TOP 10 Mini Motorways Tips And Tricks

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If you’re seeking methods to improve your gaming, these Mini Motorways tips will undoubtedly come in handy! Mini Motorways is one of the most peaceful and engaging slow-paced games I’ve ever played. It’s basically Civilization but with highways instead of cultures, and it’s fantastic. All that is required is to connect roads so that automobiles may reach where they need to go. How did people travel to their homes before highways were built? I’m not sure, but you just have to dismiss minor details like that.

But things quickly become complicated. You can’t just put down roads indiscriminately because, while they may operate as intended for a time, we’ll see how things turn out as the population grows.

Surprisingly, the fail state for this game is rather severe. The developers have clearly never driven through London, for only then would they genuinely grasp traffic congestion.

Regardless, we have some new Mini Motorways recommendations for getting started, and we strongly recommend that you do so. Just keep reading to find out all you need to know…

Mini Motorways Tips

Tip #1: Color-coded journeys

The first thing you should know is that colored autos will only visit buildings of the same color. So if you notice a red house and a red building far from your main cluster of roads, that’s acceptable. The red automobile has no need to go anyplace else, nor does it need to add to the traffic mayhem.

That’s simple to say at the outset of a game, but as things advance, well, things become tricky. However, it will assist you in the future when planning routes for additional cars. Knowing where each automobile has to travel or which kind of facilities it needs to visit greatly aids your planning.

Try not to make things excessively tight and packed in the beginning since this will almost certainly lead to issues later on. As more road sections are added, make it is possible for automobiles to take different routes to reduce traffic.

Houses may spawn with their front doors on the incorrect side, but did you know you may replace them at any time? Simply drawing a road from the opposite side of a home will cause that house to point in a different direction. One Mini Motorways tips down.

This is very useful if you want to split the traffic that your city will have to cope with, and you can also make things seem pleasant and orderly.

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Tip #3 – Up and over

Along with bridges, one of the most critical pieces of equipment in your arsenal is a highway.

Motorways will let you create highways on top of buildings and other roadways, allowing you to direct traffic better. This is especially useful later in the game while trying to reduce traffic.

When should a highway be built?

Simply said, if a building on the other side of town has recently been upgraded and you need to get your inhabitants there as soon as possible, create a Motorway linking from the main road artery where the homes meet (see Tip #2) onto the next street in front of it.

If you want to prevent dying young, you should start collecting those Motorways right away. That’s correct, EVERYTHING. SINGLE. TIME. Oh, and before you ask, 1 Motorway tile may be as long as you want it to be – it doesn’t count as Road tiles do, so 1 Motorway tile can span the entire city.

When should bridges be built?

Bridges are less complicated and allow you to traverse bodies of water. In the early phases of the game, this will be unnecessary, but later on, it will be critical to connecting your routes.

If you live in a city with a lot of water, you should avoid utilizing bridges from the outset. Save these for later after you’ve figured out where each structure will appear. Then, you may utilize bridges to help smooth things out. This is one of the greatest Mini Motorways tips.

Tip #4 – More mobility

As you go through the game, you will most likely have more road tiles than you need – provided you’ve been tidy thus far.

However, once you have enough spare time, it is time to unlock those roadways.

Make additional routes, longer rounds, and more room for vehicles to take up so that tiny places do not become packed and disrupt the game. It’s tricky to balance, but if you have enough road tiles, don’t be sparing with them.

Tip #5: Roundabouts are AMAZING!

You may have heard about roundabouts, but unless you see them in action (in real life, of course), you won’t really appreciate how great they are. Roundabouts can assist you in making traffic flow more smoothly on Mini Motorways, especially at crossroads where various colors meet.

A roundabout should always be used instead of a junction, especially if many routes intersect midway in the middle.

Tip #6 – Place road tiles where you don’t need anything to spawn

That’s correct – certain Mini Motorways tips are only used by specialists, and they’ve managed to keep them for a long time. This is one such suggestion.

If you position a road tile, say, at the corner of your apartment in a cross-section, ANY building will not spawn there – stores, houses, or anything else. Place empty roads that aren’t connected to anything in those locations, and the game will create structures where you want them to.

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Tip #7 – There are no traffic lights.

Traffic lights may appear to be a good idea at first, but as your city grows, they will soon bring the entire lane to a halt. Roundabouts are the way to go, as we said in Tip #5.

Avoid or utilize as few traffic signals as possible, placing them largely in regions where there would be little heavy traffic, such as crossroads between dwellings or similar locales. In densely occupied (or should I say, circulated?) regions, roundabouts or no traffic signals are preferable to traffic lights.

Tip #8 – More junctions between houses

If you own several houses in the same area, link all of them  by alleys (normal roads) and then try to find a way to  lead them into the artery of the main road. Does that make sense?

generally, you should never link your house to the main road as it will probobly disrupt the traffic and make it slower. Instead, you’ll have 2-3 houses which all lead to one road, and once you’ve got 3-4 such roads, you’ll link them into one big road artery. Or a roundabout.

Tip #9 – Always pay attention to the indicators

The indications will tell you how long each trip will take; if something doesn’t feel right, you should alter it straight away. And I mean right now!! If you have a winding road that takes a long to get to your target in the early stages, you can imagine how bad it will grow as the game goes.

Take quick cuts and keep an eye on the timers. Pause the game if required to think about and rethink placement and strategy. That brings us to Mini Motorways Tips #10!

Tip #10 – you can always make changes!

You may always pause the game and make a modification, as the title suggests. Or even more. Whatever you think is appropriate.

As you go through the game, the game relies purely on strategy, which means you must carefully consider every action you make. There is a stop button that you should always utilize, and if you believe anything may be improved, go ahead and erase roads, rearrange roundabouts, and build motorways as needed.

This is by far one of the best Mini Motorways tips that can save you a lot of time and points, so keep it in mind at all times!

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Every week (which is only a few minutes in reality), you get more road segments, as well as some special tiles like bridges, tunnels, or highways. However, what begins as an easy task quickly becomes stressful as your originally sturdy infrastructure breaks under a load of numerous little automobiles.

Holding A and moving the mouse to lay the road, or holding B and doing the same to erase it, is how you play. There are three game speeds, from static to rapid, so you may purposefully halt the action and redraw every road if you like, albeit you must wait for every car to complete its route before deleted tiles become accessible again. If you liked this article, you may wish to check our post on Crossy road high score. Hope you like it.

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