The 10 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 70

The best hairstyles for women over 70 are simple, attractive, and exude refinement and confidence. We’re presenting 10 of our favorite trends for women over 70, ranging from simple short looks to stunning bobs and shoulder-length styles.

The top hairstyles for women over 70 include looks and styles ranging from casual to beautiful. You’ve been doing your hair for more than 70 years, so you know what you want. Perhaps a simple, no-frills appearance with your natural, air-dried texture is more likely. Perhaps you like hairstyles that are a bit more “done up,” such as heat-styled curls, jagged layers, or a sleek, straight texture. In any event, before you continue reading and discovering the lovely hairstyles we’ve selected for you, we want you to consider something.

The 10 Best hairstyles for women over 70

There are several hairdo options available, and there is no reason to limit oneself to one “comfort” style that you return to time and time again. Picking at least three different styles from this list to explore over the next week will be a great endeavor. Look for styles appropriate for your hair length (we listed options for short, medium, and long hair) and commit to attempting a few styles that are outside your typical style repertoire.

We think you’ll enjoy experimenting with various looks, and you’re sure to earn praise for them. Who can say? You could simply discover a new signature style that you fall in love with! These looks exude young vigor and grace without trying too hard. You’ll like having so many unique ways to style your hair! Check out the top 20 hairstyles for women over 70 in the gallery below. Don’t forget to choose three new ones to test!

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1.  Posh Braided Low Bun

A low braided bun appears as a classy hairstyle for women over 70 without any effort. The keys to making this look exquisite rather than casual are to keep the hair completely smooth and free of knots and lumps. Brush your hair back and up into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure the ponytail with elastic and braid it in a basic 3-strand braid. Wrap the braid around the base and secure the ends with a tiny elastic (ideally transparent). Finish with a spritz of hairspray and bobby pins to keep the bun in place.

2.  Midi Bob With Layered, Flipped Ends

Midi-length bobs are nearly shoulder-length, which flatters many facial types. Short layers at the ends give the hair a thicker and fuller appearance, resulting in a more youthful style. To get the flipped-up ends of this style, do a side part and dry your hair with a brush. To tuck the shorter layers around the face, dry them with the brush below. Finish with a spritz of light-hold hairspray to add a little extra grip.

3.  Sleek and Sassy Side-Swept Pixie

Who doesn’t like a decent pixie cut? With a short cropped cut like this, you may effortlessly style your strands to seem sleek and sexy. To achieve this look, simply brush your damp hair to one side and add a little mousse or gel (medium to coarse hair) for better hold. To keep the look in place, mist with hairspray lightly.

4.  Short Layered Bob With Blunt Bangs

This is one of our favorite hairstyles for women over 70. Women of all ages look fantastic in this style! A short, ear-length bob lengthens the face and neck for a slender, young appearance. The bob’s extensive layering throughout lends a lot of texture to the look. The ends of the hair are flicked up and down for volume and dimension in this look. The blunt fringe is fashioned with the ends slightly curled under for a delicate, feminine effect.

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5.  Razored Bob With Bangs and Face-Framing Layers

A textured, razored bob is a terrific way to add some vitality and youthfulness to your look. The wispy razored ends demand more work to style since they require guidance and styling tools to appear their finest. If you’re prepared to put in the work, you may curl the graded layers around your face forward for an exquisite style that balances out the hefty layers at the ends. The layers around the face assist in blending the wispy bangs into the length.

6.  Swoop Bangs With Boosted Volume

The delicate curve of side-swept bangs in a swooping pattern over the forehead is a terrific technique to draw attention to your brilliant eyes. Add a little additional volume at the roots and sides for flattering height, and you’ve got a lovely look. Blow-drying your hair upside down can elevate your roots and provide the groundwork for more volume. For further lift power, spritz with volumizing spray.

Teasing the hair around the roots on each side will provide height to the hair further out from the center. Dry your bangs in the opposite way you intend to style them until they’re around 60% dry. Then, move your brush down (above the eyes) and up to guide the bangs back to your preferred side (toward your temple). This is a great look for ladies with oval, round, or square faces.

7.  Root Volume With Bangs and Flipped Ends

Two simple components for more youthful hairstyles for women over 70: Plump up your roots with extra volume (it’ll give height to the style and beautifully flatters your face) and use a round brush or curling iron to turn your ends upward.

These two simple characteristics, when combined, transform a basic bob or pixie cut into a strong style! Volumizing root lift spray can elevate your roots for a fuller look. Curl the ends up (ideal on layered hairstyles) to add volume and texture to the body of the style. Make your bangs unkempt and informal to get a windswept style that is nevertheless put-together.

8.  Tapered Bob With Feathered Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs are a hot haircut trend right now; think of them as the shorter cousin of famous curtain bangs. These short, layered bangs with a center part open up your eyes and make them the focal feature of your face.

The tapering sides assist in narrowing the jawline by concentrating all of the volumes on top. When applied when your hair is moist, the mousse will assist your bottleneck bangs in retaining their characteristic form. While drying, use a brush to guide each side away from your face, then keep the curve in place as the hair cools for added grip. For a longer-lasting look, finish with hairspray.

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9.  Voluminous Body Wave Lob

With a short blowout, you may achieve soft body waves like this. There are also ways to achieve this look without having to spend 30 minutes positioning your brush while drying. Do a “rough” blow dry for the back, then style and dry the front using your round brush.

For soft, billowing body waves that create volume to the style, keep the brush on the underside of your hair and tilt it back away from your face. Finish by flipping the ends out a little with your round brush. It adds a young element to this appearance!

10. Tapered Crop With Curled-Up Ends

Curling your ends in a flip rather than under gives vitality and life to your appearance. It’s a simple method to make any haircut seem younger, and we adore how this look really glistens with life! Make a side part on your preferred side, then elevate your roots with a dab of volumizing mousse or spray. To achieve the flipped-up appearance, dry your hair with a round brush under the hair at the base and on top of them at the ends. If you have bangs, style them over and a little to the back to keep them out of your eyes like this attractive lady. Finish with a small spritz of hairspray for more hold.

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As you enter your senior years and begin to enjoy this extremely rewarding stage of your life, you must do it with a stunning haircut. We hope our list of the greatest hairstyles for women over 70 has inspired you to explore and attempt new trends! You could even be motivated to get a new haircut, experiment with bangs, or let your hair grow out a bit longer. Remember, the less time you spend styling and maintaining your hair, the more time you spend for grandkids, hobbies, friends, family, and perhaps a glass or two! Don’t forget to read our blog on split-end treatments as well.

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