The Perfect Split Dye Hair Tutorial for Beginners

Split dye hair is a famous hairdo in which the hair is parted down the middle and colored differently on either side. Visualize Cruella de Vil with color. When you dye half of your head one color and the other another, you use split dye hair.

Some people enjoy using vibrant hues, such as fluorescent pink and intense blue. Some people choose gentler color combinations, such as peach and blonde or gray and black. But regardless of the hue you choose, this hairdo is impressive as hell. How to make split dye hair at home with this step-by-step tutorial. We also list the most popular divided haircuts and advise avoiding color bleed.

How to split dye hair at home

How to split dye hair at home

You can split color your hair at home, so yes! It could be a little challenging, especially if you’re traveling alone. Here’s how to make split dye hair at home if you’re desperate to save money at the salon or want to have fun!

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1. Select your colors

After choosing your desired colors, decide whether you want to use permanent or semi-permanent dyes. The most excellent option for you could be a permanent hair color if you’re ready to commit. Inks that are semi-permanent only last 4 to 6 weeks.

However, there are certain benefits to temporary dyes. You may alter colors more frequently since they fade more quickly. Furthermore, you will only have to put up with the colors you chose for a short time if you like them.

PSA for the product: Only use top-rated hair colors from reputable companies. Your follicles should constantly receive special attention.

2. Gather your tools

Along with the dye, you’ll need the following:

  • Mirrors
  • Vaseline
  • Hairbrush
  • Used towels
  • Dyed-hair clips
  • Temporary gloves
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3. Get your hair ready

bleach your hair

You may wish to bleach your hair before dying it unless you have naturally very blonde hair. This creates an empty surface for the vibrant hair dye to adhere to. Even if you don’t bleach your hair beforehand, specific colors will still work, but you probably won’t get the precise results you want.

Hair bleaching can be a challenging process. Therefore, you should have this done at a hair salon if you have extensive experience. A poor bleaching job might seriously harm your hair.

After you’ve prepared your hair, make sure it’s completely detangled before you color it. Believe us. Dyeing through tangled hair is a real pain in the A.

4. Make a hair part

Use a pintail comb to divide your hair into two colors where you want them to contrast. Most individuals cut their hair straight down the center, giving you a symmetrical appearance, but you do not need to cut it precisely. One side should be neatly kept out of the way by being tied or clipped.

5. Apply Vaseline

The critical component for DIY hair dyes is Vaseline. It stops those striking, gorgeous hues from blending. Just rub Vaseline (or a similar petroleum jelly brand) around the portion of your scalp where your hair is separated. To avoid the color staining your skin, rub some over your ears, neck, and hairline.

6. It’s time to dye

Let’s go forward slowly.

  • Grab a pair of gloves.
  • Leave the left side of your hair down and part your hair on the right side.
  • To apply the color to your hair, use a dye applicator brush on the left side of your head.
  • Use a comb to brush the color through your hair once the dye has thoroughly saturated the hair.
  • To make sure you didn’t miss any areas, use a mirror.
  • Pin the hair on your left side up to your scalp.
  • On the opposite side, repeat. Make sure to put on a fresh set of gloves for the new hue.

Pro tip: Work your way up, starting at the bottom. The heat from your head will help your roots grow more quickly.

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7. Wait

Check the dye’s box to find out how long it takes for a dye to develop. While you wait, tidy up your bathroom, upload hilarious selfies on Instagram, eat something, etc.

8. Clean it up

Use warm water to rinse your hair thoroughly. Before you stop, be sure the water is clear and colorless. Apply a thorough conditioner after to help retain moisture. Then, voilà! Your hair is split-dyed.

Hairstyles for split dye hair

Hairstyles for split dye hair

Here are various split dye hairstyles to elevate your appearance now that you know how to achieve it.

1. Bangs

Consider going for a softer (but incredibly badass) style rather than dying your entire head. Use the standard split dye hair procedures to split dye bangs.

2. Balayage

split dye hair and balayage equal 10/10. Okay, enough math. But in reality, combining the two hairstyles will give you a very original and beautiful look. Just be aware that this could be too difficult to do alone. It’s time to call the skilled hair colorist in your Rolodex if you have one.

3. High contrast

You can instantly seem high-fashion with a high-contrast style. You may make these solid colors as vivid as you like. Popular combinations include:

  • Gray and dark teal
  • Neon orange and pink
  • Vivid blue and purple
  • Purple and soft green
  • Black and orange (hi, Halloween!)
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4. Dark and light

Who doesn’t occasionally wish to act like Cruella de Vil? This timeless split dye hair combination is understated yet gorgeous. You’ll be noticed while yet exuding an air of sophistication. Please, family, just be kind to those Dalmatians.


You don’t have to shell out a lot of money for split dye hair. If you follow the guidelines, you can get salon-caliber results at home. But more detailed looks, like balayage, can be too rugged for you to accomplish on your own. Additionally, since bleaching your hair might harm it, you should have a professional do it. Additionally, you should investigate the precise colors and fashions you prefer. But most importantly, have fun and be creative! This trend is centered around it.

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