Top 5 Tips For Single Parents Travelling With Kids

Travelling with children, especially young ones, can be difficult and you might face several problems. Children can easily get tired, bored, hungry and a lot of other needs parents are familiar with. If you are a single parent, the situation can even become more challenging since it is only you to handle all these problems and there is no partner to help you out. On the other hand, parents need and deserve quality time on their vacation so that they can get back into their daily routines with fresh minds. Not only do parents need to travel, but also kids deserve to spend their holidays in the best way possible and experience new things. That is why we decided to suggest five tips for single parents that can help you prepare for trips, prevent problems, and have more fun.

Tip 1: Make Plans For Everything

If you are travelling alone, there might be times when you feel like you do not have to worry about trivial issues such as finding a taxi to get to the airport or getting a concert ticket to have fun. However, things might not always go the way we expected. Then, you might need to wait a bit more for another taxi or get to a club instead of the sold-out concert. While this sort of rearrangement will not be a big deal to you, this is not the case with children.

When travelling with kids, you need to plan for everything in advance since they cannot tolerate difficulties as much as their parents and might soon get upset. Thus, reserve tickets in advance, call for taxis and make sure they are available, be precise about the time when you can get the hotel room, and have plans for every day of your vacation. Having a clear and assured schedule can prevent several problems.

Tip 2: Keep Your Kids Entertained

Being on a long road or waiting for a delayed flight is unbearable for adults let alone small children. As we previously mentioned, they can easily get bored. So it is necessary to find ways to keep them entertained. Do not forget about their favourite toys. While it is generally suggested to travel light, kids’ favourite toys are among the necessary items.

There are also some toys designed for trips that can perfectly keep your kids entertained. Magic boards, for instance. let them draw pictures and erase them as many times as they want. You can also find a number of board games such as magnetic board games which are easy to carry and enjoyable to play for kids. Mobile games might also be a good option only for a short period of time. If you can keep your kids entertained, there is a good chance that they will cooperate better and you will have a more relaxing vacation.

Tip 3: Travel Safe

Medical conditions can happen at any time even during trips so you have to be prepared. Do not forget to take any prescribed medicines that your kids have to take. Moreover, you might need to take some extra medications for basic problems such as stomachaches, headaches, or a slight fever. However, if you are facing a serious problem, make sure to see a doctor. That is why you always need to consider travel insurances that can help you cope with unexpected and more serious cases such as injuries and major illnesses.

Tip 4: Seize Single Parents Offers

Travel agencies have realized that single parents usually face several problems while travelling and have decided to customize special offers. These tours often include discounts and provide you and your kids with a great opportunity to spend time with solo-parent families. In this way, you can communicate with single parents who have the same concerns as you do and better realize your worries. Besides, your kids find friends and get involved in interactive activities. This seems to be the best choice for both parents and kids. So, the next time you are planning for a vacation, take a look at these solo-parents holiday offers.

Tip 5: Ask For Help

It is true that you cannot travel with your partner but it does not mean that you cannot ask your other family members to come with you. You may ask your mom, sister, or even a close friend to be your travel companion. Make sure the person you are going to invite on your vacation is comfortable with your kids and trusted by your children. In other words, what you need is a mutual bond between your children and your travel companion.

Remember that while travelling on your own with only your kids can bring you more privacy in terms of accommodation, transportation, and entertainment, travelling with others has its own advantages for single parents. You can share responsibilities as well as your travel costs if you have a travel companion. Moreover, it is safer since you have someone to look after your kids if you have to leave them for a second or two. Last but not least, it also deepens your relationship and allows you to have more fun. So next time you are planning a trip with your kids, see if you can take someone with you and enlarge your circle.


Being a single parent basically means that you have more responsibilities to manage than other couples since you have no partner to share your duties with. However, it does not mean that there is no way to ease this situation and prevent any possible problems. It also does not mean that you have to eliminate some activities from your life only because they seem hard to be done alone. You and your kids need to rest and experience the joy of a good vacation. So instead of stressing over your next vacation, follow these tips and have fun. Make sure to plan ahead, consider your children’s needs, and maybe find a good companion.

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