Selene Delgado Lopez, The Unsolved Mystery on the Internet

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Selene Delgado Lopéz, also known as Selene Delgado, is the name of a missing person who was the subject of an urban legend that at first captivated people who were interested in true crime before it was possibly proven that “Selene Delgado” had never existed. The case was complicated by a hoax that circulated in 2020 in which a woman named “Selene Delgado” friended a large number of people on Facebook, leading some to speculate that it involved the same person who had gone missing. In the end, the evidence accumulated to suggest that Delgado was a hoax perpetrated by Channel 5. In the summer of 2022, the image of Selene Delgado that was used by Channel 5 started appearing in modified versions of video games.

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A brief explanation of Selene Delgado

In the 1990s and 2000s, the Mexican television station Canal 5 aired a program called “Servicio a la Comunidad” that included photographs of people who had vanished and voiceovers detailing each of them. A woman identified as “Selene Delgado López,” with an accompanying photograph, who was purportedly 18 years old and had vanished on April 22 at the “lvaro Obregón” delegation, was one of the individuals reported in 2001. Because of the blurry shared image, rumors about Selene Delgado began to circulate (some said the image was created by AI), and she eventually turned into a well-known urban legend in Mexico.

Who is she?

That is when things start to go in the strange ville direction. Of course, whoever was behind the original Selene Delgado Lopez account created to continue the hoax—there are now numerous accounts—did their due diligence. They decided on an urban legend from the internet rather than picking any made-up name. It appears that Selene Delgado Lopez was a Mexican woman who vanished 30 years ago and was highlighted in “missing persons” segments on a Mexican TV channel in between commercials.

One of those segment videos was recently released online in the early morning hours before being removed again later, ostensibly as part of a TV channel marketing push. These were designed to be spooky and send chills down your spine, and it appears that they succeeded in doing so.

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Selene Delgado as a Facebook Hoax

Selene Delgado as a Facebook Hoax

A Facebook Unknown account claiming that a “Selene Delgado” had mysteriously arrived on everyone’s friend list started to circulate in early September 2020. Mashable’s idea was that the Mexican Canal 5 had used a viral marketing campaign to encourage Facebook users to create a fake profile for Selene Delgado and then manipulate the account’s privacy settings to make it appear to an untrained eye that the account was their friend on Facebook helped debunk the hoax. Mashable, which claimed Canal 5 had used a viral marketing campaign to get Facebook users to create a false Selene page, disproved the fraud.

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Is Selene Delgado your friend on Facebook?

Absolutely not, not at all. She is a fabrication. Simply put. The warning that Selene Delgado Lopez is on your friend list and cannot be removed is real enough, despite the fact that it is unclear when or where the hoax began. The first hint should be that you didn’t add her to your friend list. You’d probably remember it because of how unusual the name is, huh? Second, most of the alerts I’ve seen so far seem to assert that Selene Delgado Lopez is not only your friend on Facebook but also friends with everyone else. Given that there is a 5,000 friend limit on Facebook, that would be somewhat difficult.

But some of the messages urge you to examine yourself and ask your friends to do the same. By doing this, you might find a user account with a “send message” button in place of the “add friend” button.

Evidently, this was sufficient to persuade the majority of people that they were already close friends with Selene Delgado Lopez. Actually, you can modify your Facebook account to eliminate the “add friend” button by permitting friend requests only from “friends of friends” as opposed to everyone else. A user would have to send a message and wait for the account to give them a friend request instead of clicking Add Friend.

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Selene Delgado Lopez in games

Actually, Selene Delgado Lopez got more famous ASAP because her made-up picture was used in video games. Delgado was a substitute who killed Mark Heathcliff in The Mandela Catalogue, which also features him. The NextBot Chase hack for Garry’s Mod, Cursed face chases man, uses Delgado’s visage as well. Selene Delgado Lopez has been seen in Goofy runners as well. In the end, We’d like to invite you read our blog on Selena Alejandra Delgado. You will find it quite entertaining.

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