Top 10 Best Meme Subreddits

Do you enjoy memes? Reddit is the best place to get humorous memes under its Meme Subreddits. However, all of the funniest memes are hidden away in other subreddits. Because these subreddits cover a wide range of themes, it might be tough to locate the most amusing memes. So, in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the ten funniest Meme Subreddits to make you giggle. You don’t have to be concerned about not being able to locate the memes.

1.   /r/AdviceAnimals

Top 10 Best Meme Subreddits

The /r/AdviceAnimals subreddit was founded on December 7, 2010. It is basic and straightforward to comprehend. Advise Animals was formerly a memes category that featured memes such as a business cat in a coat and tie or a socially uncomfortable penguin lacking confidence with a message of bad advice written over the image.

The funniest Meme on /r/AdviceAnimals displayed a Penguin with the head and half of the body facing left on a red backdrop but the other half of the body and the feet facing right on a blue background. “Started going to the gym – Only at midnight, so nobody else there,” the memes said. /r/Advice According to the Animals subreddit, “there’s someone else at the gym, so I left and produced memes instead.”

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2.  /r/MemeEconomy

r/MemeEconomy is a weird and amusing meme subreddit where memes are used to discuss real-world goods. There is no actual money involved, but when a meme becomes famous, people choose to purchase, and when you are emaciated, you sell.

For example, a father’s frustration motivates him to invest. The memes depict a man sitting on a wall, looking down and making a face as if he is thinking about when his son starts Fortnite dancing in public. Instead of making him, you should have made sandwiches.

3.  /r/ComedyCemetery

/r/ComedyCemetery is one of the funniest subreddits where people submit memes and parody them to test their comedy. To begin, people often exchange internet culture items.

There will be no macro photos or animal advice memes, no sarcastic jokes, terrible titles and reposts, no harassing, and no meta-posts. So, the simplest yet most amusing memes depict poetry with numerous minion phrases “Violets are blue, and roses are red. A face like yours belongs in a zoo. Don’t say anything. I’ll be there as well. Not locked up, but laughing at you.” Dedicating this song to a friend can result in a laughing fit.

4.  /r/memes

The /r/memes/ subreddit is one of the funniest because it uses phrases to show the user’s emotions and physical and mental state through a linked video or image. It now has 1.7 million subscribers. In the image or video, the statements are frequently ironic. A meme, for example, depicts Keanu Reeves running with a camera and a man attempting to catch him. According to the caption, he somehow stole the camera from the paparazzi and fled.

5.  /r/dankmemes

The caustic terms characterizing viral media jokes that have lost their humorous value or the purposefully unexplained cliché are the funniest subreddits on /r/dankmemes/. For example, a 7-year-old kid may inquire, “What is a virgin?” and a 9-year-old kid responds, “Please allow us to introduce ourselves.”

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6.  /r/PrequelMemes

With 715k users, /r/PrequelMemes mostly deals with Star Wars memes. The r/PrequelMemes photoshop memes or picture macros series is all about Star Wars film material. It aids in changing the audience’s view of the film.

For example, when the Star Wars movie is due to begin at 7.45, and you arrive at 7.40, your father is still left to carry your baby brother from his car seat. You see a movie character implore you to leave him or else you won’t be able to make it in time for the movie.

7.  /r/terriblefacebookmemes

/r/terriblefacebookmemes is one of the nicest subreddits because it combines horribly bad memes with different granny-type ideas. With around 216k users, /r/terriblefacebookmemes is amusing while also relating to certain old-fashioned ideals. For example, if the sun is supposed to be in space, why does space not have light, but the planet does?

8.  /r/PewdiepieSubmissions

/r/PewdiepieSubmissions is another Meme Subreddit allows users to vote on competitions and submissions in Pewdiepie. There are content policy violations where you are not allowed to upload porn or hate speech.

For example, a long-haired deceased guy was discovered standing behind a computer worker, and his camera recorded the scene. It is believed to be a cursed image, and if nobody likes or shares it, it can bring bad luck to you, or the ghost of a deceased person will visit you at night.

9.  /r/funny

With around 20.8 million subscribers, it is the largest comedy stock library. A badge featuring the Apple logo, for example, states, “Performs more. It is less expensive. It’s as easy as that. Apple.” According to the Meme, Apple has reversed course since APPLE products have recently become prohibitively expensive.

10.              /r/teenagers/

/r/teens/ has 767k subscribers and is a teenager’s community established entirely by teenagers. It is the most amusing forum for discussing memes, which youngsters like.

Although there is no specified age requirement to join, the intended users are teens aged 13 to 19. One of the funniest subreddit memes depicts the adolescents singing and playing instruments as they ask Mom for $5 and receive $10 in return. Happiness is out of this world.

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Memes have transformed social media platforms in today’s digital age. Nothing is more amusing and popular than a witty meme on the subject. Although there are numerous platforms where you can access memes, Reddit is likely the most popular, with millions of funny meme collections. To assist you, we have compiled a list of the funniest and best meme Subreddits to make you laugh. If you liked this post, you also want to read our blog on gaining karma on Reddit. Don’t forget to share your comments with us.

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