Raw Dog Food Diet For Pitbulls and Bullys

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Nowadays, more and more dog owners are exploring new food options for their canine friends. Pitbull raw dietis known to be a controversial topic that has many advocates and skeptics among pet owners. Many believe it’s much more beneficial than conventional dog foods, while others think it might be dangerous. But is Pitbull raw dietactually suitable for your dog? We discuss this matter in the following article.

What’s the difference between raw food and kibble/canned food?

Raw Dog Food Diet for Pitbulls and Bullys

The whole idea for Pitbull raw diet is about feeding your dog a food that hasn’t been heated and lost its beneficial ingredients. It also doesn’t contain preservatives and other substances that might be dangerous for your dog. Unlike kibble/canned food, raw food contains all the essential nutrients since it’s not affected by high temperatures.

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What are the pros of Pitbull diet?

As mentioned before, raw dog food contains many nutrients which can be beneficial. However, it usually has more lipids than Kibble. This means Pitbull raw diet has more fats in it, and feeding it to your dog might lead to obesity. However, it’s easier to keep track of your dog’s food since you can prepare it yourself. In order to prevent health problems caused by obesity, you can manage your dog’s weight and keep it under control.

Raw dog food has no artificial additives, colors, or flavors. Also, it has no filter, such as cornstarch and flour. These help your dog digest food easier and improves its health condition. Also, dogs that feed on raw dog food usually form stronger muscles and bones.

Moreover, there are reports that show dogs will have shinier coats after they have been fed raw dog food for some time. Also, some reports suggest that Pitbull raw diet can help dogs to fight cancer. According to these reports, this type of food can increase immunity against some other medical conditions as well. Note that this might not be accurate for all Pitbulls. Besides, Pitbulls raw diet contains raw fibers, which can result in better bowel movements and, therefore, smaller and firmer stools.

There are other effects that can be observed after feeding raw food to your dog. For instance, they will be much more energetic due to the additional calories and carbohydrates. Also, chewing bones more and more helps remove plaque and tartar in your dog’s teeth. This effect applies to most  Pitbulls; they can benefit from chewing bones the most. Also, note that this might not be accurate for small breeds.

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What are the cons of Pitbull raw diet?

The larger pieces of bone in Pitbull raw diet might cause trouble for the dog to eat them easily. Also, there are reports showing signs of gastrointestinal infections, inflammations, diarrhea, and bowel constructions in dogs after consuming raw dog food. Raw dog food might trigger other health problems as well.

This type of food can be made at home, which makes it suitable for some dog owners. There are frozen raw dog foods available, as well. However, preparing meals for Pitbull raw diet could be very time-consuming, and frozen ones are relatively more expensive compared to the typical dog food in the market. The best substitute in this situation could be Kibble since it does not require much effort or money.

Is raw dog food suitable for my pitbull?

Is raw dog food suitable for my pitbull?

Although Pitbull raw diet offers many benefits, which were mentioned before, you must take your dog’s conditions into consideration. This can help you decide whether or not you want to shift your dog’s diet to raw food. Here, we mention some of the conditions that you should consider before switching.

Some experts believe that raw food shouldn’t be fed to Pitbulls which are under the age of two. In this condition, we recommend you maintain a constant diet for them, including Kibble or canned food. You should also watch your dog’s diet if they are diagnosed with cancer or other such diseases. In these cases, dogs are more susceptible to bacteria, and you shouldn’t feed them raw material. The other group is dogs with sensitive stomachs. If your pitbull has problems digesting new food, we suggest that you add probiotics to the food you make at home.

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What is experts’ recommendation for pitbull raw diet?

The common idea among experts about raw food for dogs is that they harm more than they benefit. Many experts believe that feeding raw food to your pitbull can cause severe health problems that we mentioned before. They agree on the fact that raw food can contain harmful pathogens, whereas many of these microbes are removed when you cook the food.

Instead, experts recommend that you feed your dog a balanced healthy diet consisting of meat, fruit, and vegetables. However, a raw diet is particularly helpful for some dogs that have certain diseases. These dogs include the ones that have diabetes or allergies to other foods. On these conditions only, we suggest you consider switching to raw food for your dog.

What exactly should I feed my pitbull in a raw diet?

Some of the items that are listed in a pitbull are the diets mentioned below.

  • Raw meaty bones: the main part of the diet
  • Raw organ meat: 10% of the diet
  • Raw muscle meat: small amounts (16-20 oz a week)
  • Raw fish
  • Raw eggs: 3-4 times a week
  • Vegetables and fruit: optional
  • Supplements: optional


In this article, we provided you with valid information on Pitbull raw diet. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of this idea and the effects it has on your dog. As mentioned before, you cannot decide on this switch without the advice and supervision of a veterinarian. Therefore, if you imagine shifting to raw food would be beneficial for your dog, be sure to confirm your decision by consulting with a vet. Also, remember to read our blog on best bone broths for dogs.  You’ll find it interesting and informative.

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