The Strange History of Lord Death Man

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Lord Death Man’s narrative rehashes an earlier story in the American Batman comics. Death-Man appears as a guy in a skeleton suit with a baggy skull mask covering his face. His most famous skill is his purported capacity to resurrect from the dead.

He first appears with armed hoods dressed identically, robbing a gem dealer that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are visiting. Following the robbery, Batman and Robin can catch him.

Later, during his sentencing, he is condemned to death, only to die of a heart attack while ridiculing the judge for assuming he can sentence Death-Man to death.

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Post Death

The strange history of Lord Death Man

Batman and Robin attend his funeral. Except for the gravedigger, they are the only ones there. That night, Bruce dreams about Lord Death Man taunting him for attempting to prosecute a dead guy. Bruce and Dick decide to take a holiday in Jamaica since they need a change of scenery. While on vacation, they learn that Lord Death Man has killed again despite being dead.

The Dynamic Duo pursues Lord Death Man in the Batcopter to a junkyard. When Robin takes down Death group, Man Batman approaches him again, only for him to fall dead once again, still smirking “like a vulture that had the final laugh.” He has been buried once more.

Batman finds Him has been faking his death with yoga while seeing a side performance of a magician being buried alive. When Batman opens his coffin, he finds a message taunting him. The Lord meets Batman again at the graveyard during a lightning storm. During his fight with Batman, he manages to shoot him in the arm before being struck dead by lightning attracted by the pistol.

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Batman Incorporated

The Executioner Years after Batman and Robin battled, he proceeded to Japan as “Lord Death Man” to murder all Japanese superheroes and take over the country. One of his first victims is the original Mr. Unknown, whom he murders by pouring acid on him. As Mr. Unknown’s body double, Jiro Osamu, witnesses the crime, Lord Death Man dispatches his thugs to pursue him, but Jiro escapes.

The Lord then kidnaps Jiro’s girlfriend, prompting Jiro to shoot him several times, forcing him to fall out a three-story window. As Batman and Catwoman arrive to break up the battle, Batman deduces that Lord Death Man has been “upgraded.” Among those enhancements is the ability to resurrect from the dead, as he wakes up mid-autopsy and murders many victims at a hospital.

Lord Death Man runs after Aquazon of the Super Youth Team but is finally beaten by Batman, Catwoman, and Jiro (dressed as Mr. Unknown.) Knowing that he will do anything to avoid arrest, Batman gives him a destiny “worse than death” and sends Lord Death Man into outer space, never to be seen again.

Lord Death Man… IN SPACE

Lord Death Man... IN SPACE

However, during the Outsiders’ invasion of Leviathan Orbital Headquarters, they encounter Lord Death Man (who appears to have escaped Batman’s deep-space confinement capsule). “Welcome to the Dead Heroes Club!” he cries, laughing. (Alluding to Grant Morrison’s previous Club of Heroes narrative in Batman: The Black Glove), when the entire space station is blown up from the inside.

The explosion killed both Lord Death Man and the Outsiders. When Lord Death Man’s body was hurled to Earth, Metamorpho used his elemental skills to shelter the others from the explosion. Ra’s al Ghul and his servants discovered his unconscious body. Lord Death Man has been placed in a siphoning device by Ra’s to drain the Lazarus Pit fluids from his body.

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Powers and Abilities

Lord Death Man’s major skill is resurrecting the dead. He’s survived several situations that would have killed any average human, such as gunshot wounds and the vacuum of space. This power combines biological (his blood may be used to make the material found in Lazarus Pits) and skill-based abilities (he has been able to slow down his heart rate using yoga-style techniques).

His healing power is accompanied by superhuman durability and stamina. He fought back when Talon tried to put pressure points on him, and he remained conscious despite being blasted in the face with two tranquilizer darts. He has declared that he also does not need to sleep.

Lord Death Man is skilled in hand-to-hand fighting and has killed a roomful of scientists without using a weapon.

He recalls everything he’s studied “from the Dim Mak method to the name of every single Pokémon and its evolved forms.” Coupled with his memories, he appears to have some mechanical skills since he has previously devised death traps.


Lord Death Man appears in an adaptation of the manga narrative in the episode “Bat-Mite Presents Batman’s Strangest Cases!”. The tale is substantially true to the original, except for the indication that he parachuted to safety after colliding with electrical lines. According to Bat-Mite, this was a change in “the American dub,” lamp-shading the section done in the manner of early anime. If you liked this post, you should probably read our blog on Amity Blight. You will find it quite informative.

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