The Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In For 2022

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Cryptocurrencies are one of the best venues for investment in today’s technology-based world. Since the introduction of the very first cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrency world has expanded significantly.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Still the most popular and the most in-demand coin among cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is probably the most viable investment option. It is still the most sought-after cryptocurrency and what most people consider when they hear the word “cryptocurrency”.

Bitcoin has changed into an encouraging currency for traders. But investors, who are steeped in volatility, see benefits to Bitcoin as well. Since 21 million Bitcoins have been mined, no new coins will be mined ever.

Investigating it from a supply/demand perspective, long-run investors stand to gain profit. In addition, Bitcoin is the base currency that you require to buy if you would like to forget about purchasing some of the other currencies on this list. You can’t easily purchase many of these others with USD – you require BTC.

Concerning where Bitcoin is headed, some market experts believe that reaching the price of $100,000 is probable up to the end of 2022, meaning that purchasing Bitcoin stays a good choice among other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is one of the simplest cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Ethereum (ETH)

The first cryptocurrency which can be considered as an alternative to Bitcoin is Ethereum. Ethereum (ETH), is a decentralized software platform that allows smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to be made and run without any interruption, fraud, control, or intervention from a third party. The aim behind Ethereum is to produce a decentralized suite of fiscal means that anyone in the world can openly get access to, irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, or faith. This facet makes the implications for those in some countries more attractive because those without state infrastructure and state recognition can have access to bank accounts, loans, insurance, or a collection of other financial means.

Concerning market capital attraction, Ethereum is the second-biggest digital token in this world. The project was started in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin to increase the capabilities of Bitcoin. It does so by letting developers make and deploy smart contracts.

Ether (ETH) is similar to a vehicle for turning around on the Ethereum platform and is sought chiefly by developers seeking to develop and run applications inside Ethereum, or now, by investors trying to make purchases of other digital currencies utilizing Ether. Ethereum started in 2015 and is now the second-biggest digital currency by market capitalization after Bitcoin.

Decentraland (MANA)

Among all cryptocurrencies, Decentraland is the harbinger and debatably the most popular metaverse project. It is a virtual universe blueprint, encouraging the creation of more metaverse projects. It is essential to stipulate that this crypto virtual universe is still a work in progress. Plots of land on Decentraland are still being sold but their owners are yet to make practical establishments on the metaverse.

Great brands such as JP Morgan, Coca-Cola, Nike, Dominos, Atari, and Samsung have already purchased segments of virtual plots on Decentraland. This metaverse has 800K+ enrolled users and registers an average of 300K+ peerless visitors per month. These brands and user base show the level of trust the crypto community has in Decentraland’s future, which is one of the main reasons why you are required to add it to your index of best long-run crypto investments for 2022.

Decentraland has also accepted emerging crypto technologies determined for future-proofing its existence and causing to begin the value gain for MANA tokens. To accomplish this, it has combined the play-to-earn technology, combined NFTs to the metaverse, permitted the creation and placement of Web3 apps and protocols, and delivered the administration of this virtual world to a DAO.

Solana (SOL) – Best Long-Term Smart Contract Concentrated Token

Solana is the rapidly-growing smart contract platform. It was created around 2 years ago, and within this period, its approval and user base significantly increased. Developer activity on the network was also increased very rapidly, SOL token prices skyrocketed by more than 13000X, its market cap peaked above $78 Billion, and the Solana ecosystem increased remarkably. It has not indicated any signs of deceleration on its mission of overcoming Ethereum as the most precious and popular smart contract platform.

Solana is on a mission to verify the maintainability of its blockchain and secure its future. And this is one of the most pivotal reasons why it is believed that you should add it to your portfolio of best long-term crypto investments. To accomplish this, it has gone complete throttle in broadening its ecosystem. Thus far, it has excelled in virtually all the emerging and rapid-growing crypto technologies.

It is the host of some metaverse projects and is home to such favoured meme currencies as Samoyedcoin. It lets developers make and begin Web3 apps and programs and hosts some decentralized exchanges, dApps, and Defi protocols.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is debatably the most popular and most prosperous Layer-2 scaling protocol for Ethereum. It makes it probable for developers to make and deploy many types of highly elastic crypto programs and apps.

It accomplishes this by combining various rollup chains and crypto technology creation infra to its protocol. Polygon is included among the best long-term crypto investments for 2022 because there is a certainty that – unlike other layer-2 scaling solutions – MATIC will get through the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade.


Link is the native cryptocurrency of Chainlink: a software platform that links blockchains with external data. It is referred to as an “oracle,” which in crypto jargon means technology that takes real-world data from an online source into a blockchain.

Link procures the chief motivation mechanism for users to partake in Chainlink’s decentralized network of oracles. Unlike Ether (the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum), Link utilizes a type of proof-of-stake (PoS) agreement protocol where participants have to run their own nodes and are needed to provide data to smart contracts to get link tokens as a reward. It’s not a case of easily depositing tokens and gaining interest.


Whereas the Bored Ape Yacht Club is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection that consists of 10,000 images of apes, APE is a fungible ERC-20 token with the highest supply of 10 billion, making it a valuable choice compared with other cryptocurrencies.

APE began trading at $7.26 when it started on March 17, 2022. The next day, it increased to around $16.47. After a month of transactions at about $13, APE hit an all-time high price of $26.19 toward the end of April.

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