Tips You Need to Know About Kids’ Face Paints

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Although face painting is an interesting and fun activity in ceremonies and events, particularly for children, it is necessary to keep away from adorning the face and body with products that are not appropriate to apply to the skin. It is not recommended to apply paint to the skin regularly since it stops the skin from breathing. The paint can block the pores of the skin, which can make a space for acne and rashes. It can cause severe rashes, allergic reactions, and even worse conditions such as skin cancer. With that in mind, here are some tips that everyone needs to know about kids’ face paint.

What you need to know about kids’ face paints

The biggest problem with face painting for specific occasions and ceremonies is that it is not clear what the paint is made up of. A recent study proved that more than 50 percent of face pints and cosmetics such as nail polish and lip balms have at least one ingredient, which is closely connected to hormone disruption, developmental toxicity, learning problems, and in extreme conditions, cancer. So, it is necessary to pay attention to this point and avoid using harmful products. It is not wise to use face paint when you do not know what ingredients the pigment contains. It is also necessary not to use paint without a specific label as face paint.

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First-time users must be alert

If you haven’t used face paints before, you’d better test it before putting it on your face even though it lists all the ingredients. This is important as your skin might be sensitive and show unexpected, harmful reactions. The best idea is to apply a small patch of paint on your arm and wait for about a day to see if it causes any harmful reactions. For those with sensitive skin. If it does not cause any adverse reactions, you can apply it on your face, but it is reasonable to use as little as possible for the first few times. You should avoid applying too thick paints since they can cause irritation in the face and eyes. In order to protect the skin and assist in facilitating the paint to come off, put on a light coat of lotion and leave it dry before applying paint to your face.

Go for simple designs

Unlike what most people think, it is better to start face painting with big designs since it is much easier to achieve full-face choices than small designs with so many details. It is also better to use at most two or three colors since multiple colors can combine and make a mess before drying completely. The age of the child is another important factor which you should pay attention to. Younger children usually rub their eyes a lot, so it is better not to apply paint close to their eyes.    

Kids’ Face paints removal tips and techniques

Similar to removing makeup, it is important to remove all paint just before going to bed. Putting on face paint for a prolonged time can lead to skin irritation regardless of the ingredients of the paint. In order to remove the paint, the most significant thing is to follow the product instructions. It is possible to remove the paint using soap and a washcloth immersed in warm water. To get rid of the whole paint, especially when cleaning kids, it is necessary to use the best quality baby wipes since baby wipes with low quality can cause skin irritation in young children.

You can accelerate the process of paint removal by using Vaseline and baby oil. Although cold cream and makeup remover will remove face paint, they are more expensive products. If you do not have access to these products, it is possible to use a bottle of olive oil instead. Just put cotton swabs or a balled-up tissue in the oil and adopt this tool to remove the paint. In case there are injured areas on your face, there is no need to apply anything except a washcloth dipped in cold water.

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It is an interesting idea to apply paint to your kids’ face at different events and festivals since it makes them look more attractive and happier. But, don’t go just for any paint and keep in mind to remove it at the end of the day since it may cause skin problems. Here, we provided some tips that can help you apply face paint on your kids’ faces more carefully and cautiously.

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