Shedding For The Wedding: Your 3-month Guide

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The dress, the tux, the guests, the honeymoon — there are so many details that go into your wedding day. All eyes are on you from the moment you walk down the aisle until the last dance of the night. Understandably so, brides and grooms often feel a lot of pressure to look their best on this important day — there’s nothing like a wedding to motivate you to get serious about your health and fitness goals.

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But crash diets or extreme exercise programs are never the answer. It’s usually best to start thinking about your specific goals three months before your wedding day to allow plenty of time to establish your routine and adjust to a healthier lifestyle. This creates a great opportunity for the bride and groom to support each other and get in shape together. We offer a three-month countdown plan to get you ready for the big day:

Weeks 1-4

Shedding for the wedding: Your 3-month guide

Another part of shedding for the wedding focuses on changing your unhealthy habits. Nutrition is key when trying to lose weight, decrease body fat and increase your overall health. Work with a professional to lay out a detailed nutrition plan that consists of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats at each meal. Then, begin with a fitness program that incorporates weight training and cardio intervals. Arm exercises like overhead press, tricep push-ups and bicep curls, and back exercises like rows and rear fly help brides looking to tone up for a strapless or low-back dress. We suggest starting with two or three days of weight training, two or three days of cardio and one day of Pilates or yoga.

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Weeks 5-8

Shedding for the wedding: Your 3-month guide

Now it’s time to switch up your exercise routines. Working with a personal trainer or joining a group fitness class once or twice a week is a good idea to shake up your routine and stay motivated. Your workouts should include one to two weight training exercises per body part throughout the week. If you can, try to shift the weight you use and the number of repetitions you do to help stimulate change within your body. Continue a cardio routine of two to three days per week and add another day of Pilates or yoga.

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Weeks 9-12

Shedding for the wedding: Your 3-month guide

Shedding for the wedding entails important to keeping up with your developing healthy habits as the week progress, but as your wedding day approaches, you’re sure to feel the stress of planning. A new focus on resting and relaxation during this period is key. You can eat well and exercise perfectly, but without sleep, stretching, rest and recovery, your body is at risk of not functioning properly.

Planning a wedding can be stressful and tiresome, but if you commit to a healthy diet and fitness plan, you’ll walk down the aisle feeling confident and ready for your new life ahead.

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