Top 5 Genshin Impact Content Creators

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The Genshin Impact online community is a vast ecosystem populated by various skilled and entertaining Genshin Impact content creators. The content covers various genres, including gameplay, lore, tips, and pure entertainment.

Because of the huge diversity in the Genshin content creation ecosystem, choosing which producer to follow takes a lot of work. Today we’ll look at a few content providers on YouTube and Twitch whose channels you might be interested in.


ZY0X YouTube channel

YouTube Channel:

Zy0x is a YouTube channel with over 500K subscribers. His YouTube videos have over 500k views on average, and he maintains a constant weekly upload schedule.

He also has over 170k Twitch followers and is one of the most viewed streams. He uploads practically every day, and his streams have over 50k views on average.

I’ll focus on his YouTube content because that’s what I’m most familiar with. His twitch content is of the same high quality but covers a wider range of themes.

His YouTube, a guide-oriented channel, has a more defined identity. I’ve utilized his instructions extensively to help me understand several characters and their distinctive kits. He gives character builds and whole team setups to assist you in determining the optimal options for your team composition – he explains what makes a good and terrible team. His stuff is 10-15 minutes long and extremely well-edited.

This channel is ideal for those who want to learn how to improve their fighting experience and construct the most powerful teams with the most efficient character builds. His character presentations are instructive and entertaining, and interesting gaming videos usually accompany them.

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MTASHED YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel:

Mtashed is one of the most well-known Genshin Impact content creators, with over a million subscribers on YouTube. His channel presently has over 2000 video uploads, most of which are on Genshin Impact. His videos get over 100k views on average.

He also has a large following on Twitch, having over 400k followers. He often streams and uploads videos to YouTube virtually daily, so you will be energized for a while.

As previously said, his YouTube account includes a considerable number of uploads. However, this does not imply that it could be of better quality. His video style is calm and atmospheric, emphasizing his voice.

He conveys information calmly and straightforwardly in an attempt to make it easy for all types of players to grasp. The videos are very short (8-14 minutes) and simple to watch. One of the key reasons for his fame as an expert on all things Genshin Impact is his ease of viewing.

Everyone may find something to watch in his movies and broadcasts. He generates whale material that is both enjoyable and educational for F2P users. He owns one of the most costly accounts and is quite familiar with the game fundamentals. Not only that but he’s also recognized for delivering vital information on Genshin Impact updates, discussing the game’s plot and what follows after.


BWAAP YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel:

Bwaap’s YouTube account has over 800,000 subscribers, yet he publishes irregularly. Regardless, his Genshin Impact videos often receive 800,000 to 2 million views on YouTube. He uploads the majority of his key stuff on this channel.

He also streams on Twitch, where his channel has over 200k followers. Bwaap creates content for Genshin Impact and MihoYo’s other games, such as Honkai Impact. The sort of stuff he posts distinguishes him from other creators.

We noted that his timetable could be more consistent, but this is due to the fact that his films are often one to several hours lengthy and require a long time to make. Nonetheless, they continue to receive millions of views on a regular basis.

His content creation technique focuses on going through Genshin Impact’s plot while offering feedback on the conversation and gameplay. This commentary, along with high-quality editing and a laid-back sense of humor, produces a relaxed environment where you can absorb and appreciate the tale.

This is why he is so popular among players who are primarily interested in the more entertaining characters who drive the primary narrative of Genshin Impact. Despite their length, the films are rather interesting and enjoyable to watch.

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ITSPAIKON YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel:

Itspaikon is a popular YouTube channel with about 500,000 followers. Despite having a small number of subscribers, some of his videos get over a million views. His posting schedule is rather steady, with many movies uploaded almost weekly.

He also has a strong Twitch following, with over 130k followers and at least 10k viewers on his daily streams.

His channel, as seen in the image above, is focused on providing interesting and engaging content. This includes unique concepts in which he collaborates with friends and fans to produce fascinating video premises. His videos are brief and feature fast editing, giving them a lively air. Paikon himself is energetic in his comments, and the emphasis is on pleasure and happy vibes.

Overall, it’s a highly entertaining channel for individuals who like to see well-edited Genshin Impact films with a lot of creative production. Because of their distinctiveness, the concepts are engaging and draw a large number of viewers.


ENVIOSITY YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel:

Enviosity, like Mtashed, is one of the most experienced content providers in Genshin Impact.

With over 700k followers on Twitch alone, Enviosity is undoubtedly the king of Genshin Impact Twitch streams. His stream audience is insane, with some streams reaching 700,000 people. He occasionally makes lengthy marathon streams, which are highly popular with his followers.

His YouTube channel is also highly famous, with over 430k followers and over 50k views for each video. He posts to YouTube almost every day.

His content includes a variety of items, the majority of which are instructions and preparation films for current and upcoming events and changes. He reacts to Mihoyo’s broadcasts and reveals and speaks about what players may expect and how to best prepare for a forthcoming tournament.

Because primogems are so precious to F2P players, he focuses on how to earn them as effectively as possible. He will also discuss great alternatives for weaponry and team setups available to F2P players to get the most out of Genshin Impact. Overall, he’s a fun and pleasant guy who has won the respect of the whole Genshin Impact community.

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There are thousands of great Genshin Impact content creators, and ranking any of them objectively is difficult. However, we hope you find our Genshin Impact content creators’ reviews useful and that someone here would appeal to your preferences. As always, I hope to see you in the future guide. In the end we suggest you read our blog on Honeycomb mouse. You’ll find it quite informative.

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