The Best Tinder Conversation Starters That Women Love

Tinder is a wonderful approach to linking with people from all over the world. Whether you’re searching for a friendship or something else, trying to find the right person is more than just a hobby and finding the best way to begin a conversation for that first Tinder message can appear like a difficult issue. Using a smart first message could decrease the waiting time for a reply.

Enliven the initial Tinder message

Creating a special feeling in her with the first message is the most pivotal thing to getting a conversation initiated on Tinder – and GIFs are a wonderful way to achieve that.

A constructive sentimental reply makes an immediate partnership, so she’s probably inclined to take the time to answer you.

Then, once you’ve provoked this feeling, facilitate for her to reply by posing a fun or intriguing question at the end of your message.

Not only do GIFs stick out in her message queue, but they also fortify your answer rate as well.

Data analysis by Tinder reported that GIFs are 30% more likely to get a reply, and the conversations last twice as long. The right GIFs can also be a fun way to begin a conversation on Tinder.

Various studies have indicated women are naturally captivated by funny men. Discovering a sense of humour is reported to be quite sexy among women.

Why not take advantage of mother nature when it comes to setting hot Tinder dates?

Start a craving

When it comes to fortifying your reply rate, stating food is a motive. According to Hinge, women are 40% more likely to answer messages that make them crave something delectable, and that makes food a wonderful Tinder conversation subject.

Capture her imagination

Travelling also makes an attractive and interesting Tinder conversation beginner.

Roughly all women love visiting new places and sightseeing or at least thinking about going somewhere astonishing. Talk about good travel destinations and ask her opinion.

Personalize the Tinder conversation starters

A trip isn’t the only method to encourage her mind’s “happy place.” When you’re thinking of what to say to a Tinder pair, skim her profile and see if anything comes to your mind from her photos or her bio. You could begin a wonderful conversation by asking her about it. When you give her the chance to talk about herself, it provokes enjoyment centres in her brain.

That means answering your first message makes her feel great. Ask her to share something about herself. The more comfortable she feels while talking with you, the easier she’ll be to give you her phone number.

Age isn’t solely a number

Imaginary Tinder conversation starters don’t exist. There is no initial message every woman is committed to answering.

For one thing, age is an issue when it comes to foreseeing what kind of message will work best for special Tinder users.

A message that makes nonchalant cuties in their early 20s laugh and answer possibly isn’t going to work that well with adamant women in their mid 30s. These are very different demographics. Holding these categories in mind could lead to higher answer rates overall.

In fact, if you really want to increase your results, follow every opening line you send and every reply it receives. That way you can assess what is useful for you and what isn’t.

Yes, it’s a bit monotonous, but the data you’ll receive in return is completely worth it. This handy answer rate calculator makes it as simple as it can possibly be.

Believe in second chances

Your data will allow you to know which messages work best in general. Keep in mind that even truly good Tinder conversation starters don’t perform well 100% of the time.

Don’t give up if she doesn’t answer your first message. There could be thousands of reasons, and not all of them are related to you. Maybe was in a meeting or something urgent came up. Maybe you aren’t compatible! Whatever the reason, give her a second chance by sending a follow-up message that is related to your Tinder conversation starters.

According to a recent study done by the folks over at Hinge, that second message fortifies your odds of getting an answer – particularly if you send it around four hours later. But keep things fun and delightful, the last thing you need is to appear desperate for a response. That’s not hot.

3 Tinder Tips That Will reinforce Your Reply Rate

To fortify your reply rate for each message, do these 3 easy things:

  1. Use her first name: As Dale Carnegie stated in his book, “Remember that a person’s name is to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language”. Incorporating her name in the message produces an immediate sensational relationship – and when you get her to feel all warm and cozy, she’s more likely to answer.
  2. Pay heed to the spelling: Messages with spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes are an impasse for many women, so carefully read your conversation starter before sending it.
  3. Send your Tinder conversation starters in the evening: Most people are online on the app between 5 pm and midnight. The best time to send Tinder conversation starters is around 9 pm.

How to initiate a conversation on Tinder with a girl?

  1. Hey Tinderella, can I be your Tinderfella?
  2. OK, don’t get crazy, but I’ve never seen The Office.
  3. Let’s begin scheduling our 6-feet-apart dates.
  4. Us matching = still a better love story than Twilight. ‍
  5. Who is your favourite family member and why?
  6. What is a strange food mixture that you really enjoy?
  7. Your travel photos are wonderful. Where were they taken?
  8. What do you know an astounding amount of that most people don’t?
  9. Your smile is elegant. What’s the best way to take it out?
  10. They say forbearance is a virtue, but I just couldn’t wait to message you.
  11. What’s the best cure for the Sunday Scaries?
  12. What do we tell our parents about how we visited?
  13. Fill in the blank: I can’t live life without ____.
  14. Would you like to talk to a guy who can slay spiders for you?
  15. How do you handle looking so good on a regular day?
  16. What’s your favourite genre of music?
  17. That jacket seems super comfy. Can I share it with you?
  18. What do you think about the recent (event)?
  19. Us matching is the best crossover since Avengers.
  20. What movie character did you have a crush on growing up?
  21. If you could wink and be anywhere in the world, where would you select to go?
  22. Tell me an ignominious moment in your past that keeps you up at night.
  23. It’s the middle of the week so I’ll do us a favour and produce a hobby. What do you have scheduled for the weekend?
  24. If you want to go on a FaceTime date with me, please answer with your schedule and earliest accessibility.
  25. What was the last concert you went to?
  26. How did you spend your lockdown?
  27. Alright, I’ve just gotta say it– you’re astounding. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, how’s your day going?
  28. Which do you prefer? Books or movies?


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