Top 7 Horror Movies of All Time

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Horror is a unique and very specific genre. It is not just fear and horror but a combination of shock, fear, and ecstasy. It is why people experience many different and sometimes contradictory feelings, including terrifying and entertaining feelings. Watching horror movies is the best opportunity to experience the same feeling as Halloween. According to some studies, fear has a sweet spot that can create enjoyment for humans.

The best horror movies of all time

There are many different horror movies that can be considered among the best horror movies of all time. Each one of these movies can inject horror and fear into their audience in a unique and specific way through various elements such as shock, excitement, purification, and suspense. Horror movies create incredibly unrepeatable moments for the audience to face and even overcome their inner fear and horror.   

The Exorcist

Top 7 Horror Movies of All Time

The Exorcist is undoubtedly the best and most respectable horror movie of all time. It is the most successful horror film that combines dizzying dream sequences with amazingly believable human drama. The director of this unparalleled movie, Friedkin, created a unique, cruel, amazing, exploitative film that deals with unusual religious concepts with the clinical exactness of an agnostic scientist. However, this movie is full of seriously inspected ideas and great monitored character moments. It is primarily focused on terrifying and horrifying its audience.

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The Shining

Top 7 Horror Movies of All Time

The second best horror movie is the shining which is one of the best or even the masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick. It is a wonderful movie that still maintains its power to horrify and terrify its audience. This is a psychological horror movie that revolves around the life of Jack Torrance, its main character. He is an aspiring author and recuperating alcoholic who admits a position as the off-season caretaker of the secluded historic Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies with his spouse, Wendy Torrance, and young son, Danny Torrance. Danny benefits from psychic abilities known as “shining .”After a winter storm abandons the Torrances snowbound, Jack’s sanity becomes worse because of the effect of the supernatural forces that reside in the hotel.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

One of the best horror movies of all time is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Tobe Hooper is the director and producer of the movie. The film revolves around the trip of a group of friends who wants to go to an old homestead, but they become the victims of a family of cannibals. Although some of the minor events are based on real events, most of the movie is fictional. Most of the actors in this film were unknown.  


It is a science fiction horror film; whose director is Ridley Scott. It is about the crew of the commercial spacecraft Nostromo receiving a distress signal from a plant to start trying to investigate it. However, a very horrifying event occurs; an alien attacks them and later invades their ship. This is the most terrifying movie ever produced since it focuses on aliens, which are unknown creatures, and this can increase horror and fear.   


By facing audiences with everyday fears and terrors; by deliberately influencing them into sympathizing with a killer; by providing an amoral, adulterous heroine then killing herself so brutally; by teasing Freudian psychology and the conceited people who practice it; by creating an image of America as a trap-laden maze full of scaring cops and extremely polite psychopaths; and by implicitly suggesting that women really utilize the toilet sometimes, Hitch paved the way for all the cultural upheavals, and moral rebalancing acts that the approaching decade had to provide. He changed with this masterpiece not only the cinema but also society.

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The Thing

This is an American science fiction horror film. It narrates the story of a group of American researchers in Antarctica who faces an alien thing. This is one of the most popular horror movies that most critics admire it. The movie uses the threat of dark polar night and the claustrophobic confines of the base to increase tension, horror, and paranoia to intolerable heights. This is a creature that constantly changes its shape and appears in different shapes.

Rosemary’s Baby

The movie is about a woman whose name is Rosemary. She moves into a gothic-looking apartment in the heart of the city with her husband, Guy. Strange things happen in her life. Rosemary is not interested in the old man and old woman next door, but her husband forces her to go to their home. But Rosemary’s husband, Guy, seems to be very fond of them and visits their house every night. One night, Rosemary has a nightmare, and in the morning, she realizes that she is pregnant, but she is getting thinner day by day, and she has very bad feelings.

Her doctor also surprisingly does not let her read pregnancy books and forces her to take only the pills he prescribes. Rosemary becomes more suspicious of everything day by day and pays more attention to the evenest happening around her in search of the truth. She realizes that everyone around her, even her husband, is related to a satanic cult. After her child is born, she finds out that it is dead. Rosemary hears voices from the apartment next to them. She goes there and finds all the people she knows gathered in the house. Then she sees a baby carriage that is Rosemary’s baby. When she gets close to the carriage, she sees that it is the devil’s child, and this is where we find out that Rosemary has been nurturing the devil’s child in her womb all along.

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The horror genre is a very popular genre that aims at terrifying the audience and the same time to be exciting and surprising. The main concentration of a horror novel, horror film, or horror TV show is to evoke a sense of fear in the reader or viewer via horrifying images, themes, and situations. In the horror genre, stories and characters have equal significance to mood and atmosphere. A horror story is usually shocking and provocative in its dealing with the unknown. There are many different horror movies and films which intend to fulfill this mission.  If you liked this article, you may also like to read our blog on the six most underrated animations of the last two decade. You will certainly like it.

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