Reddit Marketing: A Guide For Businesses

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Reddit bills itself as “The Front Page of the Internet,” and it’s a fitting tagline for the platform. Reddit aggregates the finest of the internet into a single location. It contains a feed that is continually updated with breaking news, funny articles, photographs, memes, and videos. Reddit is one of the most popular social networks in the world, with over 50 million daily active members. Reddit marketing has enormous potential. However, with such a devoted user base, organically incorporating Reddit into the broader social media strategy implies obstacles and problems. You may end up disappointing the community rather than attracting fresh leads. As a result, we decided to publish our complete guide on using Reddit for marketers.

Why should you consider Reddit?

Reddit is a site where you may find the most recent and popular stuff on the internet. Reddit is where all memes begin. Reddit is comprised of dynamic communities known as subreddits. Every community has its own page, topic, users, and moderators. For example, r/Coffee is dedicated to coffee-related topics, and r/RenewableEnergy is dedicated to environmental technologies and new green ideas.

Reddit algorithms, in contrast to typical social media networks, revolve around a simple voting method set by the entire community. Users create all of the material and decide what’s good and what’s garbage by voting. They decide which postings ascend to the top of community pages and, as a result, the site’s public home page. Connections that earn community approval rise to the top of the page, keeping the front page dynamic and full of new, fascinating links. All of these distinctions are what distinguish Reddit as a distinct social network that necessitates a distinct marketing strategy.

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What is the best way for Reddit marketing?

It is feasible to promote your material on Reddit, but it must be done strategically. When Reddit marketing is done correctly, your brand might receive positive reviews, beneficial connections, and a dedicated audience. However, Reddit marketing may easily go awry, and you risk being downvoted into obscurity.

Step 1: Become acquainted with the platform

Reddit is simple to use, but understanding platform etiquette may be challenging. Not being incorrect with other users isn’t simply a terrible thing; it might permanently ban you from Reddit.

Reddit users are highly protective of the communities they’ve built, and they despise people or corporations who try to take over a subreddit for personal gain. Users in Reddit groups gather for a variety of reasons – interests, social aspirations, or simply for fun – and you must respect this if you want to be successful on this social site.

Step 2: Participate as an active member

So you’ve made a Reddit account and are now acquainted with the site. It’s time to start regularly communicating with other users. Voting on posts, denying postings, responding to questions, contributing comments, and generating your own posts are all ways to do so. You should participate actively and give more than you take.

One of the most typical mistakes that marketers make is to get directly into self-promotion. This is a bad decision, and it will not benefit you at all on Reddit. Your posts must be distinctive and original. As the number of users grows, you will be able to create your own subreddits that are relevant to your niche.

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Step 3: Obey the rules.

The rules are everything on Reddit. Registration only takes a minute, but before you post or leave a note, please read the rules. “Reddiquette” refers to specific dos and don’ts. Reddit’s whole reddiquette guide can be found here. Make sure you follow these rules to avoid being blacklisted.

Step 4: Consistently share unique stuff

The most effective strategy to sell on Reddit is to generate material that readers value and find interesting. Take the time to participate in discussions, answer questions, and generate material that is unique to the site. Continue to be active, and keep in mind that this is a long-term game. Unlike other sites, you cannot post links on Reddit. A link in a remark or post can be assigned karma.

What exactly is karma? A user’s karma represents how much they have given to the Reddit community by providing an approximation of the total votes they have received on their contributions (“post karma”) and comments (“comment karma”). When a user’s posts or comments are upvoted, he or she receives karma.

Step 5: When you’re ready, create a campaign using Reddit advertisements

As with any other social media network, you may begin with a test campaign to see how your advertising performs on Reddit. You can choose to have your ad appear on all of Reddit or exclusively on specific subreddits.

What is the best way to publish on Reddit?

Reddit allows users to share nearly any form of content, including text posts, links, photos (including multiple images), videos, and GIFs. Certain posts appear to become viral out of nowhere; this is dependent on the quality of the material and, in some cases, being in the right location at the right moment.

Here are some methods for creating positive karma-producing posts on Reddit in order to gain attention, upvotes, and traffic.

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1. Post titles

Instead of using clickbait titles, use personal and friendly headlines. Redditors despise clickbait. Forget everything you’ve learned about blog titles. Look at the headlines that have received a lot of upvotes and mimic their methods of writing headlines. Keep in mind that different subreddits prefer different kinds of headlines.

2. Body paragraphs

On Reddit, original content is the only way to go. Reposting from your website or other social media platforms is not permitted. Make posts tailored to the Reddit audience. Make certain that the information you offer is useful. You must demonstrate that you are an active part of the community. You can put a few internal links within the body of your text if the subreddit allows it.

If you are sharing a graphic post, the following sorts of material tend to receive the most engagement on Reddit:

  • GIFs: GIFs are popular among Redditors. There are even subreddits dedicated to GIFs and the creation of new high-quality ones.
  • Pictures: Images are usually a wonderful idea if they provide something special to the community. Reddit users can publish Image Galleries containing up to 20 images or GIFs.
  • Videos: If your video is too long, it’s preferable to condense it into a short clip or GIF and then link to the complete source in the comments. Check out subreddits like r/videos and r/funny, which are among the most popular.
  • AMAs: Which stand for “ask me anything,” allow Redditors to ask a person any question they want. AMAs can be hosted by users or brands in appropriate subreddits, but the most common is r/IAmA.

Before you share a post, please make sure to use the Reddit search feature to ensure that you are not uploading duplicate information.

3. Evaluation

Reddit marketing success is all about experimenting and analysis. Stay around after you’ve published the content to respond to comments. This is how social media works. People anticipate your response. Don’t worry if you get banned once or even twice — you will get reinstated fast. What matters is that you learn from your experiments.

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Whereas other social media platforms are basically built on the premise of centralizing around your account (your Twitter followers, Facebook likes, , and LinkedIn connections), Reddit’s community structure means it will occupy a very different place in your overall strategy and type of brand engagement.

When viewed in this light, Reddit is a tool for outreach. It will not replace the audience-building you undertake on traditional follower-based platforms, but it should provide a new avenue for creating and sharing original content linked to your business.

To summarize, Reddit marketing is a great way to build brand awareness. You will need to devote some time to being an expert and comprehending the complexities, as well as additional efforts to promote the brand. But the end product is well worth it.

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