Top 50 Subreddits You Should Subscribe on Reddit

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Reddit bills itself as the “first page of the internet,” and it delivers on that promise. Everything from breaking news to viral memes, you can discover a subreddit for literally any topic you can think of. With that being said, it is important to know the top subreddits to save your time. In this article we’ll list 50 of Reddit’s greatest subreddits, categorized by interest.

Subreddits for relationship advice

Subreddits for Relationship Advice

On Reddit, there are several advice forums. Below are five prominent relationship-advice subreddits where you may seek (and provide) advice on personal relationships.

r/relationship_advice: Perhaps the best among advice subreddits, with over five million followers. Advice on all types of personal relationships may be obtained and given.

r/AmItheAsshole: Were you mistaken? Describe the incident, and the hive mind will determine whether or not you are the jerk. But be warned: they aren’t going to hold back!

r/Relationships: For general relationship guidance, similar to r/relationship advice.

r/NeedAdvice: Receive and offer advice on anything other than personal relationships, dating, or sex.

While not strictly an advice forum, r/Dating contains postings regarding the dating process and specific dating circumstances.

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Subreddits for finance

Subreddits for Finance

Prepare your money affairs! These subreddits can assist you in determining what to do with your money and planning for your financial future. Broaden your knowledge on budgeting, saving, debt, credit, investing, and retirement at r/PersonalFinance. Remember never to leave without reading the wiki, especially the Prime Directive. Reddit users outside the United States may have to visit the regional personal finance subreddits provided in the sidebar of this subreddit.

r/FinancialIndependence: This is a perfect subreddit to have on your list if you don’t intend to work for money. The majority of entries are on “FIRE,” which stands for Financial Independence/Retire Early.

r/investing: This subreddit is primarily for investment news. Post in the daily advice thread if you need investing advice.

r/algotrading: Here, Redditors talk about algorithmic trading in depth. They talk about quantitative trading, statistical approaches, and econometrics.

r/frugal: Join or read this Frugal Living subreddit for time and money-saving tips and methods.

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Best political subreddits

Best Political Subreddits

Everyone has an opinion, and it sometimes appears like they are all posted on Reddit. Here are several subreddits where you may talk about politics, elected people, and government in general. You may also see this page for a comprehensive list of political subreddits, including those devoted to specific states or areas.

r/WorldNews: This subreddit is dedicated to big news from countries other than the United States, and it’s a great place to learn about what’s going on in the world. Do not mix this with r/WorldPolitics, an NSFW site that is completely unrelated to politics.

r/ModeratePolitics: Despite its name, you won’t always find postings regarding moderate political opinions on this subreddit. Instead, it’s a space where people may express themselves politically in a balanced manner. “If you’re seeking decency, moderation, and tolerance, come on in!” they say.

r/PoliticalDiscussion: Nothing except calm and logical political debate here. There is no political name-calling permitted on this subreddit.

r/Ask Politics: This is a tiny group, but it’s an excellent place to receive answers to your political issues.

r/geopolitics: How does a country’s geographical location affect its politics? Users in this subreddit examine the relationships between countries in our global world.

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Meme subreddits to follow

Meme Subreddits to Follow

Reddit has no shortage of memes. Follow these Meme Subreddits that make your day.

r/memes: Nearly 16 million people use r/memes to find memes. Go forth and spread the word.

What differentiates a dank meme from a normie meme? Dank memes are rather new, and r/dankmemes only accept high-quality, unique content. Therefore don’t upload memes from 9gag.

r/WholesomeMemes: Billed as the “Internet for the Spirit,” Wholesome Memes is loaded with memes that promote love and empathy. Grandma is completely secure.

r/AdviceAnimals include more than only Insanity Wolf. While this subreddit was originally intended for advice animal memes, it has subsequently expanded to accommodate any type of picture meme with text on top.

r/MemeEconomy: Are you a meme creator? Visit Meme Economy to buy, sell, trade, create, and invest in meme templates.

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Best subreddits for questions

Best Subreddits for Questions

You have questions, and Reddit has answers. There are several responses. Check out these subreddits that attempt to offer you the information you want.

r/AskReddit: People publish their responses to thought-provoking topics in this highly popular subreddit.

r/NoStupidQuestions: Surprisingly, the majority of the questions posed in this subreddit are not foolish. If you’re hesitant to ask your question in another subreddit, try it here.

r/HomeworkHelp: You can submit your child’s homework questions in this forum, which is intended to assist you in learning rather than performing your homework for you.

r/DoesAnybodyElse: You are not alone, no matter what.

r/ExplainLikeImFive: Here, you will find explanations for the layperson.

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Subreddits to follow to learn from experts

Subreddits to Follow to Learn from Experts

The subreddits listed below are brimming with professional advice. These subreddits are a wonderful place to start if you want a serious response to a serious subject.

r/AskHistorians: The “Portal for Public History” is the title Ask Historians calls itself. The site is tightly regulated, and only detailed and complete responses are permitted.

Scientists and science enthusiasts are waiting to answer your science questions on r/AskScience. Check out the Ask Anything Wednesday forums for further information.

r/AskSocialScience: If you want to answer a question posted in this subreddit, you have to provide a citation. Similarly, the only question that can be answered is accepted.

r/AskCulinary: Improve your culinary skills by posting and reading answers to all types of cooking queries in this community.

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There are dozens of subreddits, and while there is no official directory, the longer you stay there, the more intriguing subreddits you’ll find. Visit r/all, r/popular, or r/random to learn about new subreddits. When you find your favorite subreddit, remember to subscribe to it!

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