The Benefits of Taurine for Cats and Where You Can Find It

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Choosing the right diet for your cat will help him grow fast and remain strong. Although cats are by nature carnivores, they don’t say no to certain fruits and vegetables, as well as some human foods. Yet, there are essential substances that cats must have in their food. Otherwise, they will face health issues. In this article, we will discuss the importance of Taurine for cats and explain how it contributes to your cat’s overall health. Without further ado, let’s begin.  

What is Taurine?

The Benefits of Taurine for Cats and Where You Can Find It

Animals digest protein by breaking it down into amino acid components before absorbing it. As far as essential amino acids are concerned, different species have different needs. Taurine is an amino acid that is found only in animal-based Proteins. Cats require a certain amount of Taurine as an essential amino acid in their diet. The good news is that many cat diets contain Taurine. The bad news is that it is stored in small quantities in the cat’s body, necessitating regular consumption. Now let’s have a look at the most important benefits of Taurine for cats.

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Preventing hair loss and blindness

Although pets and dirt can cause the same problem, boldness due to lack of Taurine in cats’ diet is more difficult to deal with. Foods containing Taurine prevent hair loss in cats. Apart from its contribution to healthy hair growth, Taurine prevents blindness. The retina’s photoreceptor cells degenerate when the cat’s diet is poor in Taurine.

Preventing diabetes and tooth decay

Tooth decay and cavities are highly common in cats. Periodontal diseases and feline resorptive lesions are the most common causes of tooth decay in cats. Taurine helps your cat maintain strong, healthy teeth. Similarly, it regulates blood sugar in cats and so prevents diabetes. If your cat’s diet lacks Taurine, in the long run, diabetes is inevitable.

Improving immune system functioning

The immune system has to do with our ability to fight diseases or illnesses. Exercise and a good diet are the two building blocks of a healthy immune system. Your cat’s immune system will not function properly if it does not receive enough Taurine regularly. As a result of the lack of Taurine, your cat may suffer from frequent illnesses since his body can’t fight viruses as easily as a healthy cat does.

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Improving gastrointestinal functioning

Benefits of Taurine for Cats

Good health requires good digestion. As long as your cat’s digestion system does not work properly, he will fall sick every now and then. One substance which is hard to divest is fat. In order for fat to be digested, the body needs bile salts. Where to get bile salts? Correct! Taurine produces bile salts to help digest fat.

What are the symptoms of Taurine deficiency in cats?

Depending on how severe your cat’s condition is, it may have one or several symptoms. It is also important to note that not all cats have the same symptoms. Among the most common symptoms are vision problems and hair loss. Having difficulty eating meat due to tooth decay is another prevalent symptom. Diarrhea and digestion problems also occur in cats suffering from a lack of Taurine.

Which foods contain Taurine?

Meat is the best source of Taurine for cats. Fortunately, cats are driven to meat by nature. However, some cat owners do not give meat to their cats for such a long time that they resent it. This is where the real problem arises. It might take your cat a while to get used to eating meat again. Until he does so, you can include dairy and eggs in his diet. But don’t forget that nothing can replace red meat and poultry. There are also plenty of cat foods that contain Taurine. Below, you can learn about these cat food products.

Inception turkey & Herring meal  

This cat food, as the name suggests, contains turkey and herring, both rich sources of Taurine. It also has an added amount of supplementary Taurine to help improve the cat’s body performance. Be careful, though, about the amount you give to your cat during the first few days. Giving him too much Taurine may as well cause him digestion problems.

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Acana First Feast Dairy Kitten Food

Acana’s kitten food is a combination of chicken and herring mixed with additional Taurine supplement as well as EPA and DHA contribute to better functioning of the heart and eye in cats. There are also essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in Acana kitten food. Having no artificial colors or flavors makes this cat food an exemplary one.

In conclusion

Cats sometimes tend to be picky eaters and sniff at their typical food. One reason that many cats resist eating meat is the long consumption of homemade foods. This may pose cats serious health issues as meat contains Taurine, which cats can’t get from other foods. If you have mistakenly removed the meat from your cat’s diet, try to add it again for the reasons explained above. I hope you found this article informative. If so, don’t hesitate to read our blog on the value of stake for cats. Hopefully, you’ll like it.

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