The 7 Best Things About Mimosa Hostilis

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What is Mimosa Hostilis?

Mimosa Hostilis is a perennial plant that is native to the northeastern region of Brazil and has received a lot of attention for a while because of its root bark. This plant’s root bark is one of Ayahuasca’s leading ingredients, a shamanistic brew with extremely strong hallucinogenic effects.

Its root bark is also utilized to produce DMT, a very popular hallucinogen. This plant also has broad entheogenic uses, particularly in the Jeruma Cult. When Mimosa Hostilis root bark powder is turned into a drink, it is believed to have mind-healing effects that assist users to prohibit trauma, accomplish enlightenment, and get rid of depression.

7 benefits of Mimosa Hostilis

It has many advantages, and some of its unbelievable features are listed below:

Great traditional and historical value

This plant has been around for ages and has been employed for many different issues over the years. It has an unignorable place in natural medicine in its native Brazil and Mexico. Mimosa Hostilis has several names, the most well-known of which are Tepezcohuite, Jurema, Calumbi, and Carbonal.

It has a rich background as a popular entheogenic and is adopted today because of its many advantages, ranging from curing to psychedelic features.

High tannin content

Mimosa Hostilis root bark powder is enriched with tannin content, turning it into a very popular all-natural blood coagulant. The tannins themselves perform as an astringent, a chemical that contracts and compresses body tissues. That, in turn, ceases bleeding and improves healing and the growth of new tissue.

High DMT content

The root bark of this tree has a very high DMT content. DMT is one of the most favorite psychedelics. The leading active ingredient of Ayahuasca is a shamanistic psychedelic brew, which is conventionally used to contribute users to overcoming trauma, depression, and even severe mental diseases such as PTSD.

It’s delectable

It was mentioned before that this plant’s root bark extract is used for many reasons, but it’s debatably very delectable. Unlike other natural psychedelics, people don’t have any problem with consuming the Mimosa Hostilis root bark powder without feeling sick.

It usually doesn’t bring about nausea or vomiting, and it even has some recipes – the most popular of which is mixing it with honey and lemons for a delicious drink.

Antifungal, antibiotic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory features

This plant’s curing features don’t end at burns and cuts, as the plant has broad natural antibiotics and natural anti-inflammatory effects. These work together to stop infections while improving healing.

Additionally, Mimosa Hostilis root bark powder has great antifungal and antimicrobial effects, which make it very difficult for infections, fungus, and deleterious bacteria to settle in the wound.

That’s why this plant is one of the leading ingredients in a range of health goods including skin creams for acne, herpes, eczema, and many more skin conditions and even hair loss products.

Apart from creams, Tepezcohuite is used for curing stomach sicknesses, vaginitis, and fungal infections on the skin.

High Cosmetic Value

The healing and psychedelic traits of this plant aren’t the only things that make Mimosa Hostilis as popular as it is. The plant is also one of the chief ingredients in a wide range of beauty, cosmetic, and wellness products including soaps, shampoos, lotions, and many more.

Dye properties

Mimosa Hostilis root bark powder is employed as natural medicine, the major ingredient in cosmetic products. It even has great value as a dye, as it creates wonderful shades of purples and browns. Its pigments are vibrant, which makes it an amazing textile dye that provides permanent and persistent results.

Depending on the dye itself, the amount you use, and the method of dying, applying Mimosa Hostilis root bark powder can provide you with different shades from light reds to rich purples, and everything in between.


This plant is one of the best natural products available with some vast health benefits – and has a strong place in natural medicine, unlike most houseplants. Two crucial physical properties of the plant are stimulation and sedation.

It relies on setting and how much dosage someone is consuming. In a dreamy environment, the properties relax the body and at other times it stimulates any physical activity.

The cognitive advantages of Mimosa Hostilis are highly appealing. They make their user very logical, active, and energetic. This impact is much higher than contentious substances such as at least LSD. The impacts of Mimosa Hostilis cause a sense of awareness and interconnectedness.

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