and the BloodyStealer malware, which affects Fortnite players, both being found in the game.

Apart from the five games mentioned, gamers must take precautions when playing other games as well since malicious actors often target them too.

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Malware-Infected Games of 2023

It is no surprise that Fortnite has become a major target for hackers due to its immense popularity. Scammers used malware disguised as a cheating tool to steal data from Fortnite users. The virus was installed on approximately 1,200 computers, which allowed the hackers to access browsing history, game libraries and cryptocurrency wallets. According to Atlas VPN, 14,702 Fortnite players have been hit by this malicious code. Kaspersky recently reported that a new trojan, known as BloodyStealer, is targeting Fortnite players and stealing gaming library information, which is then sold on the internet.

Call of Duty(Modern Warfare)

Call of Duty(Modern Warfare) is infected

An ongoing malicious campaign is targeting Call of Duty: Warzone gamers. The cyber threat has been disguised as a Warzone cheat and is being spread through gaming discussion boards. The campaign has been active for more than one year and the associated online tutorials and instruction videos have been viewed tens of thousands of times. To stay secure, users should install a reliable antivirus software and/or refrain from cheating.

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malware embedded in Minecraft downloads

Minecraft has been a major success since its launch in 2011, particularly among children. This open-world sandbox game has been released on PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

Atlas VPN revealed that in the period from July 2020 to July 2021, 184,887 desktop computers were affected by malware embedded in Minecraft downloads, with up to 50,664 people suffering the consequences. As a result, this game is the most infected by malicious software in the past year.

It is worth noting that these issues do not occur with authentic versions of Minecraft purchased from legitimate online or physical stores. Due to its fame, Minecraft is often modified by users, and people can download content created by fans.

Since modifications are not officially sanctioned and are mostly unregulated, they may include unwelcome and even dangerous software.

League of Legends

League of Legends, a  malware-infected game

League of Legends is another malware-infected game of the past year, according to a report by security software provider Trend Micro. They discovered a malicious software campaign that included a dropper and a cleaner file, targeting mostly Asian users and specifically those based in Taiwan. The malware posed a real threat to users’ online security, as it could be downloaded through downloads such as mods for the game.

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How to protect yourself from malware-infected games

It’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with playing malware-infected games. To keep yourself safe, use the following tips: 

  • Only download games from verified sources: Make sure you are purchasing and downloading your games from reputable sources, such as the official App Store or Google Play Store. 
  • Beware of free downloads: Be cautious when downloading free games, since they may contain malicious software or viruses. 
  • Take time to research a game before downloading: Take some time to read reviews about the game and do some research on the developer. 
  • Keep your OS and antivirus up-to-date: Make sure your operating system (OS) is up-to-date and you have a reliable antivirus installed in your device. 
  • Use a secure VPN: Connect to a virtual private network (VPN) when playing online games to protect your data and your identity.
  • Do not download any software that requires you to provide personal information.
  • Do not click on suspicious links or download unknown files.
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Malware-infected games are a major problem in the gaming industry, and can cause irreparable damage to your device. It is important to be aware of the risks associated with these games, and take the necessary steps to protect yourself from them. By following the tips in this article, you can protect yourself from the most malware-infected games of 2023 and keep your device safe.

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