Solice Metaverse – Fun Facts To Know About The Very First VR Metaverse on The Solana Ecosystem

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On the Solana blockchain, a VR metaverse called Solice will soon allow users to play, create, own, and monetize their virtual experiences on Solana blockchain. Solice is the first cross-platform VR metaverse to do this, opening up new possibilities for immersion into the metaverse at Solana. Although this project has not yet started at the time of writing, let’s explore it further by looking at instructions for requesting their IDO and discussing why I continue to be optimistic about this endeavor.

What is Solice?

Fun Facts to Know about The Very First VR Metaverse on the Solana Ecosystem

Solice is a metaverse of interconnected virtual environments, NFTs, and communities. Solice’s mission is to link users throughout the metaverse through interoperability in order to enhance their overall user experience. While preserving visual performance, Solice solves consumers’ lack of immersiveness and asset ownership.

Solice provides a framework for a shared virtual environment or metaverse. The obstacle of inconsistent hardware, software, and operating systems is eliminated by the Solice metaverse’s compatibility with a variety of platforms. This increases the likelihood of the user base’s exponential expansion by enabling more people to invite and interact with their friends and family.

The Solice metaverse is a decentralized ledger for virtual world ownership, where an item might be anything from a piece of land to clothing, accessories, or even a pet. Each one of them has a peer-to-peer network for user interaction as well as a protocol for outlining the contents of each land parcel or asset.

Like in real life, the Solice metaverse aims to provide people with as much flexibility as possible. Users can benefit from the democratic governance mechanism based on a liquid democracy and real-world inspired rules over a DAO by using the Solice native token (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

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Market for 3D NFT integration

Users will be able to trade commodities like avatar clothing, building supplies, land, and even pets on Solice’s integrated 3D NFT market. In the metaverse, having pets affects one’s APY rates and allows pets to populate. Another fascinating feature of this marketplace is that customers will be able to see items in 3D virtual reality, providing an immersive experience that is unmatched in the industry. This marketplace won’t be a web-based trade hub.

Huge earning potential for metaverse activities

Solice Metaverse is the exclusive owner of all streets, plazas, and public areas in the metaverse; none of these things may be purchased or sold by users. The remainder of the terrain, though, is up for grabs. Up to 60,000 pieces of lands, and NFTs, including Koda NFTs, will be available for purchase following the launch.

With the help of xHashtag, Solice has created the first-ever Virtual Kiosks, or xKiosks, where users may go and engage in on-chain or off-chain activities like watching instructional commercials in exchange for rewards.

Any Solice landowner or builder may purchase these xKiosks as NFTs and have their tasks shown as advertisements on any xKiosk on the network. When users accomplish activities on these xKiosks, landowners who put the kiosks on their property can profit through a profit-sharing arrangement. With xKiosks, landowners may generate a second source of revenue on their Solice property with no more work on their part.

Fun facts to know about Solice Metaverse

Fun Facts to Know about The Very First VR Metaverse on the Solana Ecosystem

So, let’s talk about fun things about Solice Metaverse. What does it include? What can you do? And what to expect in Solice Metaverse VR experience.


In the Solice metaverse, an avatar is a virtual person that represents the user. By utilizing suitable asset tokens, the Avatar may be modified piece by piece (hat, arms, torso, legs, etc.). By doing this, users in the Solice metaverse may set themselves apart from others.

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Land & Assets

Modern DeFi protocols are used in the Solice metaverse to deliver intriguing features. Assets and land are virtual tokens based on the blockchain in the Solice metaverse (Solana blockchain). Users can host content on their own slice of the metaverse (examples are toll fees, mini-games, and tickets).

The Solice Metaverse resides on a map of fixed Lands (scarce). To produce and earn money from any activity, players have to own land in the Metaverse (free or paid). Although it has prebuilt terrains, the owner can change and improve it (or other users they invite to work on it).

For exclusive access to prizes and expensive resources and ingredients, Tokens can be bet on Lands. All of those components can be combined to produce rare assets or to make them rarer. They are tradable on the open market. Soon, users will be able to join together Lands to create CITIES. Users could one-day own CITIES to establish DISTRICTS.


In the Solice metaverse, pets are virtual tokens that stand in for real-world animals. Pets can stay visible on the land plot and accompany their owners across the metaverse (for landowners).

In the Solice metaverse, there will be a large number of pets that people can have. Each pet has distinct characteristics and ranges in rarity. These elements will have an impact on APY rates, raising the likelihood of receiving uncommon goods like jewels or eggs that can birth new creatures. The rarity of the eggs from which new pets hatch may vary. Additionally, eggs are marketable.


Solice will eventually put in place a Play-to-Earn system in the metaverse. By completing metaverse tasks, users can get SLC tokens, uncommon items, and item improvements. The tokens have a fraction set out for user incentives. This layout maintains momentum and invites user interaction.

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The void dungeons are connected to the Solice metaverse through gates, which are magical gateways. In the Solice metaverse, gates can be seen. The void dungeons can be accessed by interacting with the gates. There are many tasks and games in the void dungeons. Users receive uncommon items and $SLC tokens after completing the dungeon. Typically, gates endure 5-7 days.

Crafting system

Ingredients and resources are provided by the metaverse. NFT assets may be made from raw materials and ingredients, making them rarer and more valuable.


Within the Solice metaverse, a web-based trade hub called the Marketplace will also be introduced. Users will be able to see items in 3D VR, providing potential customers with a more immersive, customer-focused experience.

  • Everything will be offered for sale in the public market.
  • Land plots
  • Pets
  • unique avatars
  • Buildings
  • Pet eggs
  • Gemstones
  • Raw materials
  • Crafted items


The creation, assembly, and sharing of 3D model assets are made simple using Solice. It gives independent producers the freedom to produce anything they desire. Create animated 3D assets, then sell them on the world market. Users can develop their own assets and mini-games using the editor, which is an independent SDK. Then, for authenticity, security, and scarcity, these assets are transformed into digital tokens. These can be seen/heard in the Solice metaverse.

User-designed revenue models.

By developing their own business models, users of Solice are able to make money. A straightforward income source is charging visitors to enter a structure or plot of land. An arcade, live performance venue, art gallery, or private NFT collecting hall might all be made profitable using this concept.

The income methods are optional, and owners of the land or buildings can make the area accessible to anybody who wishes to play the game for free.

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I haven’t encountered a complete (and ambitious) metaverse effort like this one in a while. Solice has had strong backers with a solid track record, and the enthusiasm has been spreading across all social media channels quite successfully.

Solice aims for a sizable user base, including gamers (P2E component), DeFi users (staking), and companies (buying or building, then renting out ad spots), resulting in a high acceptance rate for the Solice metaverse as a whole.

Excited to see how this project will be the next potential 100x, and transform the gameplay with VR metaverse, with the current sneaks launched to demonstrate what they have to give in the metaverse!

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